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13 Feb 2012 — registered, 13 Feb 2012 — updated

Commercial offering
> "Pollux" is the company that produces traditional houses made of conifer. Only natural materials are used in building of our houses such as conifer, sheep wool, and flax. Due to all these advantages your house will be in the harmony with nature not only in esthetic sense but also in terms of ecology. In the process of building of your house we take into account all your wishes.We cooperate with famous French architects Sabine and Thierry Barbaza, which design and build wooden houses in France and Europe. Machined timber has a 18-22 cm diameter.We provide :
1. Spurce machined timber (180-220 mm diameter)
2. Joist of ceiling
3. Rafters (100-150 mm diameter)
4. Crate
5. Nogs (30-500 mm diameter)
6. Thermal insulation gasket (flax)
7. Anticeptic treatment
8. Installation
The advantage of “Pollux” is that we have only high-quality timber, professional fulfilment of your orders and short terms of delivery.
“Pollux” also offers such services as production of wooden furniture, furniture for garden, wooden decoration, staircases etc. We take into account all wishes of our customers in the process of producing of wooden decoration.

If you are interested in our production and want to receive more information, please contact us and we will be ready to cooperate with you!

Ukraine, Khust, “Pollux”


Contact Person: Magdalina

Slyvova str., 34

90400, Khust, Ukraine

Tel: +380666010411


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