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25 May 2018 — registered, 23 Jan 2024 — updated

"Find IT Talent" - IT Recruiting Company based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Looking for top-notch IT talent? Look no further than Find IT Talent - Your Reliable Partner in IT Recruitment and Relocation. We are revolutionizing the way companies hire international IT professionals, streamlining the process one exceptional candidate at a time.

With our headquarters in Ukraine, Find IT Talent is a niche IT recruitment agency that specializes in connecting companies with highly skilled IT professionals from around the world. Since our establishment in 2016, we have successfully assisted numerous fast-growing startups and tech companies in the US and Europe to recruit top talent from Ukraine, CIS and EU.

Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive IT recruitment and sourcing services, ensuring that you have access to the best candidates who perfectly match your requirements. We understand that every company has unique needs, which is why we are always open to new challenges and opportunities to exceed our clients' expectations.

At Find IT Talent, we take pride in delivering exceptional results by leveraging our extensive network, industry expertise, and in-depth understanding of the IT landscape. We go above and beyond to ensure a seamless hiring experience for both employers and candidates, facilitating successful placements and long-term partnerships.

If you're ready to take your IT team to the next level, trust Find IT Talent as your reliable partner. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect IT talent for your company. Let's embark on a journey of success together!

Find IT Talent

Contact Person: Olena Mishakova, MBA

Tichini 1 str., office 220

02147, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380504467420


12 Dec 2023 — registered, 16 Dec 2023 — updated

EvoTalents is a fully remote technical recruitment agency with 10+ professional and creative recruiters in the team. We were founded by Elena Volk (a person who is truly passionate about technical recruitment) in 2016 and we have already filled more than 250+ vacancies. 90% of people we have found in the last 2 years pass a trial period.

We mostly work with product companies having the values which are the same as ours. We help companies such as iDeals, Erbis, YouScan, Sitecore, Reface, Sparkybit. We have technical expertise and experience in filling various vacancies even the most difficult ones (for example, Clojure Engineer or Senior Java Developer from Europe who relocated to Ukraine). Last but not least, we’re source geeks! If you have already reviewed all profiles on Linkedin, we know how to find anyone in other sources (even on Instagram or Meetup).

We are transparent and we live in accordance with our values:

We do everything with a soul. We like to close vacancies, but most of all we love the feeling when we have connected an ideal candidate with a company.

We are partners for our clients. At the same time we do even simple things with a unique EvoTalents’ approach: quality, personalization, global sourcing, honest interviews, immersion in a client’s product or a project are important to us.

Our team is a place of strength for each of us! We always understand and support each other, and we are ready to help each other anytime. And although we are all very different, we are united by great love for people and recruiting.

> We share our knowledge and experience with the community of IT recruiters and sourcers on our social networks, at our events and courses at EvoTalents.School.

> In 2018 we opened EvoTalents.School, because we’re sure that sharing is caring. We’ve already taught more than 400+ Technical Recruiters and ~40% of students without experience in IT found their first job right after “Intro in Technical Recruitment” course (our average NPS is 9.6!). We also conduct corporate training: for example, we created custom sourcing training for Grammarly’s, DevPro’s and DataArt’s sourcing teams and educated 40+ Recruiters from GlobalLogic. Moreover, we systematically conduct open meet-ups.

And, of course, we provide benefits for all our teammates:
— Unlimited paid vacation. We don’t limit the number of days off: we value results and quality, not the number of hours.
— Truly flexible working schedule. Some of our team members have little children or attend pilates during working hours. You can build a comfortable schedule especially for you.
— 50% of payment for all educational and professional events. In addition, we have a big internal library of webinars and books, and give access to all EvoTalents School courses. You can fully satisfy your constant need for learning!
— We are a fully remote team, so you can work anywhere you want. If you want to work in coworking — we will provide you with that (50/50).
— We help with accounting tasks, so you can focus on your work. You also can choose any bank which you want.
— A big field for your ideas and project implementation. Everyone in our team can change the hiring process, work on improvements in our sourcing approach, start a big internal educational project. We appreciate initiation and everyone can take more responsibility besides work on vacancies.


Contact Person: Elena Volk

Barykadna street, 16

49000, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0676072921


11 Oct 2023 — registered, 21 Oct 2023 — updated

Looking for reliable help with miscellaneous tasks in Kyiv, Ukraine? Look no further!

Our platform connects you with skilled individuals who can assist with a wide range of odd jobs and services. Whether you need help with home repairs, gardening, moving, cleaning, or any other odd job, we've got you covered.

Why choose us?

Diverse Services: Our network of workers offers an array of services, from fixing household issues to helping with event setup and teardown.

Verified Workers: We thoroughly vet and verify all workers, ensuring you receive reliable and trustworthy assistance.

Convenient Booking: Easily find and book workers through our user-friendly platform. Choose the date, time, and task you need help with.

Competitive Rates: Enjoy fair pricing for top-quality work. We believe in providing value for your money.

Local Expertise: Our workers are familiar with the Kyiv area, making them efficient and effective in delivering the help you need.

Don't let odd jobs or tasks overwhelm you.

We are your go-to solution for reliable and skilled assistance in Kyiv. Experience the convenience of our platform and get those pending tasks done with ease. Visit our website and connect with a dependable odd job worker today!

Contact Person: Valera

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380933844263


16 May 2023 — registered, 16 May 2023 — updated

Web Recruiters is a recruiting and staffing agency - we find IT specialists quickly! You pay for the result only!

