Suppliers of textile and garment in Ukraine

27 Oct 2018 — registered

Serebro-Bro - ювелирные украшения серебро с золотыми вставками
Интернет магазин ювелирных изделий Srebro-Bro предлагает купить по низким ценам серебряные украшения с золотыми вставками, накладками и полудрагоценными камнями, серьги, обручальные кольца с золотыми пластинами, романтические подарки любимому человеку


Contact Person: Tala

ул. Александрийская, 09100

09100, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: +38(066)856-44-90, +38(097)044-11-76


30 Sep 2018 — registered

16 лет опыта в сфере текстильного дизайна.

Работаем с проверенными брендами тканей, напольных покрытий: JAB, Nya Nordiska, Christian Fischbacher, Nobilis, Saum & Viebahn, Fuggerhaus, Vandra Rugs, Harlequin, Dedar, Designers Guild, Etro, Apelt.

В нашем салоне представлена коллекция карнизов: ArtLine, Ulf Moritz, Interstil, Casa Valentina, GEFI, TAO, Blome, Frandolli.

Тропша Студио

ул.Саксаганского, 87

01032, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: (044) 287-73-44, (050) 700-0-700


14 Mar 2018 — registered

Дизайн-студія жіночого одягу TasiZar - український виробник ексклюзивних моделей. Заснована в 2010 році. Бренд TasiZar пропонує широкий асортимент продукції - сукні, блузи,брюки, спідниці, костюми, комбінезони, а також родзинку свого виробництва - дивовижні мереживні комбідреси.
Бренд жіночого одягу TasiZar - це унікальний український проект.


Contact Person: Ложкіна Оксана

МТС буд 9

70600, Пологи, Ukraine

Tel: 3806616523419, +380667417522


14 Mar 2018 — registered

Дизайн-студія жіночого одягу TasiZar- український виробник ексклюзивних моделей. Заснована в 2010 році. Компанія TasiZar пропонує широкий асортимент продукції - сукні, блузи, брюки, спідниці, костюми, комбінезони, світшоти,а також родзинку свого виробництва - дивовижні мереживні комбідреси. Бренд жіночого одягу TasiZar - це унікальний український проект, молодий та амбітний.

Contact Person: Ложкіна Оксана

МТС буд 9

70600, Пологи, Ukraine

Tel: 3800616523419, +380667417522


27 Oct 2017 — registered

“BeTrend” represents a wide variety of elegant women clothes for business, occasion and outerwear.


Hmelnytskoho st., 33/34

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 073 130 8860, +38 073 130 8860


07 Jun 2017 — registered, 07 Jun 2017 — updated

LEGPROMUA LLC is a sewing manufacture that works in accordance to modern technologies with high requirements to the quality and proper customer service.

For more than 2 years we have been successfully operating in the European market, producing clothing for leading companies and famous brands.

We follow the newest fashion trends and sewing technologies.

Our factory is fully equipped with new technological machines from the world’s leading producers.

Today more than 45 highly qualified seamstresses work at the factory. Every month our capacities are increasing, we optimize and standardize our production, offering our customers a favorable price and high quality products
Cooperating with us you get the optimal price-quality ratio.

Clothing production is the main activity of our company. The manufacture work is organized in three directions: clothes production from the customer’s materials, clothes production for the domestic market, own brand export.

Our specialization:
• Shirts, trousers for men
• Blouses, dresses, trousers, skirts for women
• Jackets, coats, parks
• Uniform and overalls
• Knitwear
Other services:
• Computer embroidery
• Thermal transfer
• Sublimation printing
• Silk screen printing
We are interested in a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, so we always strive to give our customers the best service and the best quality.

We speak English.

Location: Ukraine – Kiev, Pervomaysk.


Contact Person: Victor Parubets

Avtoparkova, 7

02091, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380689445162, +380689445162


14 Oct 2016 — registered

Company Eva Style - a young but steadily growing company in the market of women's clothing in Ukraine. The main activity of our company is to meet the demand of consumers, high-quality production and sale of women's clothing wholesale.

Eva Style

29010, Ukraine, Khmelnytsky Street. Chornovil, 88

29010, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (0382) 74-68-50


14 Jun 2016 — registered

Curtains on order. Roman blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, jute, Japanese curtains, classic curtains, chair covers, tablecloths, bedspreads.

We have a wide range of moldings, metal, plastic, wood.

Fabrics for every "pocket".

In Kyiv, leaving the designer with samples - free tissue, and in the suburbs or other cities on request.

Contact Person: Helen

Bajana st. 10

02140, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0442296383, 0675053757


08 Feb 2016 — registered

Wholesale of children's clothing from Turkish manufacturers.


Contact Person: Natasha

Ovidiopilska dor., 7-th km, Promrynok 7-th km, Bazova st. 20

67200, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (063) 309-20-91


28 Oct 2015 — registered

Online shop of military clothes.


Contact Person: Nikita Pileckiy

Yakuba Kolosa st., b. 15

03148, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0934177772


13 Oct 2015 — registered

Nowadays, when the concept of scarcity has disappeared and almost all things are available for purchase, it is especially interesting to become the owner of something unusual, exclusive.

That is why things made by the master with their own hands and being unique are of particular value.

They enclose the soul and warmth of human hands, the uniqueness of the emotions and feelings of the author.

Offering you exclusive Kaanni pillows, we are sure that you will appreciate the original artwork made especially for you or for your loved ones in single copies!

