Find IT talent

25 May 2018 — registered, 21 Oct 2019 — updated

FIND IT TALENT is IT recruitment company that connects foreign companies with great software engineers from Eastern Europe.

Our mission is to help:

- IT companies find and relocate developers according to companies' business needs and
- IT specialists to get the interesting job opportunity in Europe or remote.

We focus on the candidates working in the following domains:
— Software Development — Cloud Computing — Big Data — DevOps — Architects — Network and Server Engineers — And many others

We work with the big companies, such as IDEMIA, mid-size companies like IronFX and start-ups from the USA (Chili Piper), Mexico (Credijusto), Germany (Scanbot), etc.

Our benefits:

*Speed: Receive 2-3 candidate profiles within the 1st week

*Price: A fixed recruitment fee - the lowest on the market

*Trust: We care about the quality, not quantity; we hand-pick each CV to ensure it aligns with the job description. We offer money refund/replacement of a candidate in case of resignation/dismissal.

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Company details:

Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
Company type: LLC
Specialties: IT talent recruiting & relocation

Find IT talent

Contact Person: Olena Mishakova

Tichini 1 str., office 220

02147, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380504467420


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