Universal Service, Crew Manning Company

05 Aug 2010 — registered

We are glad to offer you our services:
- Accurate specialists selection and screening according to Ship-owners
- Head hunting for a specific position:
- Computer testing of English knowledge, conversational skills checking;
- Arranging and booking flight trips to/from vessels;
- Arrangement of statutory training courses ensuring STCW compliance;
- Rendering assistance in receiving Visas;
- Training ashore / Training onboard;
- Certification control;
- Drugs and alcohol policy;
- Insurance;
- Offshore Department;
- Cadets program.
- Psychological testing of seamen by special qualified psychologist in our agency.

Universal Service, Crew Manning Company

Contact Person: Mrs. Kateryna

Off. 417, Lustdorfskaja Street 92/94

65088, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 7842353



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