02 Jan 2020 — registered

The Kasandra store offers footwear of own production at affordable prices.

A wide range of models of women's footwear for any season is presented at the pages of our online store.

All products that you can find at the website are made exclusively of quality genuine leather.

The specialists of our factory regularly monitor fashion trends, what allows us to create unique collections, including both classic and original footwear, relevant for the coming seasons.

One of the main advantages of our production process is the fact that we produce both model and casual hand-sewn footwear. This way, you can be sure of the quality of each individual model.

At our website you can also choose accessories that in combination with footwear will create a stylish finished look.

If you have not found a model that matches your ideas about style in our catalog, we can offer a service of the production of custom shoes. This will help you not only save time searching for the right product, but will also allow you to get an exclusive model of shoes that will fully meet your personal requirements.


Contact Person: Marta Galadzhun

Vynnychenka st. 8

79008, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 38 38 358 , +38 067 38 38 352



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