> Web Recruiters' web development services use the following technologies: Node.JS, React.JS, C#/.NET, and Drupal!

Services in Clouds.
Engineers on Demand.
Services in website promotion.


Contact Person: Sergey

Sribnokilska st. 24a

02095, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380996236969


06 Jul 2021 — registered, 06 Jul 2021 — updated

InStaffOut is an IT service provider specialized in deploying remote dedicated development teams from the top 4% pre-vetted and tested developers, engineers, architects, and project managers, all working under your supervision and with your team.


Contact Person: Lior Mizrahi

Frolivska St, 1/6

04070, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380632800312


04 Mar 2021 — registered, 16 Jun 2021 — updated

By contacting ARBEIT, you will obtain assistance with finding a job, because we will help:

✔️ find a formal job according to your requests
✔️ open a visa of any type
✔️ find housing
✔️ get legal support
✔️ choose the best transportation option

All this in the shortest possible time!


Contact Person: Ruslan Novikov

Khoryva st. 3-A

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0800309008


20 Dec 2019 — registered

Outstaffing Inc is a well-known firm for IT outsourcing and development.

Our team of IT talents from Ukraine will provide you quality rich work within limited resources.

Your business goals are our goals and to achieve your business goals you will get in contact with our well-grounded software development team.

OutStaffing Inc.

Contact Person: OutStaffing Inc

Truskavetska st., 2A

02000, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 4793897508


26 Sep 2019 — registered, 26 Sep 2019 — updated

Jooble is a vertical search engine that aggregates job postings from thousands of job boards, newspapers, business career pages and recruitment agencies. Jooble operates in 71 countries and supports more than 24 languages. The company's office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Company history

Jooble was founded in 2007 by two students from Ukraine (Roman Prokofiev and Yevhen Sobakarev). Initially, the service was launched in Ukraine. In 2008, the search engine worked in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In 2010, the service could be used in 24 countries. Jooble is currently available in 71 countries. In 2014, Jooble participated in the first conference dedicated to Ukrainian IT industry, "Ukraine Tech Gem" in San Francisco (California, USA). Over the past 12 months, the service has been used by more than 800 million users.

The principle of operation

Jooble collects job vacancies from job boards, company pages, newspapers, and recruitment agencies. The search engine starts the search on the site by entering the city and the name of the vacancy. You can use filters to sort ads by city distance, date, salary, and employer name. The job search algorithm takes into account hundreds of parameters and selects relevant and available vacancies for the user. Jooble offers both full-time and part-time jobs, as well as internships and freelance jobs. When clicking on the ad, the user is redirected to the appropriate page of the company, where he/she can find the contacts of the employer and submit resume.


Contact Person: Kristina

Kostiantynivska st. 71

04080, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0973680527


02 Sep 2019 — registered

We help build and extend dedicated development teams and R&D centers in Ukraine. Tell us your needs and we will get things done for you on time. You control the hiring process, reviewing CVs and trialling professionals. No hidden extra fees or any back-office hassle. Looking for one developer or want to extend your software team to 20 people with a project manager or product owner? We can help.

Extended and Dedicated Development Teams
Managed Team - simply tell us your project requirements, and we’ll do the rest to meet your business goals
R&D centers
Managed Project - we’ll execute your entire project according to your requirements and final specifications
IT Relocation

Access to 250,000 developers in Ukraine
Direct communication with your development team
We adapt to your tools, platforms and processes
Team members are English fluent
Full support from our HR management, Recruitment, retention, Administration, Technical Consulting
Value-added services that improve team performance and business efficiency
Flexible conditions based on your needs and engagement models
24/7 Client support

Professionals available:
Mobile developers
Web developers — front and back end
Desktop developers
QA engineers — manual and automated testing
Project managers
UI/UX designers
Business analysts

Hire Ukrainian Software Developers

Contact Person: Phoebe Ring

Boikivska street 5b

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: 8339981222


09 Jul 2014 — registered, 27 Mar 2019 — updated

Developex is a software development consultancy and staffing company with over 18 years on the market.

Having development centers in Canada and Ukraine, we built strong relationships with multiple companies from North America, Asia, and Europe.

DevelopEx main benefit for its partners is unique Project and Team management methodology. As well as recruiting and team building strategy: we select only highly professional and motivated candidates and develop our team constantly. All of that made us capable of developing software of any complexity, using different technologies and tools.

Key info:
Development offices in Vancouver, BC (Canada), Kyiv (Ukraine), Dnipro (Ukraine)
17 years on the market;
Have a team of 200 + full-time specialists: project managers, software engineers, business analysts, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, system administrators;
Have finished 200+ projects;
Models of cooperation: Time and Material, Fixed-price Projects, Dedicated Teams and Team Extension.

Typical clients:
Software vendors (ISV) and technology product owners, Startup owners, Enterprises and IT departments that rely on technology to maintain and increase business value.

Main Services

Dedicated software development centers (team as a service) - unique recruiting strategy and best HR practices, allow us to gather and establish software development team of any profile that will work for you as a part of your own development department.

Custom Software Design and Development - our experience in major technology areas and our team structure (PMs, developers, QA, BA, UI/UX designers, system administrators) allow us to take care of all aspects of software development from project/UX planning to Product Delivery and Support.


Naberezhno-Luhova st. 9/45

04073, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 463-13-79


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