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25 Nov 2021 — registered, 25 Nov 2021 — updated

Find answers to the most pressing tech questions. is like a StackOverflow for Gen Z apps.

Read interesting blogs and reviews about best apps, software, web3, finance and many other interesting topics.

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Keywords: Tech blog, apps, software reviews, tech podcast, tech youtube, web3 blog, crypto blog.

Contact Person:

Mezhyhirska st, 50

02000, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 380 (044) 236-11541


21 May 2021 — registered, 17 Jun 2021 — updated

The specialization of the company "CiFrame" is the implementation and integration of cloud solutions and services in the client's business processes.

It is very important when starting business automation with the help of CRM systems to make the right choice. Often, an error is allowed in the initial selection of CRM. We can help you when migrating and transferring data.

We also provide specific customization services. Problems setting up forms, triggers, and more? Now you know who can help you.


Contact Person: Yevhen D.

pr. Gvardiysky 1/81

93400, Severodonetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +380506175498


15 May 2019 — registered, 15 Jun 2021 — updated can be a valuable source for your business information needs related to Ukraine.

With our directory you may be able to contact potential business partners in Ukraine, to establish useful contacts, to research Ukrainian markets, to find your competitors in Ukraine.

Contact Person: Serhiy

Vyshenskoho st.

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0000000000


03 Feb 2021 — registered, 15 Jun 2021 — updated

Sledgebooking is an online travel search service that finds, analyzes and dynamically packages flights & hotels offers for various destinations all over the world.

It’s consolidated all the rational and emotional content for each destination in one place.

Sledge Booking

Contact Person: Ngouabi Sledge Lozon

Yantarna st. 44, house 82

49000, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0506-529-931


18 Aug 2020 — registered, 02 Jun 2021 — updated

A resource with up-to-date news - .

Lots of categories and headings for audiences with different preferences and tastes. Events that take place in the country and the world. Also here you will find the history of the creation of the legendary Zaporizhzhia newspaper "MIG" - the primary source, which was taken as a basis for the development of the platform. The archive of the publication is freely available in one of the sections of the website.

MIG Newspaper Zaporizhzhia

Contact Person:

Soborniy st., 152

69600, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 061 7875211, +38 067 2868493


10 Nov 2017 — registered

Chronicle of events in Ukraine and the world. News of politics, business, society, sports, events.

Analytics and comments.

Photo reports and interviews with politicians.

Jizn.Info - a news portal

Contact Person: Dmytro

Lva Tolstoho st. 11

65020, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: +380937822775


02 Nov 2017 — registered

Center of labor protection and industrial safety.

Labor protection in Odesa.

Courses on labor protection in Odesa are very high quality lessons by the best teachers in Odessa.

After graduation, you receive a state diploma and partial employment in Ukraine.

We have:
- certification of work places
- audit of an enterprise
- electrolaboratory
- outsourcing

Mizhgaluzevyi tsentr ohorony pratsi ta promyslovoi bezpeky v Odesi

Contact Person: Oleksandr

prospekt Shevchenka 2

65000, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 068 685 6868


14 Sep 2017 — registered

AutoBoom is a company that has been operating in Ukraine since 2006 as an independent car dealer.

After a series of marketing research, we noted the qualitative transformation of the Ukrainian consumer and changed the format of our work!

After analyzing the work of the best American and European car sales sites, having studied the principles of their work, we, the team of AutoBoom specialists, created a unique, unparalleled product in Ukraine - an urgent, open car auction.

We have united, at first glance, absolutely incompatible things, business and humanity, plus guaranteed results.

We have created the best service in Odesa, where the interests of the client are always in priority, and the fast and professional work of the specialists corresponds to European standards.


Contact Person: Ivan

Krasnova 3b/3

65059, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: 380487873354


04 May 2016 — registered

Busines Community Club ― is a business club set up for the development of Ukraine as a strong European state by means of developing small and medium business and establishing civil society based on business ethics and national idea.

We believe that we will manage to make Ukraine one of the most successful countries in the world where happy people live and ideas emerge that deserve recognition.

We know that it is possible to live better and we want to build Ukraine everyone dreams of!

Busines Community Club

Contact Person: Vasil Fosekosh

Zelena st. 109

70935, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 096 88 16 270, +38 093 212 31 31


14 Jan 2016 — registered

We are involved in geospatial software and geo data production.

