Importers of food in Ukraine

21 Mar 2024 — registered



Contact Person: serhii kulida


27552, Vlasivka, Svitlovodsk, Ukraine

Tel: +380956876654


29 Jun 2023 — registered, 30 Jun 2023 — updated

Buy the best coffee from Escobar Coffee – a coffee brand with expertise in roasting the best sorts of coffee from around the world. We offer a wide selection of coffee beans and beverages to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Place your order online and enjoy the Escobar Coffee experience in the comfort of your own home.


Osokorska st. 2a

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0800333525


14 Sep 2021 — registered, 18 Sep 2021 — updated

Gold Exim company is a supplier of high quality raw agricultural products both in the Ukrainian market and abroad.

The main products of our company include legumes and oilseeds.

The range of legumes includes beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, vetch and more.

And our range of oilseeds consists mainly of mustard seeds and flax.

Our cleaning, processing and packaging enterprises have a very high level of quality control thanks to modern equipment, which allows us to offer a wide range of various agricultural products.

Since 2014, we have established successful relationships with customers from many countries in Europe and the Middle East and have established ourselves as a consistent and reliable supplier of raw products for the food industry.

Gold Exim

Contact Person: Maksym Matsepluk

Depovska st. 19/2

29000, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5574754


17 Jun 2021 — registered, 17 Jun 2021 — updated

The Tordo online store - is a place where you can find quality teas and coffees for every taste and budget.

We have been selling them all over Ukraine for several years, so we know well how to satisfy the desires of a real tea and coffee gourmet!


Contact Person: Yulia

14000, Chernigiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38050 27 000 40


29 Aug 2020 — registered, 02 Jun 2021 — updated

At EcoFarm you can buy grains of microgreens at a nice price. EcoFarm sells only quality grains.

The company positions itself for a healthy lifestyle, so their business is not just a business, but a way of life!

It is easy to grow microgreens at home!

Try it and you won't regret it!


Contact Person: Victoria

Khutorivka st., 30

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380936434834


23 Jul 2020 — registered, 02 Jun 2021 — updated

Ugolini is a leading Italian bar equipment manufacturer.

We offer professional equipment for soft ice cream, slush, frozen yogurt, sorbet and other cold desserts. And also mixtures for these products.

Ugolini Ukraine

Vatslava Gavela blvd 8

03124, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 232-08-31


22 Apr 2020 — registered

Gioice Ukraine is a representative of leading Italian and European brands among suppliers of semi-finished food products and equipment for gelato, soft ice cream, cold and hot desserts, as well as cooled drinks.

Gioice Ukraine

Vazlava Gavela st. 8

03124, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 232-44-96, +38 (067) 442-44-60


31 Jan 2013 — registered, 20 Dec 2013 — updated

Gartner Ukraine is a Ukrainian company that has 6 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of agricultural products. During these years, we gained invaluable experience and a large number of business contacts with Ukrainian and foreign companies. Our company is an active participant in the international trade.

Main business of the company is worldwide trade of milling wheat, feed wheat, yellow corn, feed barley, wheat flour, sunflower oil, wheat bran pellets, and sunflower meal.

Our direct partnership with farmers, mills, refineries, and manufacturers in Ukraine provides a healthy grown product to be sold around the globe for human consumption and animal feed.

We offer turnkey logistics solutions for deliveries from our facilities to any destination, overland or overseas, in containers (20' and 40'), vessels, trucks, or rail wagons.

Our mission is to provide the best quality products at very competitive prices.

Gartner Ukraine

Contact Person: Nataly Sokolova

Myronosytska street, 64

61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380577151987, +380675126687


01 Jun 2010 — registered

We are importer of agar-agar, pectin, hen egg albumen, vanillin, flavors for chips, food colours, flavors for bakery industry, and cocoa powder.

Pustovoi POE

Contact Person: Yuri

9B Laiosha Gavro K.61

04211, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2230645, +38 050 3349638

Fax: +38 044 4646603


08 Mar 2010 — registered

02 Mar 2009 – registered

We import green coffee. We produce roast coffee bean and coffee pods. We export roast coffee bean and coffee pods.

Medelin Ltd

Contact Person: Hrythsenko Ruslan

Glavpochtamp Postal Box 13-"B"

88000, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 3720243

Fax: +38 0312 640677


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