Coffee Life

23 Sep 2014 — registered

What Coffee Life is?

If you think that is just a coffee shop with a standard set of options and services, you are definitly wrong.

Coffee Life is a certain philosophy, lifestyle, which is built around a cup of refreshing, aromatic drink.

Inhabitants of the metropolis, we live at a furious pace, bear in urban stream forward to achieve our goals. But all of us need a stop, time out to take a breath, to cheer up, think, and maybe just to fulfill the energy before the next shoot for result.

Coffee Life - this is the place where you are understood without any words. Where you can stay and gain strength, breathing the smell of freshly prepared flavored drink. Make a stop to further move faster to your own success.

Coffee Life

Contact Person: Natalya Valerievna Ulanova

Highway st., 82

52001, Pidhorodne, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine

Tel: 0 800 509 470


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