Our goal is to focus on the creation and delivery of geo data and the development of 3d map rf planning software for the global telecom.


Contact Person: Evgeniy Krivosheev

25/2 Bolshaya, Zhitomirska st.

01001, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2010086


11 Jan 2016 — registered, 11 Jan 2016 — updated

Export Promotion Center is a program of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, created with the aim to develop the Ukrainian export infrastructure.

The main idea of the Center is to bring together the efforts of all export-oriented producers with a focus on the most efficient and wide integration into the new foreign markets.

Export Promotion Center

Contact Person: Oleksandr

34, Khreshchatyk st.

01001, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380442720246


25 Feb 2015 — registered

The company "Inzhenerstroyproyekt" provides engineering and construction surveys since 2008.

A full range of services in the field of engineering geodesy and geology, engineering and supply of houses, hotels, offices, shopping centers, industrial buildings, topography.

Inzhenerstroyproyekt (Engineering and Construction Projects)

Contact Person: Limar Nikolai

Academician Tupolev st., d. 12-M

03062, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +8 800 7756960


09 Sep 2012 — registered, 09 Sep 2012 — updated

Dear Clients,

Ukraine is really a great country, and now it has a lot of opportunities to do business.

My services are establishing links between foreign suppliers and potential Ukrainian clients, which can be distributors, trading companies and various retail outlets including supermarkets.

I have experience in the following areas: food, shoes, cosmetics, marble, and metal.

Some of my clients use my services from time to time to organize business meetings, when they plan a business visit to Ukraine.

Here find advantages of Ukraine:
•46 million consumers, the greatest market in Eastern Europe
•Highly competitive, well-educated, skilled workforce
•Strategic location at the crossroads of East-West and North-South trade routes
•Ideal platform for manufacturing and exporting both to Russia and to the EU
•Extensive transport infrastructure with railroad system, Black Sea ports, and PanEuropean Transport Corridor roadways
•Dynamic economic growth in the past five years, one of the highest in Europe
•Developed value-added industries with strong technical capabilities
•Concentration of specialized knowledge, network of universities and scientific research centers
•Many investor success stories including such companies as Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, IKEA, METRO, Raiffeisen Bank,...
From myself, I can add, that Ukraine has great agricultural, IT, tourism and other potential. Western experts recommend to enter Ukrainian retail network nowadays.

Your assistant in Ukraine
Nataliia Sakhatska

Mob: +38 093-149 72 75
> E-mail: ukraineb2b at
Please, visit my website


Contact Person: Natalia Sakhatska

Lvivska square 1

04053, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380931497275


26 Apr 2012 — registered

Books for learning English and other languages for kids and adult beginners.

Simple explanations, numerous excercises and creative tasks.

Funny pictures that illustrate rules.

Packed with audio-disks.

End users can buy any number of books directly from us.

We offer good discounts to wholesalers.

New Time Publishing

Contact Person: Yulia Ivanova

Rymarska st., 19, of. 37

61057, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 752-65-63, +38 050 301-19-73


12 Dec 2010 — registered

Media, IT, investment, PR, consulting services.

Inneti Media

Contact Person: Maryan Shvec

Grabovskoho st, 11

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 2616688, +38 032 2616688


27 Sep 2010 — registered

Alpha-Shop - online shop for e-books on security themes.

Alpha-Shop-E-Books: Security

Contact Person: Peter

Volkov Str. 30-8

25028, Kirovograd, Ukraine

Tel: +38 066 8811277


05 Jun 2010 — registered

Telephone Directory of Ternopil and Ternopil region.


Contact Person: Andriy

Krivonosa, 11

46024, Ternopil, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0352 400039


04 Oct 2009 — registered

In Regional newspaper "Provinciyka" one can find news of Ukraine, regional news, crime report, sports roundup, stories about unusual people, advertisement and insertion.

Provinciyka, Rivne Regional Newspaper

Contact Person: Vasyl

52/4 Stepana Bandery St., Rivne

33000, Rivne, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0362 232441

Fax: +38 0362 232441


15 Jun 2009 — registered

The weekly analytical magazine "Terminal" is the most informative in Ukraine product on the market of analytical editions of the fuel-energetic industry. The weekly newspaper "Oil products" is the fullest and most exact monitoring of the Ukrainian oil market, commercial offerings, offering of buying-selling of all kind of oil products and neighboring groups of products, equipment, and oil market real estate.


