Na Gorbi

21 Dec 2015 — registered

We invite you to a vacation in the entertainment complex on the hill near the ski complex "Zahar Berkut" (200 meters).

Convenient location, proximity to the river in a quiet location will make your stay comfortable.

The complex consists of a hotel of 11 rooms with comfortable conditions. Simultaneously hotel can accommodate in its 36 rooms to the guests.

All rooms are equipped with sink, shower, WC, and include satellite TV, wardrobe, refrigerator, tables, balcony.

- Folk Café (30 seats)
- Gazebo with barbecue
- Basin
- Sauna
- Playground
- Conference room
- Parking for cars

Na Gorbi

Contact Person: Marta

Pidlisna st., 8

82600, Slavske, Ukraine

Tel: +380673733756


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