01 Oct 2009 — registered

E.Next.Ukraine sells electrotechnical, light, cable-wire products which are produced under E.Next and Tarel.e.Next trademarks. Nowadays a wide range of goods of Company includes:
- circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers;
- cam starters, starters, contactors;
- lights - luorescent, raster, damp-proof, projectors for halogen lamps, street;
- energy saving lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps etc;
- cable-wire products;
- products for cable lining - system of metal pipes, PVC trunking and pipe with accessories for them, corrugated tube, metal sleeve, cable terminals, systems of cable/carrying channels;
- distribution boxes (metal and plastic) ;
- electric installation, extension sockets;
- electricians tools.


Contact Person: Dmitry Kozhurin

Chervonozoryany Avenue, 119, Ap. 420

03038, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5072620, +38 044 4557119

Fax: +38 044 4557108



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