Suppliers of industrial supplies in Ukraine

22 Jul 2021 — registered, 24 Jul 2021 — updated

VEEM-Metalavtoprom was founded in 2000.

The main activity of the company is the production of passenger seats for public transport vehicles and intercar transitions (bellows) for passenger transport.


Contact Person: Mykhailo Shevtsiv

Zelena st., 49

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: 067 55 67 572


22 Jul 2021 — registered, 24 Jul 2021 — updated

BRASH was founded in 2006. The main activity of the company is the production of passenger seats for trains, the company also specializes in the manufacture of medical equipment and medical furniture.

The team includes highly qualified engineering and technical staff, specialists and professionally trained employees.

The structure of the enterprise includes a design bureau, a section of prototypes and tests, a section of forms and models, a direct production unit of serial products.

2500 square meters of production capacity in Lviv. 15,000 square meters of production capacity in Stryi. 2000 square meters of production capacity in Sambir.

All our products have international certificates of conformity and meet the requirements of DSTU.

During this time, we have developed partnerships with leading companies in Eastern Europe.


Contact Person: Natalia Andriivna Zhytnak

Zelena st. 149

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 556 7572


02 Jul 2021 — registered, 06 Jul 2021 — updated

The ShopTobi online packaging store is a new project of our production of corrugated containers with many years of experience, whose activities were aimed only at wholesale supplies of the manufactured product, and we are one of the five leaders in this industry.


Contact Person: Marina

Avtotransportna st. 6

02088, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380673469575


10 May 2021 — registered, 17 Jun 2021 — updated

Do you need furniture fittings, trade equipment or board materials?

Tomek has been offering MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, countertops, edgings and a wide range of fittings in Lviv for over 20 years.

You can also order cutting, gluing, additives and milling.

The company has become one of the leaders in Ukraine in the field of furniture fittings and board materials.

It offers profitable cooperation for furniture manufacturers.

Tomek officially represents well-known brands: Egger, Swiss Krono, Kronospan, Luxeform, Rehau, Polkemic, Zbytex, GTV, Sevrol, Gamet, ABM, Thermoplast.


Contact Person: Yaroslav Ivanovych Bernatsky

Lvivska bichna st., 9 (near Jewellery plant)

81130, Lviv - Sokilnyky, Ukraine

Tel: +380322320804, +380676502534


05 May 2021 — registered, 17 Jun 2021 — updated

Green Trail LLC is the factory that focused on the polyurethane foam making, supporting all the raw material such as the PU adhevise which we call the re-bond glue, and the scrap foam; these are the two important raw materials to produce the re-bond foam sheet, we focus on the enviromental business, to help the world save energy, we change the waste to be the useful materials!

With the strong experience and the trust by our customers, we have developed one professional team who focuses on R&D in order to support the best suitable products for every kind of customers.

Green Trail LLC

Contact Person: Maksym Veredenko

Taraschanska st. 197

09106, Bila Tserkva, Ukraine

Tel: +380681995425


03 Mar 2021 — registered, 16 Jun 2021 — updated

Turboliga company offers both repair and supply of new turbines and components for them.

The assortment is large and varied.

Our products are turbines, cartridges, actuators, geometries, servos, shim kits from reliable manufacturers from Europe and China.

The presence of an exchange fund allows you to minimize the downtime of your car for repair.

We sell both wholesale and retail.

The warranty for spare parts and turbine repairs is 12 months, with no mileage limitation.

We will help you resolve any issues with your turbine, as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible !!!


Contact Person: Dmytro Zayets

Rizdviana st. 29

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 098 9303336


24 Feb 2021 — registered, 16 Jun 2021 — updated

Wholesale of industrial fittings:

Postal locks, rotary locks, electronic locks, locks for electric boxes, handles locks with and without rods / handles and locks for fire doors, handles for electrical cabinets, self-adhesive seals, consignment seals, industrial hinges, door hinges, corner hinges, welded hinges.

Wholesale of electrical accessories: LED lamps, buttons, switches / forks, rings, sleeve ends / fasteners - clamps, strappings / boxes, glands, insulators.

