Suppliers of agriculture products in Ukraine

17 Feb 2019

Welcome to the website of Goldsun Ltd a privately owned business, with mission to bring high quality pulses for consumers in partnership with world’s most successful and sophisticated retailers, wholesalers, importers, packagers, caners, brokers & growers. With our small years of operation, Goldsun Ltd is still highly respected for outstanding performance and operation process from due diligence through management services and return on investment for our retailers and wholesalers. We are in the business of Agro Food commodities such as Nuts & Seeds, Grains, Spices, Oil & Sugar, Lentils & Pulses, Rice, Poultry, Meat & Fishes. Including but not limited to other categories like Dairy, Confectionery, Juices & Drinks. \r\n\r\nYou are a valued customer to us therefore enjoy constant and low & regular prices, shipment and best quality food products from us. We are focusing on maintaining healthy relationships and creating value for you.

Goldsun Limited

Contact Person: Paviloski Vidinik

8/1, Kyiv highway, Odessa, 65031, Ukraine

65031, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +380 502 381 956


26 Apr 2018

New and used conveyor belt, belt fasteners like Flexco, Mato MS, K28/K27 and other for belt thickness range of 3-21mm. Belt Strengths up to 1800kN/m. We can make chevron conveyor belt.
Contact us for a quote

Alyans Oil

Contact Person: Kirill Boev


08321, Chubinske, Ukraine

Tel: 0506202258


16 Mar 2018

Export of 100% pure sunflower oil, refined and crude.

Bukovina Agrotekhnika

Contact Person: Ponomarchuk Sergey

Komarova str., 1

58018, Chernovtsy, Ukraine

Tel: +380674844865


18 Aug 2016

С 2005 года компания «ОЛВИС ТРЕЙД» представляет оптовым покупателем широкий ассортимент продукции: кур-бройлеров, индюшиную и куриную разделку, полуфабрикаты, замороженную и охлаждённую продукцию.


Contact Person: olvistrade

Броваской район, с. Княжичи, ул. М. Лагуновой, 107-Д

Княжичи, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 559-83-15, +38 (067) 234-15-35


07 May 2016

«УкрСпецАгроПродукт» – дослідницькі та метрологічні послуги по всій Україні


Contact Person: Maxim

Laboratorna str.

03150, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0674804684


06 May 2016

Analysis of C / G raw - accredited chemical laboratory
(GMOs, safety, radiology and other - full range) raw-products-products


Contact Person: Maxim

Laboratorna str.

03150, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0674804684


07 Oct 2014

our company buys fertiliser and connect in large quantity of fertilisers.

AG trading sarl

Contact Person: mohammed diallo

kipe comune de ratoma

224, conakry, Ukraine

Tel: +2246208989899, +2246646655889


22 Mar 2013

экспорт семян кормовых трав и эфиромасличных культур


Contact Person: Евгений, Сергей,Ирина

Пятницкая 32/80

14000, Чернигов, Ukraine

Tel: +380462604884, 0504651666


20 Dec 2013

Gartner Ukraine is a Ukrainian company that has 6 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of agricultural products. During these years, we gained invaluable experience and a large number of business contacts with Ukrainian and foreign companies. Our company is an active participant in the international trade.

Main business of the company is worldwide trade of milling wheat, feed wheat, yellow corn, feed barley, wheat flour, sunflower oil, wheat bran pellets, and sunflower meal.

Our direct partnership with farmers, mills, refineries, and manufacturers in Ukraine provides a healthy grown product to be sold around the globe for human consumption and animal feed.

We offer turnkey logistics solutions for deliveries from our facilities to any destination, overland or overseas, in containers (20' and 40'), vessels, trucks, or rail wagons.

Our mission is to provide the best quality products at very competitive prices.

