Suppliers of financial services in Ukraine

17 Apr 2021 — registered, 17 Jun 2021 — updated

Customs clearance services on the most favorable terms.

Customs clearance of all types of wheeled vehicles throughout Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

Free consultation online and by phone.

Customs clearance of euro plates, trucks, special equipment, motor vehicles.


Contact Person: Artem

Klochkivska st. 370

61100, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380979703707, +380939703707


08 Jan 2021 — registered, 12 Jun 2021 — updated

PETTERSON & BENNETT is an accounting firm with 100% American investments, which office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Our prime objective is to provide the most cost effective, high quality, professional services in accounting, bookkeeping, tax, outstaffing, payroll and HR areas. We also specialize in business set up and internal controlling.

Petterson & Bennett

Office 31, 8 floor, Sichovych Striltsiv 77 st.

04050, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 357 76 47, +38 096 747 85 78


26 Jun 2020 — registered, 02 Jun 2021 — updated

Services of due diligence in Ukraine have got a rise in the last few years as they take the taxation department completely in their hands and maintain them.

Therefore, business personnel does not have to think much about that part of their business anymore.


Contact Person: petterson

Sichovych Striltsiv st. 77, Office 31, 8 floor

04050, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380443577647


17 Apr 2020 — registered, 17 Apr 2020 — updated

Ukr-China Communication is a logistics company with many years of experience doing business with China, private representative offices in the strategic regions of China — Beijing, Guangzhou, Ningbo.

The range of basic services provided by the company includes:

- Delivery of cargo;
- Customs Clearance Services;
- Financial structuring of the deal;
- Complex support of the goods purchasing in China;
- Financial support of import deals.

Ukr-China Communication, Ltd.

Holosiivska st. 7, block 2 floor 4/2, Rent House Business Center

03039, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 363-88-88


02 Oct 2016 — registered

Purchase and sales of WebMoney for cash in Khartsyzsk.

Kvazar 24

Contact Person: Dmytro Ivanov

Shalimova st. 4A

86709, Khartsyzsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (063) 754-54-51, +380 (99) 773-10-86


12 Jun 2015 — registered

Sadko Consulting is a Ukrainian based business consulting and brokerage company with services focused on Ukrainian investment projects and equity investments.

Sadko Consulting

Contact Person: Daniel Osypenko

13, Lermontovsky Lane

65014, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +380487894012


09 Nov 2012 — registered

Global Credit Solutions Ukraine was organised by merger of Ukrainian company Credit Management Solutions by Global Credit Solutions Group after 3 years of associated partnership.

Our company is focused on granting of a complete spectrum of high quality credit management services which would be accessible to the majority of subjects of the Ukrainian and world business.

In our activity we put a quality priority as we appreciate each client and we try to build long-term mutually advantageous relations.

Global Credit Solutions core business services include Domestic and International:

- Debt collection
- Credit reports & business information
- Commercial investigations
- Legal services

Global Credit Solutions Ukraine

Contact Person: Svitlana Kovalchuk

Saksaganskoho st., 110, off.1

01032, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 223 64 49


11 Jun 2012 — registered, 11 Jun 2012 — updated

Insurance of motor transport, property insurance, personal insurance, insurance of travelling, insurance of responsibility.

Products of the company:

- Insurance of property except railway, land, air, water transport (sea domestic and other kinds of water transport), loads and baggage;

- Insurance of land transport (except railway one);

- Accident insurance;

- Fire-risk and element-risk insurance;

- Insurance of water transport (sea domestic and other kinds of water transport);

- Finance risks insurance;

- Medical insurance (continuous health insurance).

UTICO-Lutsk, Insurance Company

Contact Person: Mykola Vlasiuk

Bohdan Khmelnytsky st., 29, 3a

43000, Lutsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0332 770981, +38 050 610 74 66


28 Apr 2012 — registered

A Ukrainian insurance company.

Has been operating since 1992.

We offer our clients - individuals and enterprises - a wide range of products and services in risk insurance: moto transport insurance, property insurance, personal insurance, travel insurance, medical insurance, third party insurance.


Contact Person: Ivan Nohach

Pechersky uzviz, 3

01601, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5816770, +38 046 2777070


29 Feb 2012 — registered

Administration of pension funds.

Administrator of Pension Reserve

Geroiv Stalingradu prospekt, 12L

04210, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 426 53 56


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