UA Technics

18 May 2023 — registered, 18 May 2023 — updated

The NIO intraosseous access system manufactured by PerSys Medical (USA) is the fastest and most reliable device for immediate intraosseous vascular access in an emergency situation when “there are no veins”.

The device does not need batteries or additional accessories, it is already ready for use. It allows you to save precious time as much as possible. Due to their reliability and quality, NIO intraosseous access systems have performed well in extreme situations, so they are in high demand among rescuers, military medics and all those who save people's lives every day.

The UA Technics company, the exclusive representative of the PerSys Medical company, sells NIO intraosseous access systems certified in Ukraine and conducts training of medical personnel on the use of these systems. In addition to master classes, UA Technics offers a full training course, including hands-on training, with obtaining the certificate and authorization to work with NIO™ intraosseous access systems.

UA Technics

Contact Person: Ihor Viktorovych Zakharov

Ploshcha Nezalezhnosti 10

40000, Sumy, Ukraine

Tel: +380503074101, +380503074107


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