Beauty Lady

23 Dec 2022 — registered, 23 Dec 2022 — updated

Everything for nail service, manicure tools and consumables and equipment. Only original goods.

The Beauty Lady online store offers everything for manicure and pedicure: a huge assortment, over 1000 items like a manicure router, sets for nail extensions, gel polishes, acrylic gels, reflective varnishes, a huge code palette.

There is also a large selection of accessories: a manicure cutter, manicure sets, a manicure lamp, without which it is difficult to complete a perfect manicure.

Here you can find all the necessary products, both for a professional manicure and pedicure master, and for a beginner who can buy a manicure starter kit with a lamp and a router.

Phone: 380977197364, 380977705769, 380966548701.

Beauty Lady

Contact Person: Slava Petrov

Teofipol st. Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2 g

Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 719 73 64, +38 097 770 57 69


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