Suppliers of food services in Ukraine

25 Feb 2020 — registered

РПК «Эврика» - многопрофильная рекламно-производственная компания полного цикла. Мы работаем с клиентами любых сферах деятельности и разного уровня от торговой точки на рынке до сетевых клиентов. За пять лет на рекламном рынке нами выполнено более 15000 заказов и каждый из них уникальный и эксклюзивный!

Мы станим для Вас надёжным партнёром в бизнесе, который сделает Вашу компанию сильнее, так как у нас есть опыт, технологии и результаты!

РПК Эврика

Contact Person: Андрей, Ольга

ул. Алексея Терехина 8а

04080, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: 0638553616, 0664488566


22 Feb 2019 — registered

SAL-show has been working in the field of event services since 2006.

The main list of our services includes:
- organizing events,
- organizing corporate events,
- organizing and holding turnkey weddings, including outdoor ceremonies,
- catering services,
- organizing children's parties, birthdays,
- providing for rent everything needed for the event: from dishes to furniture or farms for the stage.


Contact Person: Svitlana

boulvard of Lesia Ukrainka 28, office 355

01000, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 501-49-49, +38 (050) 463-95-63


29 Nov 2018 — registered

Our pizza on firewood is a piece of Italy at your home, this is a special and unique taste of traditional pizza that will not leave you indifferent.

The fragrant pizza is prepared according to the best classic recipes of professional pizzas - this is what distinguishes us among other pizza delivery services.

La Piec Pizza

Gregory Hrabianka st., 28

Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 440 40 60


13 Aug 2017 — registered

Need to organize a wedding banquet party or presentation?

Do you want to surprise invited guests with an innovative approach, a high quality service or with the originality of serving dishes?

Catering company in Kyiv "Yes! Catering" organizes catering services for your event at the highest level!

Yes! Catering

Contact Person: Andriy

Marshala Malynovskoho st. 24/10

04211, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 234 65 82, +38 (063) 340 16 26


23 Sep 2014 — registered

What Coffee Life is?

If you think that is just a coffee shop with a standard set of options and services, you are definitly wrong.

Coffee Life is a certain philosophy, lifestyle, which is built around a cup of refreshing, aromatic drink.

Inhabitants of the metropolis, we live at a furious pace, bear in urban stream forward to achieve our goals. But all of us need a stop, time out to take a breath, to cheer up, think, and maybe just to fulfill the energy before the next shoot for result.

Coffee Life - this is the place where you are understood without any words. Where you can stay and gain strength, breathing the smell of freshly prepared flavored drink. Make a stop to further move faster to your own success.

Coffee Life

Contact Person: Natalya Valerievna Ulanova

Highway st., 82

52001, Pidhorodne, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine

Tel: 0 800 509 470


14 Jan 2014 — registered, 14 Jan 2014 — updated

Restaurant complex «Menorah Grand Palace» is a perfect venue for large-scale elite celebrations, live performances, cultural exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

As a part of «Menorah Grand Palace»:
- Great Hall «Menorah Grand Hall» up to 1500 persons ;
- Great Hall «Menorah Ball Room» up to 350 people ;
- Great Hall «Menorah Royal Club» up to 100 people

Grand ballroom «Menorah Grand Hall» is one of the largest and most beautiful in Ukraine rooms for events. This room has a total area of 1000 sq.m. and accommodates up to 1,500 people.

Large ballroom is ideal for large-scale celebrations elite ( including private), exhibitions, conferences, business events and activities in the format «workshop».

Small ballroom «Menorah Ballroom», a total area of 400 square meters, can accommodate up to 350 people.

The hall is suitable for medium-scale events such as private parties, seminars, trainings, presentations, etc. Its exquisite interior perfectly complements any cultural or business event.

Small ballroom «Menorah Royal Club» accommodates up to 120 people. The cozy atmosphere of the room makes it the perfect place for small private parties, workshops, lectures, etc.

Menorah Grand Palace

Sholom Aleikhem street 4

49000, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +380567177784, +380567177775


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