Fertilizers - suppliers in Ukraine

11 Apr 2017 — registered

Все для свадьбы - Хеппи Дейс. Свадебная арка, пенопластовые фигуры, сезонный декор. Предоставим все для свадьбы, прокат свадебной арки. Композиции из искусственных цветов на свадебную машину и другие атрибуты. Для вечеринки в гавайском стиле изготовим лейсы, венки на шею, гавайские браслеты на руку и заколки в волосы. Лучший праздник тот, который оформлен нашими специалистами.

Happy Days

Contact Person: Наталья

Ломоносова 83А. оф 2

03189, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: (050) 444-52-85, (096) 344-70-07



11 Jun 2016 — registered

The company “Djala Gold” develops unique products for the agro-industry, including: “Torfovit” SS20 Climatic Control “Redute”, sapropel (biohumus), liquid fertilizers and for the pharmaceuticals: “Humisil”, Humic Gold and Humate-Sorbent.

Djala Gold

49000, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 638 41 50



02 Nov 2015 — registered

A Ukrainian company Freya Agro produces organic-mineral fertilizers based on humic acids.

We are looking for distributors in Europe.

If it is ineresting for your company or you have some information about companies, which can be interested in our products, please let us know.

More detailed information can be found at our web site.

Freya Agro

Contact Person: Nadya Yarova

Blagovistna st., 269, of. 516

18003, Cherkasy, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (073) 4897820, +38 (093) 4123834



01 Jul 2012 — registered

Agro Defense Company Ltd mnufactures liquid fertilizers Guapsin and Trichofit. Drugs work as fertilizers? fungicides and pesticides. Aren't harmful to human beings, animals, fishes.

Agro Defense

Contact Person: Sergio


01001, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +380956452664



07 Oct 2011 — registered

We are members of the big group of forwarding companies (Nortrop, Holding) established by Noord Natie N.V. ( 450 years old stevedoring company in Antwerpen) and Tropic Shipping (shipowners), London.

> Nortrop has developed a network of forwarding companies, having own offices in: London, Cuxhaven (Germany), Dubai, Sao Paolo, Ventspils (Latvia), Havana, (please refer www.nortrop.com ). This network allows us to cover a large share of the transport market due to a strong connection established between all members of Nortrop Holding family.

Nortrop Odessa's core business on Ukrainian market is chartering brokerage, shipping agency, port forwarding and forwarding of containerized cargoes. We are represented in all major ports of Ukraine, supporting our own service through 3 offices: Odessa (main office serving), Ilichivsk and Mykolayiv. We have worked in the past with a full scope of forwarding service in all major Ukrainian ports for all kind of cargoes.

Our good market reputation, European standards of service allows us to establish very good relations among different levels of Ukrainian Authorities.

We shall be very much honoured, if you will entrust to Nortrop Odessa forwarding and shipping agency services to your cargo traffics via Ukrainian ports.

Dedicated Nortrop professionals are always ready to serve you.

Nortrop LTD

Contact Person: Konstantin Nazarenko

15, Tenistaya Street, Office 55

65009, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0487149317, +38 0500389969



06 Feb 2011 — registered

Water saving technologies in agriculture.


Contact Person: Verikas Andrey

Zagorodnaya Str. 5

25014, Kirovograd, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0522 567047, +38 050 1717357

Fax: +38 050 563577



31 May 2010 — registered

Biohumus production.


Contact Person: Serhey


Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 1022383



03 May 2010 — registered

Our company, along with poultry farms in our region and Latvian investor now performs the design manufacture fertilizer from chicken manure. Tentative deadline for production start - Fall 2010 Volume of production - not less than 2000 tons / month. We look for companies that have experience selling goods in this area and who are interested in this product to distribution nets or exclusive representation of our products on the territory of your country.
We are committed to signing a preliminary agreement would take into account the requirements, wishes and secure your and our side, which will provide a profit and long-term cooperation.

