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17 Apr 2011 — registered

We have been successfully working on the market of Recruitment services and HR consulting since 1998. The work of our managers is checked by the time and stability of our clients. 70% of our clients have been cooperating with us for more than 5 years. We select top and middle managers for industrial and commercial companies of Ukraine and Europe. Below, please find the scope of our services:

* Personnel search and selection
* Labour market research
* Recruitment
* Head Hunting
* Executive search
* Outplacement
* Professional testing
* Recommendation confirmation
* Development of personnel motivation programs
* Development of job descriptions
* Attestation organization and conducting
* Salary and compensation surveys and consultations.

We work in the following areas:

* Hotel and restaurant business;
* Trade;
* Banking;
* ccounting and Finance;
* Production;
* Construction;
* Scope of services;
* Agribusiness;
* Information Technology;
* Pharmaceuticals;
* Tourism.

Recruitment Agency NewBizNet

Contact Person: Natalia Sagan

7 Halytska Sq.


Fax: +38 032 235 8689


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