Gartner Ukraine

Contact Person: Nataly Sokolova

Myronosytska street, 64

61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380577151987, +380675126687


09 Sep 2012

Dear clients,
Ukraine is really a great country, and now it is a lot of opportunities to do business.
My services are establishing links between foreign suppliers and potential Ukrainian clients, which can be distributors, trading companies and various retail outlets including supermarkets.
I have experience in the following areas: food, shoes, cosmetics, marble, and metal.
Some of my clients use my services from time to time to organize business meetings, when they plan a business visit to Ukraine.
Here find advantages of Ukraine:
•46 million consumers, the greatest market in Eastern Europe
•Highly competitive, well-educated, skilled workforce
•Strategic location at the crossroads of East-West and North-South trade routes
•Ideal platform for manufacturing and exporting both to Russia and to the EU
•Extensive transport infrastructure with railroad system, Black Sea ports, and PanEuropean Transport Corridor roadways
•Dynamic economic growth in the past five years, one of the highest in Europe
•Developed value-added industries with strong technical capabilities
•Concentration of specialized knowledge, network of universities and scientific research centers
•Many investor success stories including such companies as Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, IKEA, METRO, Raiffeisen Bank,...
From myself, I can add, that Ukraine has great agricultural, IT, tourism and other potencial. Western experts recommend to enter to Ukrainian retail network nowadays.

Your assistant in Ukraine
Nataliia Sakhatska

Mob: +38 093-149 72 75
Please, visit my website


Contact Person: Nataliia Sakhatska

Lvivska square 1

04053, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380931497275


08 Feb 2012

We manufacture paper bags, bags for coal, we also offer wheat flour of premium and first grade.


Contact Person: Volodymyr Divinsky

Lenina st.

39053, Pogreby village, Ukraine

Tel: +38 053 6704132, +38 067 9501160


30 Jan 2012

Our company is engaged in export of crops to any country in the world for 10 years.


Contact Person: Vasil

Nadezhdy st. 7

Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5183771


07 Oct 2011

We are members of the big group of forwarding companies (Nortrop, Holding) established by Noord Natie N.V. ( 450 years old stevedoring company in Antwerpen) and Tropic Shipping (shipowners), London.

> Nortrop has developed a network of forwarding companies, having own offices in: London, Cuxhaven (Germany), Dubai, Sao Paolo, Ventspils (Latvia), Havana, (please refer ). This network allows us to cover a large share of the transport market due to a strong connection established between all members of Nortrop Holding family.

Nortrop Odessa's core business on Ukrainian market is chartering brokerage, shipping agency, port forwarding and forwarding of containerized cargoes. We are represented in all major ports of Ukraine, supporting our own service through 3 offices: Odessa (main office serving), Ilichivsk and Mykolayiv. We have worked in the past with a full scope of forwarding service in all major Ukrainian ports for all kind of cargoes.

Our good market reputation, European standards of service allows us to establish very good relations among different levels of Ukrainian Authorities.

We shall be very much honoured, if you will entrust to Nortrop Odessa forwarding and shipping agency services to your cargo traffics via Ukrainian ports.

Dedicated Nortrop professionals are always ready to serve you.

Nortrop LTD

Contact Person: Konstantin Nazarenko

15, Tenistaya Street, Office 55

65009, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0487149317, +38 0500389969


10 Sep 2011

We export millet, coriander seeds, yellow peas, sorghum, yellow split peas, mustard seeds, flax seeds, wheat flour, rye flour, rolled oats and all kinds of agricultural products from Ukraine.


Contact Person: Mr. Vipula

76/A, Bilitska st.

04078, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4348680, +38 067 4075753


11 Oct 2010

Cheap wholesale rice and other products from India and Pakistan, other details on website or please just call us. Start your own business in Ukraine or other countries.
Make your own business it’s simple and it’s better way for earn money.


Contact Person: Asad

Zankovetska 36/30

88000, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Tel: +38 063 0404640, +38 063 0404641


22 Sep 2010

Sugar Refinery for sale!
Refinery is located in Kamjanka vil., Cherkassy Region, Ukraine. Fully built and equipped. 24-hour capacity is 1500 tones. 13% of pure sugar is generated by processing 1 ton of raw material. Volume of molasses production is 4.5%. Volume of bagasse production is 78%.

Nova Holding, Ltd

Contact Person: Tamara Borisova

50 Let Oktybrya 96

39600, Kamjanka vil., Cherkassy Region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 3645833


02 Aug 2010

We offer a joint agribusiness in Ukraine.
Our company is based in the northwestern Ukraine, 50 km from the eastern border with Poland.
We have 4,000 hectares of land leased for a term up to 10 years. In addition, the leased area would be expanded to 7000 hectares at short notice. The cost of renting per hectare of agricultural land is 45 EUR a year. The corn yield reaches 10 ton per hectare while it's per ton production cost is 36 EUR, taxes and rent included. We use corn as the main fodder for pigs.

