Kinash Translation Agency

30 May 2012

Kinash Translation Agency renders services over the range of translation, text editing and typing, translation notarization (notarial translation), statements, oral translation, legalization, apostillation and delivery.

We are engaged in such subjects: accounting, marketing, foreign economic activity, audit, business, securities, energy, telecommunications, engineering documentation, electrics, finances, building, agriculture, advertisement, sociology, ecology, sports, medicine, pharmaceutics, transport and many others.

For private individuals we translate documents for embassies, exit (work, studies, domicile, solemnization of marriage), we fill in forms, translate, legalize and notarially certify diplomas, certificates, passports, certificates of education, certificates of birth, certificates of death, letters, registration certificates, statements and other documents.

Kinash Translation Agency

Contact Person: Yuliya Kinash

9, Prorizna, Suite 20A

01001, Kyiv City, Ukraine

Tel: 380442234570, 380676999908


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