Professional Complex

02 Jun 2010 — registered

The juridical department of the company "PROFESSIONAL CENTER" offers for businesses and individuals the following services:
- Consultations from qualified lawyers and attorneys on any juridical issues.
- Protecting the client's interests at all stages of investigation in all criminal cases.
- Representing clients in court.
- Involvement of our lawyers in the trials on the customer side in the civil and commercial disputes as property, and non-property nature.
- Representing the client during the execution of court decisions.
- Protecting the client's interests in the administrative process to challenge decisions, actions and inactivity of state authorities.
- Organization and participation in the negotiations.
- Promote pre-trial settlement of disputes.
- Resolution of any dispute and conflict situations legally strictly in the juridical field.
- Recovery of all types of debts and achieving compliance with treaty obligations.
- Juridical review of documents.
- Preparation of any documents of civil - juridical nature.
And other...

Department of Safety "Professional Complex" provides comprehensive security business and the economic security of your investments.
- Construction on the enterprise system of economic security.
- Detection and prevention of internal and external threats.
- Checking of future partners.
- Provision of information business information and business records of an enterprise in Ukraine and abroad.
- Analysis of investment risks, evaluation of investment attractiveness of the enterprise.
- Privacy.

More services:
Protection and support of cargoes.
Guard bases, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities.
Protection of individuals.
Protection of mass events.
Data protection system.
We guarantee full confidentiality of all information.

Professional Complex

Contact Person: Vladimir Novikov

Lenina ave., b.58

69063, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 061 7645400, +38 061 7011989

Fax: +38 061 7647203


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