Our 15 farms (over 1000 cattle) with infrastructure occupy 35 hectares of land leased for a term up to 25 years. 350 pigs in our seedstock herd produce up to 10000 piglets a year. All fodder resources are our own.

We also have a 72 hectare land parcel leased for a term of 49 years with a preferential purchase right. The cost of renting is EUR 3, 000 a year. We suggest that you consider construction of a large-scale commercial pig unit for 200, 000 or more pigs a year in the said land parcel. The location of the land parcel is fully compliant with any and all environmental standards of Ukraine. Approximately 150 farms with the complete infrastructure may be built in the said land parcel. The construction cost of 1 husbandry farm with 1000 cattle capacity in our setting is about EUR 62, 000 (with no new technology used in farms). For reference: in our farms, with 95% of fodder resources being our own, the cost of raising a 100 kg pig is approximately EUR 85. The selling price of such pig in Ukraine is EUR 150.

Our company has the status of agricultural producers that provides for tax exemption.
We would participate in this project by providing piglets at a tentative price of EUR 35 per head and fodder resources.

We look for interested companies with financial opportunities and innovative technology in this production sector.

Looking forward to your offerings, we are ready to discuss our legal participation.

Volyn Apk

Contact Person: Zahar

v. Somin

03186, v. Somin, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5201575

Fax: +38 044 5201574


01 Aug 2010

More than 10 years we harvest, buy, clean, pack and sell oriental, yellow and brown mustard seeds for DDU-Europe basic.

If you need high quality mustard seeds in big-bags or PP bags on/without pallets, contact us for details.


Contact Person: Aleksandr Mamchur

Heroyiv Oborony Str. 10. Of. 6

03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5016706, +38 050 5111513

Fax: +38 044 5016706


03 Jul 2010

The production of the organic vegetables and other agricultural output. We have a Euro standard certificate (the IMO institute, Switzerland).

Chistyj Product-C (Clean Product-C)

Contact Person: Serhey Viktorovich

50 Years of USSR str., 108/87

83001, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5600490


10 Jun 2010

Private Production Enterprise "Kvadro" is one of leading operators of the grain market of Ukraine. Main direction of activity is trade in grain and olive cultures, products of their processing, export.

Kvadro PPE

Contact Person: Grinko O.J.

Fesenkovskaya Str., 12/14

61068, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7714507, +38 057 7714511

Fax: +38 057 7714515


08 Jun 2010

Global Development Strategies (GDS) is a private advisory firm on export promotion from Ukraine and partnership building between Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Mission of GDS - to make a link between the Ukrainian firm and international business with the aim of achieving its global purpose.

We give the CONTRACT ready for signature.

We promote export of products of such Ukrainian products:

- Grains (wheat soft all grades, feed barley and corn, wheat brans);
- Seeds/kernels (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds in bags, walnuts kernels);
- Sunflower oil refined and unrefined in bottles 1, 2, 5L and crude in bulk.
- Wheat flour.
- Frozen fruits, berries (blueberry, blackberry and many other);
- Fertilizers (Urea 46% Prilled, Ammonium Nitrate 34.4% grade B, MAP (12-52-0), Potassium Chloride 60% (MOP), Ammonium Sulphate 21% coke grade, different NPK formulas;
- Growth regulators and stimulators innovative, developed and manufactured in Ukraine

Basic markets for export promotion and partnership building:
- Africa, mainly Western and Southern, partly Northern and Eastern;
- Middle East;
- Asia: Southern and Southern-Eastern;
- Latin America (separate countries).

Global Development Strategies, Private Enterprise

Contact Person: Roman Moskalyk

Vyhovskogo Str. 41/214

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 2580070, +38 068 2274561

Fax: +38 032 2612383


31 May 2010

The main direction of a institutions work and its network is creation of a vegetables and watermelons sorts and hybrids, that could be stable to the biotic and abiotic factors, precocious, highly productive with the better taste and medical-prophylactic conditions, fit for long keeping and without the loss of the taste qualities. The breeders of our institute created more than 50 kinds of watermelons, from which the 19 kinds of watermelons were included into the State register of the plants kinds of Ukraine as well as 7 melons, 7 pumpkins, 2 vegetable marrows and 2 squashes.

