Rosko Group

01 Oct 2009 — registered

Users technical support services include:
- Urgent visit and setting up of elements of the computer park.
- Workstations and servers software and hardware support.
- Replacement of failed components of the computer park.
- Computer network virus protection.
Scheduled maintenance:
- Operating systems errors checking and troubleshooting.
- Computer network routine maintenance and support.
- Data safety control, data back-up measures.
- Guidelines on characteristics improvement and unreliable components replacement.
- Separation of rights and arranging of shared access to information.
- Intrusion detection systems installation.
- Professional advice to the employees.
- New computers networking.
- Users support straight on the work place with the help of "Remote Assistant" feature.
- Servers distance control and maintenance on the Windows, FreeBSD and Linux platforms.
- Work stations distance control.
- Basic office application software support.
- Suggestions on network improvement.
- IT-equipment maintenance: troubleshooting, setup, upgrading.
- Peripheral devices connection and setting up.
- Professional advice and help in equipment purchase.
- 1C: configuration, update, data recovery and transfer.
- Liga: configuration, update, data recovery and transfer.
Services that are not provided during technical maintenance:
- Setting up of application software not stipulated in the Agreement.
- Application software training.
- Networks installation.

Rosko Group

Contact Person: Roman Sergeyevich

20 Pobedy Avenue

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5922206

Fax: +38 044 5922206


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