Wood Made

19 Mar 2020 — registered

The company specializes in the manufacture of interior and entrance doors, windows, stairs, furniture, kitchens and any products and decorative elements that can be made of natural wood.

All products are made of the massif of various breeds of wood under the individual sizes and forms ordered by the customer.

Classic and modern doors, exclusive furniture, functional kitchens, reliable stair constructions and decorative elements of interiors are made both as existing models, as well as according to unique designs and special wishes of our clients.

The main advantages of our company are the high quality and reliability of wooden structures, the use of modern fittings and components, environmentally friendly finishing materials, as well as individual approaches to each of our customers.

Wood Made

Contact Person: Yevhen Mykhailovych Bachynskyi

Dashkevycha st., 2a

79019, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380689714770, +380503704194



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