Contact Person: Elena Dan'ko

Nagornaja str., 25-27, off. 57

04107, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2235003, +38 044 4835969

Fax: +38 044 2346847


11 Apr 2009 — registered

Catalogue of enterprises and firms of Ukraine, goods and services, free bulletins board, catalogue of sites, comfortable search, forum, prices, and great deal other.


Contact Person: Andriy



Tel: +38 032-245-69-85


10 Apr 2009 — registered

Information service in the waste management sphere.

The site demand and supply of recycled materials and products made of them, technologies, equipments, services, jobs, investments in the waste management field;

business directory;

events, editions;


reports and data on authors of annual international conference "Cooperation for Waste Issues";

information about forthcoming events.


Contact Person: Iryna Popova

P.O. Box 81

61052, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7121105


14 Mar 2009 — registered

Your advertisement at a popular photo and data portal FotoInform. A fast developing project. News. Politics. Everyone will know about events happening to you.


Contact Person: Igor Filipenko

Zinchenko 7

25001, Kirovograd, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0522 275701, 38 094 9387701


28 Feb 2009 — registered

Kyiv Business Journal (KBJ) is a bi-weekly publication delivered by email summarizing the key business & economic news of Ukraine and the region. Every issue, importers and exports receive a quick, objective briefing designed to help save time and get ahead, by reporting on top manufacturers and service companies in Ukraine.
* Save time by tracking must-know info in 4 mins or less
* Get the inside scoop and sharpen your competitive edge
* Identify sales leads and partnership opportunities

> Subscribe right now - it's FREE! Just go to

Kyiv Business Journal

Contact Person: Country Director

9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska Street

01004, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2897206


27 Feb 2009 — registered

Bershad city and Bershad's district region site.


Contact Person: Ihor Konoval

Lenina st 140

24414, Vinnica reg., Bershad dist., Birlivka, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0435 227889, +38 097 7883949


11 Jan 2009 — registered

Legal services for businesses in Ukraine.

Portal, Law company

Contact Person: Doubrov G.

Balkovskaya, 33

65110, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 7956065, +38 067 5567286


29 Dec 2008 — registered

It's our pleasure to offer you a new Ukrainian international magazine ?KING&QUEEN?, which is dedicated to the world luxury industry.
This is a full-coloured information magazine with the volume of at least 128 pages.
Its total circulation is 60000 copies a year.
It comes out once a quarter.
The magazine consists of the following sections:
1. Prime Time describing significant events of the world culture and high society life.
2. Out of Time publishing articles about things, brands, stories of success, clans, royal families which and who have been tested by time and are examples to follow for the beginners and objects of respect for those who have achieved success.
3. Fashion and Style putting forward new ideas, styles and trends of male and female fashion.
4. Lifestyle: offering traveling stories and bright visual stuff about tendencies in architecture, design and exclusive kinds of sports.
The magazine objectively and trustworthily tells the readers about expensive goods and services in its reviews and analytical articles which are based on the research of the Ukrainian and world markets.
The sections of the magazine are aimed at depicting all aspects of the world of luxury and lifestyle of successful modern people: such as yachts, collection makes of cars, elite property in Kiev, in Ukraine and abroad; the ways of effective investment and capital augmentation, possibilities of private aviation, jewellery, haute couture trends, cuisines of the countries of the world, first class wines, exclusive tourist routes, etc.
Unlike narrow specialization magazines the structure of this one makes it possible to ensure the biggest number of readers with very high income who have various interests and hobbies and who are fond of clubbing.
Apart from that a cleverly built and dynamically developing network of distribution guarantees that the magazine is destined to reach directly the hands of its interested readers.

Arkhimedia Publishing House

Contact Person: Eduard Rimikhanov

P.O.Box 128

02098, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2280279

Fax: +38 044 5022403


07 Oct 2008 — registered

A commercial advertisement newspaper for Ostroh and Netishyn cities. Issued weekly. Advertisements, announcements, business articles. There are such important rubrics as Job, Real Estate, Auto selling etc.

Davaj! - Advertising newspaper

Contact Person: Anatoliy Onoshko

Papanina 11/1

35800, Ostroh, Ukraine

Tel: +38 03654 31956

Fax: +38 03654 31956


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