I Best Cosmetics

11 Apr 2018 — registered

American hair cosmetics - I Best Cosmetics.

Online shop "I Best Cosmetics" offers at a low price American, professional, natural, elite cosmetics for hair care and protection.

Promotions, discounts.

Here you can find new trends in the line of American cosmetics.

The store manager will help to make a confident choice in the purchase of products that are intriguing you: styling, sprays, thermal protection, shampoos, conditioners, paints, rectifiers, balms, foams, oils, masks, mousses, lotions, pastes, gels, wax, serum, varnishes for hair.

Always high quality of global brands like Redken, TRUEPLEX, High Ridge Brands, Keratin Complex, Macadamia Professional, Keratherapy at the lowest costs.

I Best Cosmetics

Contact Person: Daria

prospekt Haharina 41/2

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0734970305



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