GoldSun Ltd

17 Feb 2019 — registered

GoldSun Ltd is a privately owned business with mission to bring high quality pulses for consumers in partnerships with world’s most successful and sophisticated retailers, wholesalers, importers, packagers, caners, brokers & growers.

With our small years of operation, Goldsun Ltd is still highly respected for outstanding performance and operation process from due diligence through management services and return on investment for our retailers and wholesalers.

We are in the business of agro food commodities such as nuts & seeds, grains, spices, oil & sugar, lentils & pulses, rice, poultry, meat & fish.

Including but not limited to other categories like dairy, confectionery, juices & drinks.

You are a valued customer to us therefore enjoy constant and low & regular prices, shipment and best quality food products from us. We are focusing on maintaining healthy relationships and creating value for you.

GoldSun Ltd

Contact Person: Paviloski Vidinik

8/1, Kyiv highway

65031, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: +380 502 381 956


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