Author's decorative embroidered pillows!


Contact Person: Natalia

01004, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0038 044 3602909


13 Aug 2015 — registered

Ukrainian national, theatrical costumes: clothing, headgear, footwear; stage dressing (classic, French, sketchy); straight, arched windows, bay windows design for halls, offices, restaurants and apartments.

Tel: 380663588322, 380631224706


30 Jul 2015 — registered

Only high quality wool and yarn are provided by "Kharkiv Wool" LLC.

Also, we provide quality service of wool processing and selling.

Our specialists have a huge experience in high-quality wool selection, processing and production.

We work with suppliers from 10 countries and our products are represented in the whole Europe.

In terms of quality our wool is as good as wool from New Zeeland or Australia.

We'll be happy to become your solid partner, qualified adviser or reliable manufacturer.

Kharkiv factory of primary treatment of wool

Contact Person: Sergey Kovtun

Prostysheva avenue 99

61020, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38(057) 717-99-52


08 Jun 2015 — registered

Curtain shop "Insight" in Kyiv offers custom design blinds and curtains.

We will help you with the installation of curtain rods and blinds.

> We have a large selection of accessories and textiles for home, which you can find at our website and in showrooms.


Contact Person: Marina Mazlina

Svyatoshinsky district., P. Peter and Paul Borschagivka, Lenin st. 1-B

08130, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: (044) 502 00 15


28 Jan 2015 — registered

Garments manufacturer.

Shirts, trousers, jackets.

Ready made garments or CMT business.

Kazatin Sewing factory

Contact Person: Olexandr Martynchuk

80 Matrosova street

22100, Kazatin, Ukraine

Tel: +380 424223811, +380 672092250


25 Aug 2014 — registered

«Glem» company specializes in manufacturing and wholesale of fashionable and elegant women clothing.


Contact Person: Natalie

61115, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (050) 303-74-09


30 Jul 2014 — registered

Manufacture of clothes and textile.


Contact Person: Olga

Traktorostriteley st.

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 (66) 722-56-10


06 Feb 2014 — registered

Women's coats and raincoats wholesale in Kharkiv.

The online store of women's outerwear "Kornev" offers a large catalog of women's coats and raincoats in bulk from a Ukrainian manufacturer in Kharkiv.

You can buy women's demi-season coats, winter coats, and spring and autumn raincoats, as well as fashionable and stylish coats and raincoats at low prices. Joint purchases allow you to buy from 5 units of your choice.


Contact Person: Ruslan

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (066) 255-52-06


15 Nov 2013 — registered, 15 Nov 2013 — updated

Internet shop “Mangershop” sells stylish and fashionable bijouterie and is pleased to offer you original accessories for women.

Please yourself with exclusive bijou from India, Indonesia, Arab and European counties, as well as Ukrainian hand made. In our catalogue you can find: bijouterie, accessories for hair, shawls and scarfs, handbags and wallets.

Each item in our internet shop is a unique masterpiece, which contains lots of labor, patience and creation.

Bijouterie shop “Mangershop”

Gogol str., 15

01054, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 143 28 80


15 Mar 2012 — registered



Contact Person: Artem

Kirgizskaja, 94/1

61000, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +380958443144, +380639355577


08 Dec 2011 — registered

Manufacturers of non-vowen fabrics.


Contact Person: Alexander

Lenina str.118

08131, Sofievska Borschagivka, Ukraine

Tel: +380987127043


07 Dec 2011 — registered

«JetSet Fashion» company offers on wholesale in Kyiv French clothes for women, men and children of the following brands: «Carling», «Sarah Wayne», «Best Mountain», «Eden Rose» and «Chantal Temam».

Current collections include a wide assortment of models (more than 1500 models).

The prices are affordable.

JetSet Fashion

Contact Person: JetSet Fashion team

Hmelnytskoho st., 33/34, office 21

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 656 83 05, +38 (044) 234 50 86


06 Mar 2011 — registered

Description: Apparel Vogue UK/RU/UA International offers up to 75% discount on designer and high street store clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery, homeware, media.

Apparel Vogue International Aim is to be Earth's Most Central Point for Genuine Quality and Internet Shopping Experience.

Apparel Vogue

Contact Person: Vladimir & Alla

Voitsehovicha Street

49101, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0933 354 978, +38 0972 660 270


25 Jan 2011 — registered

Internet studio of tailoring shirts for order.


Contact Person: Irina


02206, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2326739


12 Oct 2010 — registered

Today Ukrainian market can offer big variety of bedding from different countries, made of various materials, selections of colors and styles.

Probably someone does not care where and how to sleep and which blanket to use but demanding sleeper hardly can find suitable dressing for his bed even amount all variety of Ukrainian market. We have tried not once...

We are sure you've seen samples of terrible coloring, made of poor fabric which split apart after first wash. Other extreme - price. We have seen quality looking bedding but the price was beyond common sense. We could not dare to test such bedding in our bedroom - too expensive.

The mission of our web shop is to offer compromise which would allow to compose bedding set designed by world's leading designers, pleasant for your eye and offering outstanding comfort still at acceptable price.

We are always glad to answer your questions, help to select products proper especially for your bedroom, provide designer's advise and hold your favorite product after next stock replenishment.

Q+ Designer Bedding Web Shop

Contact Person: Q-Plus



Tel: +38 044 3606932, +38 098 6986697


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