Gazeta "MIG" Ltd

01 Oct 2009 — registered

The main product of "Gazeta "MIG" Ltd is publishing and distribution of weekly newspaper MIG in Zaporozhye Region. This year edition celebrates 70 years from its first publication date which is November 12, 1939 (it was called Komsomolec Zaporizhzhya till the year 1991).
High professionalism of journalists, designers and other employees of the newspaper office picked up awards in various international competitions along with the general recognition of the readers. MIG works closely with the following international organizations as International Research and Exchange Board (IREX ProMedia) Mass Media Partnership in Ukraine, Vidrodzhennya International Fund, Westminster Foundation for Democracy, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Embassy of Poland in Ukraine etc. A lot of interesting projects developed by the newspaper office were supported by the previously mentioned institutions. Representatives of all the departments of the newspaper office have visited mass media of the USA, Sweden, Poland and Belgium (a visit to NATO Headquarters) during the said projects implementation phase for the last five or six years. Colleagues from the USA, Poland, Germany and Great Britain are always welcome to the newspaper office within a framework of implementation of practice exchange programs.
MIG is a founder and member of The Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers.

Gazeta "MIG" Ltd

Contact Person: Gennadiy Deribas, General Director

152 Lenina Avenue, 5th floor

69600, Zaporozhye , Ukraine

Tel: +38 061 7875211, +38 067 6123164

Fax: +38 061 7875211


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