Osnova Market

Simpheropolsky perevulok st. 6

61052, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380577282882, +380676568931


05 Feb 2021 — registered, 15 Jun 2021 — updated

Dunapack Tavria is a modern plant for the production of packaging and other corrugated cardboard products in the Kherson region.

Our company operates under the brand DUNAPACK PACKAGING, which is a part of the Austrian holding "Prinzhorn Group".

The holding's enterprises have been collecting waste paper for more than 160 years, processing it into paper, and producing corrugated cardboard.

We are focused on the European level of service and our team does everything to make it easy and comfortable for you to work with us. You are always right for us. We will help you find modern and profitable packaging solutions for your business.

Dunapack Tavria

Contact Person: Tomas Prinzhorn

Gvardiyska st. 103

75100, Oleshky, Oleshkivsky rayon, Kherson region, Ukraine

Tel: 380800300111, 380552701290


26 Jan 2021 — registered, 12 Jun 2021 — updated

The company "EKKO" is a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive labels in Ukraine

We perform high-quality and fast printing of any complexity on different types of materials.

We offer all our customers free trial printing and delivery throughout Ukraine.


Contact Person: Volodymyr Osypovych Drabyk

Horodotska st. 282

79040, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 095 2400270


10 Nov 2020 — registered, 12 Jun 2021 — updated

Protective packaging materials and equipment.

Viskom is your partner of choice for packaging consultation, design and fulfilment.

Viskom is made up of a diverse group of exceptional people from all walks of life. We work here out of the desire to do a good job and to be the best team possible. Our customers are important to us and we always rise to the occasion, and we openly admit that we thrive on doing what others find impossible, especially if it means seeing a smile on our customers’ faces.

A wide range of different solutions to protect your goods during transportation.

We have built a reputation of being a packaging supplier who can maximise the potential of our customers.

Our innovative approach to packaging means our consultants are on hand to help with any issues no matter how big or small.

Our main priority is to protect your product from damage in storage and in transit, our aim is to protect potential profit through innovative packaging solutions.

Viskom Packaging Solutions

Contact Person: Dmytro Zelenskyi

Zakrevskogo st. 42a

02232, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0995059552


09 Jul 2020 — registered, 02 Jun 2021 — updated

JSC "Technologia" is a leading manufacturer of packaging materials for manufacturers of beverages and food products, pharmaceutical and technical industries.

Among the range of our products:
- capsules for sparkling wines;
- muesli for sparkling wines;
- shrink caps for wine;
- packaging for drinks Bag in Box (BIB);
- packaging for drinks Super Pouch;
- self-adhesive labels for bottles;
- packaging for pharmaceutical products;
- packaging for food products;
- packaging film.

We focus on each stage of production, making each of our products unique from the design stage to industrial production. For us, it is not just production – it is the art of creating packaging.
Thanks to well-organized logistics in Europe and the CIS, we always stay in touch with our customers, every day we help them to solve any problem, related to packaging, professionally and quickly.

JSC "Technologia"

Contact Person: Tetiana Vashchenko

prospekt Kursky 147-A

40031, Sumy, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0542671250


12 Jun 2020 — registered

We are a leading company in Western Ukraine, which sells chemical reagents and raw materials, laboratory and chemical utensils, laboratory equipment and furniture, as well as related products.

Employees of our company are qualified specialists in the fields of chemistry, economics, information and Internet technology.

We offer imported products from Europe, Asia and America (chemical reagents: isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), propylene glycol, glycerin, zinc oxide, sodium hydroxide, cation exchange resin, etc.; laboratory equipment: distillers, microscopes, manometers, pH meters, commercial scales, electronic scales, laboratory scales, etc .; laboratory glassware: funnels, thermometers, test tubes, cuvettes, flasks, beakers, etc .;).

Our clients are production, research, diagnostic and training laboratories, enterprises of heavy industry and mechanical engineering, food and household sectors of economy, medical institutions, sanitary epidemiological stations, agricultural enterprises, construction companies, etc.

Systema Optimum

Contact Person: Andriy Volodymyrovych Mayevsky

Gruntova st., 1

79066, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: (063) 2804098


04 Mar 2020 — registered

GalSad company is a modern garden center in Ukraine that offers a wide range of plants and related products for indoor and outdoor landscaping.