Energoteplostroy Ltd

Contact Person: Oleg

Ul.40let Soviet Ukraine In 1953

69000, Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 096 4770776, +38 099 7743048

Fax: +38 061 2123190


10 Jan 2010 — registered

Sewing shop in Kiev offers sewing of clothes of any complexity.
Sewing of ladies' wear, corporate clothes, working clothes.
High quality, reasonable prices.
We also offer finished goods of our own production.


Contact Person: Anastasia

St Kurnatovskogo 20

02104, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 068 3530896


07 Oct 2009 — registered

We sell and export all kinds of fertilizers like Ammonium Nitrate, Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, NPK and others in containers and with spot shipment on the ships.

Eol Ltd

Contact Person: Sergey Ishchenko

130 Blagovesnaya Street Р’ # 03 - 29

18000, Cherkassy, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0472 540188, +38 067 4707370

Fax: +38 0472 375816


01 Oct 2009 — registered

Water saving technologies in agriculture.


Contact Person: Igor Shiyanenko

Str. Zagorodnaya, 5

25014, Kirovograd, Ukraine

Tel: +38 052 2567067, +38 052 2563577



01 Oct 2009 — registered

Sale of mineral fertilizers, potassium humate.

N.A.T., Private Enterprise

Contact Person: Trotsiuk Aleksandr Anatolievich

41, 4 Uspensko-Troitskaia Str.

41600, Konotop, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0544 766705, +38 097 4771081

Fax: +38 0544 766705


14 Jun 2009 — registered

The company Severodoneck Formationpromservice offers the following types of chemical products: saltpetre ammonium, saltpetre sodium-vapor, saltpetre potassium, carbamide (the urea), ammonia water technical, acid vinegar synthetic, acid vinegar synthetic (food), glue PVA and others. Orders on supply of the product are processed at the most short periods. Low prices.

Category: Fertilizers
Category: Chemicals

Severodoneck Formationpromservice

Contact Person: Dmitriy Laptev

Factory, 35

93400, Severodoneck, Ukraine

Tel: +38 064 5242457, +38 095 4788158

Fax: +38 064 5242457



10 Jun 2009 — registered

Sales of fertilizers: saltpeter, carbomid, and nitroamophos.


Contact Person: Alexander Moiseev

Artema str., 197b/40

83004, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0622 945646, +38 050 9533688

Fax: +38 0622 945646



16 Feb 2009 — registered

Enterprise specializes in purchasing pesticide, remanufacturing and selling them to the consumers.

Chemiline Agro

Contact Person: Veronica

Zhytomyr Klosovskogo street 7 flat 67

10012, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0412 447662, +38 093 45440145


30 Dec 2008 — registered

Our company produces and sells organic fertilizer biohumus and red Californian worms. Biohumus is produced using cattle?s manure. Specification 24.1-33738882-001:2005.

Vermi-Lend, LLC

Contact Person: Sergey

Dragomanova str., 5

02068, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 6989657



29 Dec 2008 — registered

Main activities of "Himagro":
- production of standard grade fertilizers.
- distribution of a wide range of mineral fertilizers from the production facilities of EuroChem Mineral and Chemical Company.

Himagro, Ltd, LLC SPF

Contact Person: Kharitonov Sergey

Novi Bilyary village, Kominternivcky district

67515, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0487 593883, +38 098 2203820

Fax: +38 0487 593883



29 Dec 2008 — registered

Exporting fertilizes, seeds, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides.

Agrozahist KYI Ltd.

Contact Person: Klymenko Oksana

Trostyanetska street 4/2

02068, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5932681, +38 067 4084668

Fax: +38 044 5932681


09 Dec 2008 — registered

- liquid ammonia, NH3, nitrogen 82, 3%;
- delivery by our own special transport;
- adding into soil at a depth of 12-20 sm, 100-200 kg/ha.
Adding is available with the help of minimum and null technologies.


Contact Person: Andriy Shevchuk

Peremogy str. 2a

19200, Zhashkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0474 762101, +38 050 3443061

Fax: +38 0474 762102


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