Vsia Ukraina

24 Mar 2019 — registered, 24 Mar 2019 — updated

Travel agency "Vsia Ukraina" will help you to find your perfect vacation in Ukraine, whether you want to go hiking into farmost parts of the Carpathian mountains, or relax on the sunny beach near Odesa.

Also, we are partners with a number of Ukrainian hotels all around western and southern Ukraine; thus we'll be able to provide unbiased advice as to in which place to stay and what are the pros and cons of each hotel.

Besides, since our travel agents are best at what they do, you won't feel any language barriers.

Instead, you'll discover for yourself picturesque parts of Ukraine and will have a time of your life with the people you love!

Vsia Ukraina

Boryslavska st. 37/6

82200, Truskavets, Ukraine

Tel: +380 988 08 19 19, +380 638 08 19 19



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