Suppliers of food in Ukraine

08 Apr 2024 — registered

Ми – команда ентузіастів, віддана мистецтву створення справжніх шедеврів з м'яса. У Meatvill ми ставимо перед собою завдання перевершити очікування наших клієнтів, пропонуючи лише найсвіжіші, найякісніші та найсмачніші м'ясні делікатеси.

Наш асортимент включає широкий вибір продукції для найвишуканіших гурманів:

Делікатесні ковбаси: вишукані рецепти, ретельно підібрані спеції та добірне м'ясо – ось основа наших неповторних ковбасних виробів.
В'ялене м'ясо та прошутто: кожен шматочок – справжній шедевр, який дозволить вам відчути справжній смак якісного м'яса.
Свіжі м'ясні продукти: наші свіжі м'ясні продукти стануть ідеальним вибором для приготування найвишуканіших страв у домашніх умовах.


Contact Person: Oleksandr

Житомирська область, місто Коростишів, вул. Київська 66

12505, Коростишів, Ukraine

Tel: +380963403635


21 Mar 2024 — registered



Contact Person: serhii kulida


27552, Vlasivka, Svitlovodsk, Ukraine

Tel: +380956876654


17 Jan 2024 — registered, 23 Jan 2024 — updated

The online tea store HOTTEA offers a wide range of teas of the highest quality from all over the world: from classic varieties to exclusive and rare types of tea. You'll find a tea to suit every taste and occasion: from morning tea for an energizing start of the day to relaxing herbal tea for an evening rest.

The website is designed with a user-friendly interface, making the entire process from browsing to checkout seamless, regardless of the customer's location. In addition, our store has excellent customer support as well as fast delivery throughout Ukraine. We will be happy to help you find new tea flavors that will help you find harmony and improve your mood.

HOTTEA tea store

Contact Person: Olena

Vizvolyteliv Avenue 3

02125, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380674193345


29 Jun 2023 — registered, 30 Jun 2023 — updated

Buy the best coffee from Escobar Coffee – a coffee brand with expertise in roasting the best sorts of coffee from around the world. We offer a wide selection of coffee beans and beverages to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Place your order online and enjoy the Escobar Coffee experience in the comfort of your own home.


Osokorska st. 2a

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0800333525


05 May 2023 — registered, 05 May 2023 — updated

A solid online store of the best Chinese tea in Ukraine, the widest selection and reasonable prices.

Contact Person: Serhiy

Lutsk, Ukraine

Tel: +380 (97) 600-61-45


05 May 2023 — registered, 05 May 2023 — updated

Online store of high-quality Chinese tea: a wide range and good prices.

Puerh, oolong, green, black and white tea.

Contact Person: Andriy

Rivnenska st., 83

43000, Lutsk, Ukraine

Tel: 0503782171


04 Apr 2023 — registered, 04 Apr 2023 — updated

A wide selection of teas of different sorts and types, various accessories for tea brewing and ceremonies.

Black, red, green, white, oolong, pu-erh and other exclusive offers.


Contact Person: TeaWorld

Anny Akhmatovoi st., 31

02000, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 8488250


21 Apr 2022 — registered, 23 Apr 2022 — updated

Vsesvit Medu (Honey Universe) offers Carpathian natural honey from our own apiary.

This is not what resellers sell. You can buy this real homemade fresh natural alpine honey from our own apiary!

By purchasing bee products from us, you can see for yourself.

All products are in pure form, without sugar, unpasteurized, organic, so they retain the aroma and taste, which are so lacking in the market.

Vsesvit Medu (Honey Universe)

Contact Person: Vitaliy Med

Velykoberezniansky raion

89030, Sukhy, Ukraine

Tel: 0951962731


14 Sep 2021 — registered, 18 Sep 2021 — updated

Gold Exim company is a supplier of high quality raw agricultural products both in the Ukrainian market and abroad.

The main products of our company include legumes and oilseeds.

The range of legumes includes beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, vetch and more.

And our range of oilseeds consists mainly of mustard seeds and flax.

Our cleaning, processing and packaging enterprises have a very high level of quality control thanks to modern equipment, which allows us to offer a wide range of various agricultural products.

Since 2014, we have established successful relationships with customers from many countries in Europe and the Middle East and have established ourselves as a consistent and reliable supplier of raw products for the food industry.

Gold Exim

Contact Person: Maksym Matsepluk

Depovska st. 19/2

29000, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5574754


05 Aug 2021 — registered, 05 Aug 2021 — updated

La Piec - free delivery of hot and tasty pizza - up to 29 minutes or the next pizza for free.

The fastest pizza delivery in our city. Bring friends and get 100 UAH to the bonus account.

Order real thin wood-fired Italian pizza at La Piec!

La Piec - Drogobych

Contact Person: Roman Ferens

Shkilna st. 10

82100, Drogobych, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 3336060


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