OA NGO TeploAvtomat

13 Apr 2011 — registered

OA NGO Teploavtomat for more than 25 years, develops and manufactures automation equipment for process control systems in the metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, coke, aviation, mechanical engineering industry, in particular:

1) Control Units BEECH cranes for installation on the drive on-off valves (ball valves, rotary valves) and other rotary devices signaling the end positions
BEECH - for DN 50 to 200mm;
CBO-2 - DN 250 to 1400mm;
BUK-3 - for DN 250 to 1400mm, working pressure from 0.6 MPa to 16 MPa, and also have the opportunity to work with a block of limit switches BKV1.

2) Blocks BKV1 limit switches for remote electrical signaling and the local (visual) signaling the end positions of the closing of ball valves with diameters of conditional passes control from 50mm to 1400mm.

3) Reglyator differential pressure type RPD-3/120-1 designed to maintain a specified difference (pressure difference) over the oil and gas
- Differential pressure transmitters type SPD-10/120 for switching electric circuits when the set point differential pressure controlled environment (similar to the company В«HoneywellВ»)

4) Amplifiers Electric-type UEG.S to control hydraulic actuators is proportional to the electrical input signal their characteristics at the level of foreign analogs firms MOOG, Rexroth; 5) Mechanisms executive pneumatic type IIP to move the regulating and shut-off and the regulatory bodies in the systems automatic and remote control;

6) Hydraulic jacks DW-10 and DW-20.

OA NGO TeploAvtomat

Contact Person: Dmitry Lankevich

Kirova st., 38


Fax: +38 0577 328743



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