Pravovoy Aspect, Law Firm

08 Apr 2010 — registered

"Pravovoy Aspect" Law Company Odessa, Ukraine offers the following services:

1. Registration of Limited Liability Companies, Private enterprises, media, credit unions.

2. Registration affiliated firms of the foreign companies.

That involves:
- registrating Foreigners in tax office
- getting a certificate from single state register of enterprises
- exchanging of an old certificate for the one of a new type
- reservation of the name of the company, etc.
- director replacement
- getting a certificate from the statistical bureau and getting of a certificate 4-OPP for the new director
- addition of new kinds of activity to by-laws of a company and to the certificate of a statistical bureau
- registration of any changes in constituent documents (by-laws)
- entrance/withdrawal of incorporators, redistribution of capital shares
- increasing/ decreasing of authorized capital
- change of address of the registered office
- getting of permissions and obtaining of stamps
- trademark registration.

3. Legal support on monthly-fee bases:
- Elaboration of the contracts and agreements considering special features of the Client’s activity
- Assessment of contracts to be concluded for minimizing of client’s risks
- Assistance in selling a business
- Reorganization (changing legal form of organization, affiliation, merger)
- Voluntary liquidation of companies, subjects of entrepreneurial activities.

4. Pretrial dispute settlement
- Work with civil complaints
- Preparation of pretension, statement of claims
- Acting on behalf of client in administrative courts, civil courts, and economic courts.

5. Real Estate
- Verification of all the documents on the property to be purchased
- Legal support of all real-estate transactions
- Legalization of reconstructions of premises, apartments, private houses
- Legalization of garrets, basements and cellars.

6. Obtaining a license for transportation on the territory of Ukraine.

Pravovoy Aspect, Law Firm

Contact Person: Valeriy

Deribasovskaya 33 Office 15 Passage

65045, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 4833436


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