Mm Group Computers

10 Apr 2010 — registered

New and second-hand Computers from a wholesale warehouse in Odessa in the complete set with LED monitors under reasonable prices. Wide choice of complete sets and periphery. A guarantee from 2 years.
Ready decisions for the house (game, standard, base), offices, shops, Internet-clubs, computer classes. Computers assemblage according to your order.
Flexible prices. Wide choice. Delivery is possible.
Cash and the clearing settlement.
There is a huge quantity of variants of configurations.

Also we are ready to consult you on any computer question. If consultations will be not enough, masters can personally arrive to you and eliminate problems on a place (at home or office).

Mm Group Computers

Contact Person: Andrew Meschanchuk

Tiraspolskaya Str, Bilding 19

65000, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 7001707, +38 048 7000039

Fax: +38 048 7709295


Це Ваша компанія? Якщо так, залогіньтеся, і підредагуйте дані, якщо є потреба!

Це не Ваша компанія? Додайте Вашу - безкоштовно!

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