Nemp Ltd

31 Jan 2010 — registered

Company "NEMP" offers You foundation block-making machine.
You can increase productivity of foundation blocks by minimum number of attendants (1 person), small expenses on the electric power, optional use of frame crane.
All range of standard sizes of blocks, areas of their application at various fillers.
Machine is intended for manufacturing side and fundament blocks of various sizes by land formation with the subsequent natural drying.
Overall dimensions, mm
Length - 2750
Width - 3450
Height - 2720
Total capacity – 5.5kw/hour
Productivity -15 m3 / hour
Attendants - 1person
Basic features:
Machine is executed in the form of the self-propelled chassis with hydromechanical motor, providing its moving on firm horizontal surfaces according to work cycles.
The hinged equipment quickly and qualitatively makes formation of blocks from the moment of receipt of a concrete mix in the reception bunker.
All operations of a work cycle are carried out through the central control panel by one operator.
"The know-how" of blocks:
An initial material is the concrete mix which structure is defined by appointment of blocks. Delivery of a concrete mix is carried out by dumper. Then concrete mix is formed in blocks.
In modeling process machine independently moves on a working platform linearly, stacking blocks in strips.
Blocks are in such condition before achievement of necessary transport durability depending on weather conditions (from 1 till 5 days) .
Advantages of machine before stationary lines:
- Small capital expenses for creation of a technological site;
- A fast recoupment;
- Simplicity in management and service;
- The minimum number of attendants;
- Good ergonomic conditions for the personnel,
- A wide range of standard sizes of blocks, areas of their application at various fillers.
Our machines successfully work in Russia, Ukraine, and the CIS countries.
If necessary we'll send you the accompanied documentation on the equipment, the recipe of a concrete mix, certificates, a photos and videos of working process.

Nemp Ltd

Contact Person: Yuriy

1 St Slobidska Str., 110

54001, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 5058108, +38 0512 585557


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