The mission of the company is to promote the development of landscaping, the formation of culture of phytodesign and landscape design.

We offer:
phytodesign (including the creation of green phytostines, pictures from stabilized moss);
landscape design;
cut flowers, Christmas trees;
plants (perennial, balcony, exclusive outdoor, indoor, aquatic, fruit and berry, artificial and cut Christmas trees etc.)
lawn grasses;
stabilized plants (branches and leaves, moss, roses);
land preparations;
materials for the garden and vegetable garden;
gardening equipment;
plant pots;
plant protection products;
stylish garden furniture;
grills (coal, gas).

GalSad, garden center

Contact Person: Manager

Stepana Bandery st., 88

81151, Davydiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380636480678


02 Mar 2020 — registered

The company provides services of the mass production of plastic products by injection molding and extrusion.

Our production workshops are equipped with a modern fleet of high-tech injection molding machines from leading world manufacturers Krauss Maffei.


Contact Person: Manager

Haydamatska st., 16

81100, Pustomyty, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 9456650


05 Feb 2020 — registered

The Depotop store offers at adequate prices auto parts and repair kits for such famous car brands as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Mazda, Peugeot and others. Delivery throughout Ukraine.


Contact Person: Anton Yershov

Rizdviana st. 29

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: 380665753608, 380676897895


22 Jan 2020 — registered

Megachem supplies fertilizers and plant protection products to agricultural companies.

Since 2002, the company has been providing comprehensive supply of chemical raw materials and food additives in Ukraine and the EU.

It serves food, pharmaceutical, petroleum and metallurgical enterprises.


Contact Person: Maksym Stetsiv

Sim'i Khokhlovykh st, 8

02000, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380501827775, +380932197377


25 Nov 2019 — registered

The Hotek brand has been created as an independent family business since 1998. Having 20 years of experience in the global market, the Hotek company has more than 3,000 thousand customers mainly in the hotel industry.

In addition, Hotek offers goods and services for hotels, amusement parks, passenger ships, charity institutions.

Hotek's customer base is growing every day. The main objective of the Hotek company is to provide hotels with high-tech products and modern security technologies.

Each Hotek product is well designed, efficient and easy to use. All our products, of course, are available in different styles and price categories to satisfy the needs of any customer and provide comfort to demanding customers. Thanks to the Hotek company, you can fully equip hotel rooms, buying everything you need and get comprehensive service.

Hotek company every day works on the development of individual services and innovative products and offers high-quality service for large hotel chains, and for individual orders.

In 2013, Hotek entered the Ukrainian market. The Ukrainian representative office of the same name “Hotek” is the exclusive supplier of Hotek products in Ukraine.


Pasichna st., 127

Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (032) 245-63-69, +38 (096) 587-20-43


19 Mar 2019 — registered

Laser cutting, milling on high-precision CNC equipment.

Manufactory of Jacquard

Contact Person: Pavlo

Shutova st. 16

04053, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0990531777


01 Mar 2019 — registered

Silver, LLC supplies a wide range of rubber products and other industrial materials and components.

The company also develops silicone products.

Silicone rubber is a material that is universal in its structure and is able to work at both low and high temperatures.

Silicone seals have found their application in all industries, but especially in the food industry, since silicone is a non-toxic material, it does not have a pronounced smell.

Always in stock reinforced hoses, PVC hoses, rubber hoses, oxygen hoses, suction-pressure hoses, hoses for compressors, pressure hoses, oil-petrol-resistant hoses; ventilation hoses, woodworking hoses, polyurethane hoses, food pressure hoses, food suction hoses.

Silver, LLC

Contact Person: Vadim

Gagarina st. 39

33003, Rivne, Ukraine

Tel: 380977234246, 380992540037


11 Jun 2018 — registered

Dear Sirs.

Our Enterprise “Control Systems - ConSys” is the official production unit of the English company “ORSCHELN EUROPE” and provides many European and CIS enterprises with its products: Renault Truck (Volvo) France, CNH UK Ltd, Terex UK / Fermec, Caterpillar UK, Allison Europe, Cummins Engines, KAMAZ, LIAZ, MAZ, URAL, KRAZ, MTZ, KhTZ, Rostselmash, Gomselmash, KIROVETS, Kurganmashzavod, Onega Tractor Plant, TZA, BOGDAN Corporation, many other plants - manufacturers of road, municipal equipment and special equipment.

