Suppliers of electronics and electrotechnics in Ukraine

05 Nov 2023 — registered, 17 Nov 2023 — updated

Leater Plus company offers technical support of conferences of any level and provides equipment for conferences for rent in the cities of Kyiv and Odesa.

We also offer the full range of simultaneous interpretation services.

We provide equipment and select interpreters. We have a large database of interpreters.

Leater Plus

Contact Person: Andriy Aleksandrov

Velyka Vasylkivska st. 114

03150, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0674663065


30 Oct 2023 — registered, 03 Nov 2023 — updated

Telemart store is your reliable partner in the world of computer equipment and accessories. Here you will find a wide range of computers, laptops and components from leading manufacturers. Our goal is to offer clients only the best that exists on the market.

Particular attention is paid to components. Whether it's processors, motherboards, video cards or hard drives – everyone will find here what they need to build a powerful and reliable PC. We pride ourselves on offering products that meet high quality standards.

For those who are just planning to assemble their own computer, a convenient constructor for assembling a PC is available on the site. With its help, you can easily select all the necessary components, taking into account your needs and budget.

The Telemart store also offers a delivery service throughout Ukraine. Your purchases will be delivered as quickly as possible, and you will be able to enjoy your new equipment without any hassle.

The advantages of our store:

A wide range: a huge selection of computer equipment and components.
High quality: only proven and reliable brands.
Convenience: a simple and understandable website with the ability to quickly select the necessary products.
Professional support: our specialists will help you choose the optimal components, answering all your questions.

At Telemart we value every customer and strive to offer the best service and support at all stages of selection and purchase. Make your choice in favor of quality and professionalism!


Contact Person: Andriy (manager)

Vadyma Hetmana st., 6

03057, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 400-08-80


31 Aug 2023 — registered, 11 Sep 2023 — updated

AS ENERGI specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of electrical products, mainly power semiconductors, which are produced in Ukraine and China.

We have over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and are one of the leaders in this field.

The main products of our company are rectifier diodes, phase control thyristors in disc and stud design, avalanche diodes and thyristors, fast switching, high frequency thyristors, fast recovery, welding and rotor diodes, triacs, bridge rectifiers, power modules (thyristor, diode, thyristor-diode, IGBT), and air and water heatsinks to them.

Power diodes and thyristors are produced for currents from 10A to 15000A, voltage range from 100V to 9000V.

Diode and thyristor modules are produced from 25A to 1250A, voltage range 400V-4400V.

The range of power semiconductors also includes equivalent, replacement, analogue and alternative semiconductor devices of global manufacturers.

Our company would also consider manufacturing of the products you need at our production facilities in accordance with your requests and the technical tasks.


Contact Person: Olexander

Ivan Dzyuba St, 9

03134, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380444515251


09 Jun 2023 — registered, 09 Jun 2023 — updated

The KHK store offers high-quality equipment, gardening tools and tools for construction and repair of the famous German company Stihl.

Our catalog presents a huge assortment, more than 5,000 items: vacuum cleaners, electric saws, you can choose and buy a chainsaw of the required model, a brushcutter.

Cordless saws, high-pressure washers, chainsaws, cultivators, branch shredders, lawnmowers, motor cultivators, blowers, and a lot of other equipment.

We are an official representative and we sell only original products.

We have all the necessary products both for professionals as well as for household use.

KHK represents the interests of the company, therefore the prices of the goods do not differ from the Stihl prices.

In addition to your equipment, you can buy accessories and attachments, Stihl components, which will increase productivity and simplify your work.

Our company guarantees service and repair of any tool, and we also offer all spare parts may you do the repair yourself.

KHK - Stihl

Sukhumska st. 24

61054, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380661798290


18 May 2023 — registered, 18 May 2023 — updated

We are "SoundLight" Light. Sound. Scene. company.

We have been operating on the Ukrainian market for over 17 years.

Our company is a team of enthusiasts and professionals with many years of experience.

We know the market well, understand the technical aspects and cooperate with many manufacturers of sound, lighting and stage equipment.

Our customers and representatives consider us a reliable supplier!

SoundLight Light. Sound. Scene.

Miry 12

89600, Mukachevo, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 8492005


08 May 2023 — registered, 08 May 2023 — updated

Internet store of LED lighting in Kyiv - "LED NEON".

We offer LED tapes, flexible neon, power adapters, bulbs, spotlights, lamps, profiles and accessories.

Pickup in Kyiv, fast shipping across Ukraine.


Contact Person: Ihor Koval

Pchilky st., 5

2081, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0738080303


10 Oct 2022 — registered, 13 Oct 2022 — updated

Internet store of LED lighting in Kyiv - "LED Svit".

LED tapes, flexible neon, power adapters, bulbs, spotlights, lamps, profile and accessories.

Pickup in Kyiv, fast shipping across Ukraine.

LED Svit

Contact Person: Ihor Koval

Oleny Pchilky st., 5

02059, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0933891126


22 Sep 2022 — registered, 22 Sep 2022 — updated

BABACHOK is the most informative, high-quality, reliable, convenient and professional site.

You can order and buy goods from us in one click both in Dnipro and throughout Ukraine.

We cooperate with retail and wholesale buyers, entrepreneurs, designers, construction industry experts, plumbers, commercial and government organizations.

Shower cabins, doors, hydroboxes, pallets
Kitchen sinks
Water and electric towel dryers
Curtains for baths
Water filters (for kitchen faucets)
Electric drying shelves for shoes
Electric dryers for clothes
Accessories for portable biotoilets
Liquids for biotoilets

BABACHOK Online Store

Contact Person: Nikita

Titov st. 1

49089, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: 067 154-50-50


13 Oct 2021 — registered, 14 Oct 2021 — updated

Unilem company, founded in 2016, has been stably working in the market as a distributor of the household electrical products like flash lights, lamps, chandeliers etc.

Thanks to the well-organized structure of the sales department and professional management, the company has achieved dynamic development since the first years of its existence and is successfully improving.

Unilem is interested in the prosperity of its customers, so it carefully selects a range of products to offer quality and diverse service.

In recent years, Unilem has established itself as a reliable and professional partner. The number of customers is constantly growing, which in turn leads to an increase in demand for the range of products.

Therefore, we are actively working on market research and offer only the most relevant products.

We work with the following companies: Maxus, GTV Poland, Brixoll, Vesta light, Etron, Erka and others.


Contact Person: Yuri Volodymyrovych Ovchar

Kovelska st. 109 B

79056, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: 0978674262, 0986952868


23 Sep 2021 — registered, 24 Sep 2021 — updated

We are a network of authorized points of sale of household appliances Bosch and Siemens. A company with over ten years of experience.

We offer professional selection of household appliances for the home.

4 years of warranty for all large and built-in appliances.

Bosch-Siemens Household Appliances Store

Khutorivka st., 40 A

79070, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: 0676767688


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