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25 May 2018 — registered, 24 Apr 2019 — updated

"FIND IT TALENT" LLC: Tech talent Sourcing & Recruitment (Ukraine and CIS)

"Find IT talent" is IT talent recruitment company that helps foreign companies recruit/source and relocate developers from Ukraine and CIS abroad.

We heavily leverage recruitment marketing and headhunting to find passive IT talent. Unlike traditional recruitment companies, we have a very strong investment into recruitment marketing that allows us to quickly attract the best possible talents. Our clients usually received 3 pre-screened candidates within the first week.

We have in-house recruiters who are extensively trained in up-to date sourcing techniques and research tools. This allows them to maximise their network of IT professionals and capture the right IT talent.


- Quality over quantity: we hand-pick each CV to ensure it aligns with the job description & check a candidate's motivation
- Speed: receive 2-3 candidate profiles within 1 week
- Candidate warranty: we offer money refund/replacement of a candidate in case of resignation/dismissal
- Recruitment fees: 1 gross salary of a candidate
- No success No fee: the fee is due when a candidate joins your company

How we work:

1. You give us a job description and we find 2-3 CVs of the candidates who are interested in working at your company.
2. If you would like to interview the candidates, you do so and we'll sign the contract.


We are commited to pay 5% of our earnings to support the Dog Shelter Lora located in Kyiv Region, Ukraine.
Dog Shelter "Lora" (Ukraine, Kyiv region, Ivankovski district, village Kuhari). Website:

180 dogs and 50 cats.
Monthly shelter needs USD 2,500
The shelter is under the full care of the Society for the Protection of Animals "For Life", without the support of the state and without permanent sponsors.


Olena Mishakova, MBA
SKK GSB (South Korea) & Columbia GSB (USA)
Founder @ Find IT Talent

> Visit and Boost your IT talent pool from Ukraine and CIS

Company details:

Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
Company type: Partnership
Specialties: IT talent sourcing and Recruitment

Find IT talent

Contact Person: Olena Mishakova

Tichini 1 str., office 220

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380504467420


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