We will provide you with the necessary drives for your equipment from our representatives in Minsk, Moscow or directly from us.

Catalog and applicability can be obtained here:

By your order we can make control cables for any machinery.


Contact Person: Ed Golenko

Chornovola st. 44/70

33028, Rivne, Ukraine

Tel: +380362623244


26 Apr 2018 — registered

New and used conveyor belts, belt fasteners like Flexco, Mato MS, K28/K27 and other for belt thickness range of 3-21mm.

Belt strengths up to 1800kN/m.

We can make chevron conveyor belts.

Alyans Oil

Contact Person: Kirill Boev

Pogrebnyaka st.,1

08321, Chubinske, Ukraine

Tel: 0506202258


05 May 2017 — registered

You are welcome by "Kulindorovsky Industrial Combinate".

Our company produces:
- Concrete products
- Concrete plates
- Road plates
- Asphalt concrete
- Claydite and more.

Unlimited quantities. Prices from the manufacturer.

Kulindorovsky Industrial Combinate

Contact Person: Kulindorov

Starokyivska doroha, 10a

65025, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: 0(487) 567226


11 Apr 2017 — registered

Household chemicals and detergents.

Wholesale and retail sale of cleaning chemicals and detergents of Ukrainian manufactures.

We have a wide selection of highly concentrated detergents and cleaning products for cleaning of soot and sludge, cleaning of floors of technical rooms.

We also offer paper towels, toilet paper in large rolls.

Auto chemicals.

We sell cold wax, active foam for contactless washing.

АTR Group

Contact Person: Andriy

Boryspilska st. 9 C

02099, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: (044) 2227978, (067) 249-33-31


24 Jan 2017 — registered

We offer:

- black-colored, stainless steel products

- pipes of all types

mesh, wire, other metal products.

Delivery throughout Ukraine.

The transport-logical services free of charge.

Cashless and cash. We offer loans and deferred payments.

UA Metall

Contact Person: Julia

Dnieper Embankment 26, of. 53

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 096-384-10-16


10 Sep 2016 — registered

Production of welding electrodes in Kryvyi Rih.

Ganza Ltd.

Contact Person: Yaroslav Oleksiyovych Yershov

Electrozavodska st., 34

50106, Kryviy Rih, Ukraine

Tel: +380 (67) 6310297, +380 (96) 3401941


04 Jul 2016 — registered

Horeca Kiev supplies industrial cleaning products for HoReCa sector.

Our product range includes hand towels, paper rolls, toilet rolls, chemicals for housekeeping and etc.

Horeca Kiev

Contact Person: Konul Aliyeva

Bohdan Khmelnytsky st. 16-11

01030, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 093 0505505


30 Mar 2016 — registered

PE Trading House «GalPidshypnyk» was founded in 1992. The main sphere of activity is complex of services providing components, details and technical products for companies, organizations and individuals in the markets of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. We present a wide range of products, including bearings, housing elements, systems of linear transporting, drive belts, conveyor belts, technical and mechanical seals, chains and sprockets, geared motors, clutches and shaft coupling mechanisms, lubrication systems and various related materials, as well as tools and equipment for monitoring and diagnostics.

Trading House «GalPidshypnyk» - multibrand company in all spheres of its activities, satisfying the wishes of the most demanding customers. Over the years, the direct cooperation with Ukrainian and international manufacturers ensures the best conditions for our customers in quality, price, terms of orders in all sectors of industry and agriculture. The company is the official distributor of the world's manufacturers of the following brands: SKF, INA, FAG, NTN, SNR, TIMKEN, URB, ZKL, MPZ, KTR, KOYO, FLT, TMB, JZ, DYZV, OST, STOMIL SANOK, SAMPLA BELTING, OPTIBELT, CONTINENTAL (CONTITECH), GOODYEAR, MEGADYNE, RUBENA, EAGLEBURGMANN, REXNORD, RENOLD, FREUDENBERG SEALING TECHNOLOGIES (SIMRIT), as well as representing SAVA (SAVATECH), ESBELT, FENNER DRIVES, NSK, THK, MOLYKOTE, ERIKS.

