Suppliers of trade services in Ukraine

07 Jul 2019 — registered

Modna Sumka интернет-магазин сумок и аксессуаров, продаем стильные, но дешевые товары от популярных брендов. При этом мы внимательно следим за качеством товара и стараемся подбирать только модные аксессуары С их помощью вы элегантно и ненавязчиво подчеркнёте свой вкус, и будете выглядеть стильно в любой ситуации. Мы прислушиваемся к нашим клиентам, поэтому с нами Вам будет легко и удобно !

Modna Sumka

Contact Person: Modna Sumka

650013, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: 380687003149


24 Apr 2019 — registered

UBuy Ukraine is one of the biggest cross border online shopping websites in Ukraine.

Shop for your favourite international products in electronics, fashion, home appliances, automobile parts, digital cards, furniture, men’s and women’s fashion, health and beauty and more.

Shop newly launched global products, which are not available in Ukraine, only at UBuy.

Easy & fast way to do international shopping.

Genuine and good quality products offered at competitive prices by UBuy.

Affordable prices in comparison to other leading e-commerce sites, save money.

UBuy Ukraine

Contact Person: UBuy

Mykoly Hrinchenko st., 4, 2 floor

03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 (44) 2212688


14 Sep 2017 — registered

AutoBoom is a company that has been operating in Ukraine since 2006 as an independent car dealer.

After a series of marketing research, we noted the qualitative transformation of the Ukrainian consumer and changed the format of our work!

After analyzing the work of the best American and European car sales sites, having studied the principles of their work, we, the team of AutoBoom specialists, created a unique, unparalleled product in Ukraine - an urgent, open car auction.

We have united, at first glance, absolutely incompatible things, business and humanity, plus guaranteed results.

We have created the best service in Odesa, where the interests of the client are always in priority, and the fast and professional work of the specialists corresponds to European standards.


Contact Person: Ivan

Krasnova 3b/3

65059, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: 380487873354


25 Jul 2016 — registered, 26 Jul 2016 — updated

Quickly sell cars in Odesa - it's easy!

We buy any car in any condition in Odesa.

Our professionals will do a quick assessment.

Fast payment on the spot without extra questions, any currency.

We prepare all the documents ourselves.

Car collection in Odessa and the region.

Polite professional managers.


Contact Person: Sergei



Tel: +380934495454


20 Mar 2016 — registered is a Ukrainian shopping center on the Internet.

Consumer, industrial and wholesale goods.

For your business, life and rest!

Tel: +380677382555


20 Nov 2014 — registered

Our company is a leading operator on Ukrainian market in the area of goods delivery from abroad.

This is confirmed by the tens of thousands of delivered orders and thousands of satisfied customers.

With our help you can get the goods from the US, Germany, UK, China and other countries without overpaying.

We have created the most comfortable environment for shopping at various online auction sites such as eBay and Amazon.

All you have to do is to choose, and goods from America or any other country would be in the shortest possible time will you!

More detailed information can be found on our website .

Big-Basket - delivery of goods from the United States

Contact Person: Serhiy Kuveko

B. Kasiyan 1

03191, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: (097)058-05-58


14 Jun 2012 — registered

In our shop you can order everything for your computer and find computer accessories (web cameras, keyboards, mouses, headphones), memory flash, hard drives, USB flash drives, everything for printers (cartridges, paper, photo paper), networking equipment.

We speak English.


Contact Person: Natalia

Popydrenko (Darnitsa)

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 38 0979020999, 098-191-48-91


15 Jan 2009 — registered

Investment and Development Holding Company DAFI is involved in developing and managing shopping and entertainment centres and mixed-use commercial properties across Ukraine.

DAFI, Investment and Development Holding Company

Contact Person: Vyacheslav Boboshko

Zoryaniy Blvd. 1-A

49 107, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 3739119

Fax: +38 056 3739119


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