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AUKSO CONSTRUCTION is a leading manufacturer of certified concrete mixes and modifiers for shotcrete in Ukraine.

We have created superconcrete with extraordinary performance capabilities and developed additive modifiers that significantly improve the characteristics of ordinary concrete and shotcrete.

The company is an innovator in the field of shotcrete. All the declared characteristics of our mixtures are backed by the necessary certificates and test reports, so we can confidently speak about the effectiveness of their use, as well as provide all the necessary service support for any construction work.

Our most popular products:

1. AUKSO DRY/WET MIX SPRAYING — shotcrete for dry/wet shotcrete.

In accordance with the high quality of the material, which makes it easy to work with it at the stage of application, the concrete itself in the structure has high parameters after gaining strength, namely

Compressive strength: from 45 MPa
Water resistance: from W 10
Frost resistance: from F 200
Capillary absorption: 0.7 and less.

After gaining operational strength, and all other declared parameters, concrete has high adhesion to the surface (from 2 MPa), is resistant to aggressive environments, and does not require additional waterproofing.

2. AUKSO DRY/WET MIX CONCENTRATE is a concrete modifier additive created on a mineral basis in a conglomerate with unique components that significantly improve the properties of the material.

Increases water resistance by 2 classes
Increases resistance to aggressive environments from W6 to W8
Increases the early strength by 20-30%
Increases strength by 1 class from B25 to B30


Contact Person: Artem

6, Pylypa Orlyka street, office 5

01024, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (063) 294-53-05


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