Considering the needs of our customers, we have created a company with an extensive network of offices, warehouses and retail outlets. For your services we have our offices in Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Vinnitsa, Kirovograd. We can serve clients in Ukraine as soon as possible by having our own transport, well-set logistics and manager's access to products on any stock helps.

The enterprise has established four service centers with certified professionals who have perfect experience to detect equipment defects and to prevent the possibility of future problems. Our service centers will help you to increase the productivity of industrial equipment, as well as to avoid unscheduled stops. We offer powerful tools and exclusive base of highly skilled engineers who are experts on various types of machinery and equipment, as well as providing technical support on any issue at all stages of cooperation.

During our presence in business we have accumulated hude experience in maintenance of mechanical assemblies and mechanisms for the planned and emergency repairs in the manufacture. Particular attention is paid to the service side of the issue, conducting replacement, installation - deinstallation of bearings, diagnostics, modernization of bearing units, solving the problems of their reconstruction and control, providing increased reliability and lifetime of the customer's equipment. Great attention is paid to the introduction of advanced international technology. The result of this work is cooperation on an permanent basis with over 5,000 clients in all industries of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Cooperating with us, you can be sure to have a safe and controllable process, get a competent and professional partner who solves problems of assembly, repair and maintenance.


PE Trade House «GalPidshypnyk»

Contact Person: Eugene

Zelena str., 238-z

79035, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380322976566, +380322970193


18 Oct 2015 — registered

Megatool is a manufacturer of hand tools and metal furniture in Ukraine.

Thanks to the wide list of the modern equipment we can carry out different orders on metal working.

We produce different types of shovels, rakes, ice axes, secateurs, and others. Second area of activity is the forged furniture from metal.

We invite trade and manufacturing enterprises to cooperation.

Also the company can produce any goods from metal according to customer's requirements.

Products with customer's trade mark or special details according to your drawings.


Contact Person: Andrii

Kotlova st.

61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380950474953


30 Jul 2014 — registered

INTERVIT Company produces CBN&PCD cutting tools for domestic and foreign customers.

We offer CBN&PCD cutting tools for machining of such hard-to-cut materials as cemented carbides (WC+Co), chilled cast iron, alloy steel and others.

INTERVIT Company ltd

Contact Person: Mr Valerii Udanovych

3, Krzhyzhanivskoho str.

03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380444248606, +380993803021


10 Oct 2013 — registered

The company DAYLIGHT Contract was created for the integrated implementation of projects for the design, assembly and supply of all finishing materials, lighting equipment, furniture, textiles and accessories for private clients, corporate and public institutions.
DAYLIGHT Contract is able to provide a full range of services for a complete set up of hotels of any category. We will be a strong and reliable partner for you.

Regardless of whether we are dealing with a small family hotel or with a 5 star luxury hotel, full internal renovation or reconstruction, we carry out each task individually and with great care.


Contact Person: Gregory Karavaiev

Verhnii Val 2а, 6 floor

04071, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380445456070, +380676934592


16 Oct 2012 — registered

Offering conveyor belts, dockings of conveyor belts, chevron belts, conveyor drums and rollers, rubberizing of rollers and metal hardware.


Lenina st., 40

61166, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (057) 758 16 93, +38 (050) 400 85 12


03 Jul 2012 — registered

The company Magnetic and Hydraulics Technologies (MHT) produces high quality magnetic and high-tension separators.

Our roll magnetic separators “Turkenich” allows for making the highest degree of the purification of quartz sand, upgrading of pegmatite, zircon, kyanite.

The barrier magnetic separators “Turkenich” are intended for dry treatment of mineral sands (ilmenite, rutile, staurolite), manganese, pegmatite, garnet and other ores.

The MHT produces drum magnetic separators, corona – electrostatic and triboelectrical separators.

We also perform investigative work on enrichment of raw material as requested by client.

Magnetic and Hydraulics Technologies (MHT)

Contact Person: Arthur Rudytskyi

Bilhorodska st. 10

49005, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 980-99-19, +38 (056) 376-51-16


19 Jun 2012 — registered

Twist mesh with hexagonal cells.

Woven mesh.

