Suppliers of beverages in Ukraine

17 Jan 2024 — registered, 23 Jan 2024 — updated

The online tea store HOTTEA offers a wide range of teas of the highest quality from all over the world: from classic varieties to exclusive and rare types of tea. You'll find a tea to suit every taste and occasion: from morning tea for an energizing start of the day to relaxing herbal tea for an evening rest.

The website is designed with a user-friendly interface, making the entire process from browsing to checkout seamless, regardless of the customer's location. In addition, our store has excellent customer support as well as fast delivery throughout Ukraine. We will be happy to help you find new tea flavors that will help you find harmony and improve your mood.

HOTTEA tea store

Contact Person: Olena

Vizvolyteliv Avenue 3

02125, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380674193345


05 May 2023 — registered, 05 May 2023 — updated

A solid online store of the best Chinese tea in Ukraine, the widest selection and reasonable prices.

Contact Person: Serhiy

Lutsk, Ukraine

Tel: +380 (97) 600-61-45


05 May 2023 — registered, 05 May 2023 — updated

Online store of high-quality Chinese tea: a wide range and good prices.

Puerh, oolong, green, black and white tea.

Contact Person: Andriy

Rivnenska st., 83

43000, Lutsk, Ukraine

Tel: 0503782171


04 Apr 2023 — registered, 04 Apr 2023 — updated

A wide selection of teas of different sorts and types, various accessories for tea brewing and ceremonies.

Black, red, green, white, oolong, pu-erh and other exclusive offers.


Contact Person: TeaWorld

Anny Akhmatovoi st., 31

02000, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 8488250


17 Jun 2021 — registered, 17 Jun 2021 — updated

The Tordo online store - is a place where you can find quality teas and coffees for every taste and budget.

We have been selling them all over Ukraine for several years, so we know well how to satisfy the desires of a real tea and coffee gourmet!


Contact Person: Yulia

14000, Chernigiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38050 27 000 40


16 Dec 2020 — registered, 12 Jun 2021 — updated

KavoPoshta is an online coffee shop with hints of chocolate and wine.

We care that your homemade coffee is as fragrant as possible, so we only send freshly roasted natural arabica in airtight packages.


Contact Person: Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Vasetsky

Kostiushka st. 18/14

79007, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: 380505017704


23 Jul 2020 — registered, 02 Jun 2021 — updated

Ugolini is a leading Italian bar equipment manufacturer.

We offer professional equipment for soft ice cream, slush, frozen yogurt, sorbet and other cold desserts. And also mixtures for these products.

Ugolini Ukraine

Vatslava Gavela blvd 8

03124, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 232-08-31


29 Aug 2017 — registered, 29 Aug 2017 — updated

Magic Coffee is a shop offering fresh coffee from around the world.

More than 40 sorts of selected Arabica.

We offer only natural, freshly fried coffee.

In addition to the varieties of Arabika, we sell varieties of robusta, flavored coffee and excellent blends for coffee machines.

Also, we offer wonderful elite teas and accessories.

Magic Coffee

Contact Person: Serhiy

Akhmatovoi st. 1

02091, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: (073) 044-71-31, (099) 079-05-29


08 Mar 2010 — registered

02 Mar 2009 – registered

We import green coffee. We produce roast coffee bean and coffee pods. We export roast coffee bean and coffee pods.

Medelin Ltd

Contact Person: Hrythsenko Ruslan

Glavpochtamp Postal Box 13-"B"

88000, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 3720243

Fax: +38 0312 640677


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