Suppliers of polymers in Ukraine

18 May 2023 — registered, 18 May 2023 — updated

ModernPools successfully manufactures and installs turnkey plastic pools, sand pools, concrete pools, ceramic composite pools, hydromassage spa jacuzzis.

It also supplies safety cover, solar sheeting, heat pumps, outdoor pool fencing, other pool equipment and accessories, which are installed both in the residential segment and in hotel complexes, recreation centers and restaurants.


Grinchenko st. 18

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 066 7404000


07 Apr 2021 — registered, 17 Jun 2021 — updated

Robotto Systems is a professional manufacturer of machinery for electric wire and cables based in Ukraine.

After strong focus on research and development, Robotto Systems has become a worldwide supplier of advanced technology and high quality machinery at a very competitive price.

We also have a big PVC granulating plant and we can offer to our clients high quality PVC granules for different industries, for example: cable, hose, footwear etc. industries.

Robotto Systems

Contact Person: Mr. Sedik Khalid


Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0668648828


01 Mar 2019 — registered

Silver, LLC supplies a wide range of rubber products and other industrial materials and components.

The company also develops silicone products.

Silicone rubber is a material that is universal in its structure and is able to work at both low and high temperatures.

Silicone seals have found their application in all industries, but especially in the food industry, since silicone is a non-toxic material, it does not have a pronounced smell.

Always in stock reinforced hoses, PVC hoses, rubber hoses, oxygen hoses, suction-pressure hoses, hoses for compressors, pressure hoses, oil-petrol-resistant hoses; ventilation hoses, woodworking hoses, polyurethane hoses, food pressure hoses, food suction hoses.

Silver, LLC

Contact Person: Vadim

Gagarina st. 39

33003, Rivne, Ukraine

Tel: 380977234246, 380992540037


30 Oct 2010 — registered

P.P."KremenchukGumotechnika" (Ukraine) manufactures precision rubber products - articles with higher requirements to size and functionality. Almost all of our products are oriented to automotive and machine-building industry.

Production specialization of the company are rubber-metal parts: oil-seals (rotary shaft seals) and valve stem seals.

Also we produce: rubber parts for brake systems, radial shaft seals, silent-blocks, protective rubber boots, different rubber plugs, caps and grommets for cable, water and gear pump seals, rubber glands and gaskets, shock-absorber seals, vibration isolators or mounts, o-rings and other industrial rubber sealing parts.

The company has a complete cycle of production, which includes: tool design & manufacturing, rubber mixing, raw material precession preforming, metal inserts stamping, galvanizing, glue production & applying, oil-seal's garter spring forming & joining, molding, post-curing, seal's edge cutting, assembling, inspection and testing. Most of processes are highly automated. Specializing in production of technically sophisticated, labor- and science- intensive products, the factory, using Ukrainian labor and power resources, offers quality precision rubber-metal products at prices, based on Ukrainian labor costs.

Quality system ISO 9001:2000 certified (no. UA 2.008.02712-07, audit passed 23/12/2007, valid till 23/12/2012).

KremenchukGumotechnika, P.P.

Contact Person: Vyacheslav Karlik

Magystralna 2

39701, Peschnoe Kremenchuk Distr., Poltava Region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0536 700238, +38 050 5583005

Fax: +38 0536 700579


12 Apr 2009 — registered

24 Oct 2008 – registered

We produce the construction plastic of Merkanit. Used as a substitute of bronze, textolite. Used as bearings, sending, cog-wheels. We make plastic airways of any sizes. Planning, making, editing, adjusting of the automated galvanic lines, teaching of personnel.

Poltavhim, Ltd

Contact Person: Merkulov Sergey

Shvedcka 2

36029, Poltava, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5307025, +38 0532 509063

Fax: +38 0532 610044


30 Nov 2008 — registered

Kievguma is the leading producer of rubber goods for medical, industry and sport purposes.

Kievguma LLK

Contact Person: Grekul

40-let Octyabrya, 6

03039, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5255920

Fax: +38 044 5243421


11 Nov 2008 — registered

- production of polythene pipes
- mounting network from polythene pipes
- services of laboratory tests of polythene pipes

Ukrgazifikatsia yug

Contact Person: Marina

Ilfa i Petrova 20a



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