Stainless mesh.

Fiberglass mesh.

Wire for lightning protection and grounding.

Bimetallic wire.

Barbed wire.


Contact Person: Manager

Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Tel: 0612121543


29 Mar 2012 — registered

Istrim Ltd. is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of the equipment for GPS control and navigation with software for personal and corporate GPS monitoring.

Istrim Ltd.

Contact Person: Oksana

Bratyslavska st. 14 B

02156, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2323440, +38 067 5485380


13 Apr 2011 — registered

OA NGO Teploavtomat for more than 25 years, develops and manufactures automation equipment for process control systems in the metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, coke, aviation, mechanical engineering industry, in particular:

1) Control Units BEECH cranes for installation on the drive on-off valves (ball valves, rotary valves) and other rotary devices signaling the end positions
BEECH - for DN 50 to 200mm;
CBO-2 - DN 250 to 1400mm;
BUK-3 - for DN 250 to 1400mm, working pressure from 0.6 MPa to 16 MPa, and also have the opportunity to work with a block of limit switches BKV1.

2) Blocks BKV1 limit switches for remote electrical signaling and the local (visual) signaling the end positions of the closing of ball valves with diameters of conditional passes control from 50mm to 1400mm.

3) Reglyator differential pressure type RPD-3/120-1 designed to maintain a specified difference (pressure difference) over the oil and gas
- Differential pressure transmitters type SPD-10/120 for switching electric circuits when the set point differential pressure controlled environment (similar to the company В«HoneywellВ»)

4) Amplifiers Electric-type UEG.S to control hydraulic actuators is proportional to the electrical input signal their characteristics at the level of foreign analogs firms MOOG, Rexroth; 5) Mechanisms executive pneumatic type IIP to move the regulating and shut-off and the regulatory bodies in the systems automatic and remote control;

6) Hydraulic jacks DW-10 and DW-20.

OA NGO TeploAvtomat

Contact Person: Dmitry Lankevich

Kirova st., 38


Fax: +38 0577 328743


15 Aug 2010 — registered

JSC Dneprometiz is the largest Ukrainian plant manufacturing steel low carbon wire, welding wire, nails, bolts, nuts, chain link mesh, steel fibres.

Dneprometiz, JSC

Contact Person: Maxim Neronov

Newspaper "Pravda" Avenue, 20

49081, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0562 358006, +38 0562 358785

Fax: +38 0562 348222


01 Jun 2010 — registered

Concentrate meter, salt meter, Sugar meter, alcohol meter, wort meter, moisture, oil, sulfuric acid, caustic soda, nitric acid calcium.


Contact Person: Saparov A.I.

Zelena str., 149

79035, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 2446275, +38 050 3704644

Fax: +38 032 2446275


01 Jun 2010 — registered

Main activities: manufacture and repair of pumping equipment for oil production, supply of equipment for oil and gas.

Ukr-Lend, Research Institution

Contact Person: Khirnyj V.V.

Sumskaja str., 1, off.301

61057, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7313529, +38 057 7311260

Fax: +38 057 7313529


01 Jun 2010 — registered

LLC "Elektroizmeritel" produces and exports electro-meter devices (testers) for general use and specialized for power generation, railways, oil and gas industry; boards dispatcher; sets of instruments and ancillary equipment for physics education schools; probes, battery and the instrument clusters to the car "Lanos". Production proved reliability and durability in the highest standards of quality. The products are certified in the "UkrSEPRO", GOST-R. The company is certified by the System ISO9001.


Contact Person: Grechko S.N.

Pobedy str., 10

10003, Zhitomyr, Ukraine

Tel: +38 412 225453, +38 412 413062

Fax: +38 412 224538


01 Jun 2010 — registered

More than 14 years of experience in solving scientific and tehnological, designing, engineering problems allow Materials Research Centre to produce sophisticated and precision laboratory and industrial equipment. Materials Research Centre also offers the wide spectrum of steel constructions and wares in different styles, ranging from the classic to the Hi-tech, made of modern high-quality materials: polished stainless steel, black metal with polymeric coverage, metal composite materials, aluminium, safe architectural glass, plastic, polycarbonate, composites and others materials for forging or casting. The company applies new production technologies adopting European and world experience and new R&D studies.

