Suppliers of translation services in Ukraine

05 Nov 2023 — registered, 17 Nov 2023 — updated

Leater Plus company offers technical support of conferences of any level and provides equipment for conferences for rent in the cities of Kyiv and Odesa.

We also offer the full range of simultaneous interpretation services.

We provide equipment and select interpreters. We have a large database of interpreters.

Leater Plus

Contact Person: Andriy Aleksandrov

Velyka Vasylkivska st. 114

03150, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0674663065


23 Jan 2021 — registered, 12 Jun 2021 — updated

Translation company Accordo Internazionale provides a full range of translation and apostille services in Ukraine and other countries of Europe.

Accordo Internazionale

Borysohlibska st. 12

04070, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380951430595


17 Feb 2020 — registered

FTB Translation is a multifunctional linguistic service based in Kyiv. We are fluent in 58 languages of the world.

For 10 years, FTB Translation bureau has been providing a wide range of translation services.

FTB Translation

Contact Person: Alex

Mechnikov st. 16, office 301 (3rd floor), metro Klovska

01023, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 221-7-131


28 Jan 2020 — registered, 28 Jan 2020 — updated

BrokStar LLC provides a full range of services for customs clearance of your cargo and vehicles, in particular:

- cargo clearance in all customs regimes;
- customs clearance of vehicles of individuals and legal entities;
- customs clearance of cars from the USA and Canada, registration of cars on "euro numbers";
- preliminary analysis of a foreign economic transaction, as well as documents required for customs clearance;
- consultations on the preparation of foreign economic agreements and other documents;
- registration of shipping and commercial documentation;
- translation of required documents;
- fast and high-quality registration, optimal ratio of price to quality.

BrokStar LLC

Contact Person: Ruslan Palamarchuk

Soborna st, 31/1

23700, Haisyn, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 1445306


30 Oct 2019 — registered

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services across Ukraine.

Interpreters for events.

Kyiv, Ukraine


21 Sep 2017 — registered

The Word Point translation company provides such services as translation, certified translation, localization, proofreading.

The Word Point

Contact Person: Alla

Bolsunovska st. 8, office 905

01014, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 499 9299 , +38 097 959 9299


20 Sep 2016 — registered

APRIL translation agency was established in 1998.

During these years we made more than 20 thousand translations in different languages and spheres.

APRIL Translation Agency

Contact Person: Anton

Mykoly Lebedeva, 14, 1

02094, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380445012537


04 Aug 2016 — registered

We have been working on the translation market since 2009 and provide all services from this sphere.

We also offer lessons of foreign languages.

Glebov translation company

Contact Person: Kateryna Glebova

Bryllova street 12, office 5

03049, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 332 36 99, +38 063 211 70 19


01 Dec 2015 — registered, 01 Dec 2015 — updated

EEVAA (Eastern European Virtual Assistant Agency) is a team of dedicated and multi-skilled virtual support professionals from Europe specializing in customer administrative and marketing support.

Our Virtual Assistants come from Europe sharing the same mentality and having a lot in common in terms of business mindset and personality qualities with Westerners - our customers will not struggle with cultural differences and miscommunication.

We, in EEVAA, gain a market advantage by leveraging potential of specialists from Europe whose work meets international standards and embodies innovative thinking, efficiency, speed, flexibility, creativity.

We manage to provide near-shore quality of service for significantly lower price. Virtual Assistants from EEVAA handle a variety of routine business tasks assigned to us by business people seeking help with data entry or management, web research, word processing (translations and transription), customer communication flow facilitation, social media management, SEO, website content writing and updating, web development or other administrative tasks and back-office duties.

Our specialists operate in Lviv, Ukraine while the representative office is located in Austin, Texas opening the possibility to be closer to end-users of our services.


Contact Person: Oksana

59 Kulparkivska Street

79015, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 093-252-2153


18 Mar 2014 — registered

We offer quality services for translating various texts and documents into any language of the world.

Our office cooperates with over 500 translators.

Translation agency Alfavit

Contact Person: Alex

Leontovycha st., 2/29, office 9a

01030, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (093) 498-79-90


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