Institute of Vegetables and watermelons sorts creation

Contact Person: Vladimir Anatolievich

Golaja Prystan


Tel: +38 099 6655544


18 Mar 2010

We offer following agricultural products for export sale:
- refined and crude oil,
- corn fodder,
- milling wheat (2, 3, 4 class),
- feed wheat - 5, 6 class,
- wheat flour (highest grade and first grade).
If you have interest in these goods, we ask you to send your requests to our e-mail.

Category: Food, Agricultural products


Contact Person: Svetlana Paley

22 Dragomirova St, Kiev

38000, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 063 0553586, +38 063 4690010


28 Feb 2010

Cultures of grain corn and grain-bobs fumigation, as well as product of their conversion in storage premises and in transport facility (iron-road coach, container). The disinfection not loaded storage premises and transport facilities.

Sergienko N.A., Private Enterprise

Contact Person: Sergienko N.A.

City Poltava Area To Nezavisimosti 8/2

36600, Poltava, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0532 690486, +38 095 5623049


31 Jan 2010

Fields of activity: farming, plant growing, cereal and fodder breeding, seed farming of high reproduction, livestock farming, agroecology.
We conduct seminars, conferences, provide education of personnel.

Donetsk Institute of Agro-Industrial Production under the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences

Contact Person: Ivan Zarudniak

Stadionnaya str., build. 15

86053, Peski vill., Yasinovataya region, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0623 648732

Fax: +38 0623 648732


31 Jan 2010

Our enterprise offers supply of the following production: confectionary and oil sunflower, millet, mustard, rape, pellets and briquettes made of sunflower husks.

PoltavaOblKombikorm, LLC

Contact Person: Anatoliy

Mishchenka str., 2

36011, Poltava, Ukraine

Tel: +38 053 2274388, +38 095 4682500


30 Jan 2010

Export: food, feed and agricultural products such as: sunflower seeds, confectionery, black mustard, coriander, millet, flax seeds, Cicer arietinum, lupin, sorghum, vetch, buckwheat, wheat, oat, rye, sunflower, millet, all types of groats, buckwheat groats, yellow split peas, buckwheat flour, flour, sunflower oil, dry spent grains, mixture of forage, sunflower seed sake, sunflower kernels.

Ap Group Ltd

Contact Person: Pavel Skvorchynskyi

18, Petrenko Str, Of. 107

73000, Kherson, Ukraine

Tel: +38 055 2327059, +38 067 5117722

Fax: +38 055 2327059


30 Jan 2010

Export of cereals and seed, oil-bearing cultures, seed for a cattle and bird. Seed of forage herbares and plants. Seed of the field cultures, seed of lawn herbares, seed of cereals, seed of clover and pascual herbares.

V-Beybi Ltd

Contact Person: Churkalo

32/80 Pyatnitskaya

14000, Chernigov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0462 699979, +38 050 4651666

Fax: +38 0462 675527


02 Nov 2009

Being a milling plant we offer you to buy our all-purpose high quality wheat flour from Ukraine. All our milling products are without GMO. We can supply you with extra grade wheat flour, first grade wheat flour and second grade wheat flour. All the products are produced according to standard requirements. But if you need flour with special characteristics we can produce it definitely for you.

Khp Zida, Llc

Contact Person: Sergey

Pl. 50 Richya Peremogi 23

92600, Svatovo, Ukraine

Tel: +38 095 6500208


05 Oct 2009

The official representation and associated plant for producing of food concentrates and premixes for animal agriculture and stock-raising of the ISV Meat Production Organizing Company (Hungary) in Ukraine.
We offer you:
- premixes and concentrates for all animal and poultry species, manufactured with internationally acclaimed European primary goods only (DSM, Degussa, Adisseo, Lohman)
- ISV PANNONHIBRID branded sow hybrids livestock (Hungary): HUNGARIAN HOP, HUNGARIAN MEAT-TYPE HORNET WHITE, DUROC, PIETRAIN, F-1 sow (Hungarian Meat-type Hornet White Р Тђ Hungarian Hop), F-1 boar (Duroc Р Тђ Pietrain)
- ISV WEDA sow and poultry equipment and technology for hygienical management (Hungary-Germany)
- veterinary assistance with the ISV leading specialists (Hungary).

Agrovet Trade Ukraine, Ltd

Contact Person: Vladimir

11 A.Korolyova Avenu Cab.216

03680, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4059871, +38 067 4056346

Fax: +38 044 4059871


Suppliers of agriculture products in Ukraine, part 1
Suppliers of agriculture products in Ukraine, part 2

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