Materials Research Centre

Contact Person: Anna

Krgiganovskogo Str.3

03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2371441, +38 044 5024149


31 May 2010 — registered

Concern "METALOKERAM" - Scientific-Production Materials Research Company specializes in research and applied materials science. Main activities:
- Conducting research on the development of scientific bases and
technological realization of the production of powders, materials and products on their
based methods of powder metallurgy and materials processing pressure;
- Production of standard and special (controlled granular structure) powders
cobalt, nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, materials and products made of them;
- Production of standard and special powders of tungsten carbide and, based on their mixtures of hard-VK3-VK20;
- Production of standard and special carbide inserts, dies, blanks, inserts, blanks, insertion toolings, matrices and base plates for the synthesis of diamonds;
- Production of standard and special tungsten-based mixtures of titanium and chromium with nickel, molybdenum, chromium ligaments;
- Production of parts and components for the connector node and communication of
oily high-voltage indictors of voltage transformers and switch currents;
- Production mechanochemically activated non-segregated standard and special connections for the production of diamond tools;
- Production of highly wear-products from hot-pressed special
ceramics based on silicon nitride, oxide and nitride, aluminum for responsible units and petrochemical equipment;
Production of sintered-forming non-magnetic elements pressed ropes of tungsten carbide KTNH 70 for pressing iron in magnetic fields;
- Production of carbide and titanium diboride, titanium double-chromium for
equipment electronic equipment, resistance welding, porodorazruschayuschego,
mining equipment and technology;
- Fulfillment of orders for the creation and production of materials and products of them with special properties and appointments.


Contact Person: -

Sluzhebnaja str., b. #3

03680, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4246231, +38 04598 51404

Fax: +38 044 4243431


31 May 2010 — registered

Pre-insulated and polyurethane foam polyethylene pipes and PE-RT elements for heat and hot water supply networks;
-Insulating cylinders, semi-cylinders, and plates of basalt fibers;
-Polyethylene tanks (capacities) of water supply, water wells, sewage, telecommunications, tanks, automatic plant biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater, sewage pumping stations.


Contact Person: Roman Chygura

Kirova str., 38

61001, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7562322

Fax: +38 057 7518185


15 May 2010 — registered

The enterprise presents the services for concrete and ferroconcrete diamond with the wall cutting saws and cable installation. On the other hand we do the job of diamond drilling (boring) of brick, concrete, ferroconcrete and the natural stone. The enterprise supplies the equipment for the diamond cutting and drilling as well as the tools and consumable materials from the lead European manufacturers.


Contact Person: Alexandr Evgenievich

Pobedy av 136, app.34

03115, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 063 5832888


29 Apr 2010 — registered

Tekon Ltd. works in the field of automated process management and industrial control systems. It is a distributor of leading European industrial equipment manufacturers: Sterling SIHI GmBH, SPP pumps, PEKOS a.s., Star Line, Schiebel, Rotork (Remote Control), E+H, Krohne, EMERSON, ABB, MMG, AUTEL. Tekon Ltd. provides service and support for pump and test equipment, which includes putting into operation, commissioning and testing, technical audit, technical expertise, repairing services, maintenance etc.

Tekon Ltd.

Contact Person: Tanya

Zhelyabova Str.8/4, Office 303

03057, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2776601


01 Feb 2010 — registered

Our company is an official representative of SFA company (France) in Ukraine. Pumps for forced sewerage systems: disintegrating pumps, sanitary pumps, sewerage stations, 12-24V pumps for yachts and ships.
Pumping equipment: heating, water supply, effluent discharge. Booster pump stations of foreign manufacture (Denmark, Italy, Germany) and domestic assembly on the basis of Wilo, Calpeda and Grundfos pumps. Varem pneumatic tanks. Hydromodulus. Heat exchanger


Contact Person: Yulia Galanina

Chernyshevskogo str., 8

61057, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7525250

Fax: +38 057 7590305


31 Jan 2010 — registered

Driving, roller, hauling, anchor chains and other types of chain.


Contact Person: Alexander Pyashin

Mira Str. 12.Ap.122

36022, Poltava, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0532 651230, +38 050 6934515

Fax: +38 05322 78030