LLC «Legal consulting company De Jure»

21 Jan 2014 — registered

The practice of real estate and construction is one of the key practices of the company and includes: legal consultations, analysis, findings development, preparation of documentation and strategies of representation of the legal position, as well as direct clients representation before the courts of all instances.

The company provides a range of services in corporate law and protection of property (assets of individuals and entities).

Lawyers have extensive experience of representing clients in tax authorities and before the courts, providing services for tax planning and tax advice.

LCC "De Jure" - a reliable team of professionals with experience in all areas of law.

LLC «Legal consulting company De Jure»

Contact Person: Grigoriy Tripulskiy

Raskidailyvska str., 69/71, off. 214

65006, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 777 27 67


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