Suppliers of textile and garment in Ukraine

28 Jan 2015

Garments manufacturer. Shirts, trousers, jackets. Ready made garments or CMT business

Kazatin Sewing factory

Contact Person: Alexander Martynchuk

80 Matrocova street

22100, Kazatin, Ukraine

Tel: ++ 380 424223811, ++380 672092250

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25 Aug 2014

«Glem» company specializes in manufacturing and wholesale of fashionable and elegant women clothing.


Contact Person: Natalie

61115, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (050) 303-74-09

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30 Jul 2014

manufacture clothes and textile


Contact Person: Olga

Traktorostriteley str.

61000, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +380 (66) 722-56-10

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10 Apr 2014

“Space for Ladies” ™ represents a wide variety of elegant women clothes for business, occasion and outerwear.
Flawless quality of big-size garments, accompanied by the exclusive style and fit, is the key to company’s success, which has been operational and prosperous for over 10 years on the markets of Ukraine and Russia.

Space for ladies

Contact Person: Olena

str Odeska 42

18023, Cherkasy, Ukraine

Tel: +380472361422, +380977969135

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06 Feb 2014

Женские пальто и плащи оптом – Харьков.\r\nИнтернет магазин женской верхней одежды «Корнев» предлагает большой каталог женских пальто и плащей оптом от украинского производителя в Харькове. У нас вы можете купить женские демисезонные пальто, зимние пальто, и весенние и осенние плащи, а так же модные и стильные пальто и плащи по низким ценам. Совместные покупки позволяют купить Вам от 5 единиц на ваш выбор.


Contact Person: Ruslan


61000, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38(066)255-52-06

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06 Oct 2013

Dear colleagues!

We know how much you want to find customers and buyers in Ukraine.

And we are ready to help you with this!

This is a really good idea! After all, the CIS countries, including Ukraine, are rapidly evolving and creating good conditions for market penetration.

We are aware of the great difficulties with agents to market your products and services; it's always the human factor. Plus, the local agent can quickly flop in other more profitable company, or else you will spend a lot of time and effort to find and build relationships with possible trusted partner in Ukraine.

Imagine if there was a way to avoid using the services of dubious sales agent and directly get clients from Ukraine?

Or even better, how to get an automated stream of interested customers?

Sounds unbelievable? And we know the answer to this question - is it really possible and real!

This is real - to get interested customers directly to yours selling site, where people have the opportunity to quietly view the assortment of products and services to choose the most acceptable offer, make an inquiry, request a call back, or, in the end to buy directly from the site, then the time to seek and service customers is reduced by several times, the human factor is minimized and at the outlet you get an automated retrieval system for customers and sales!

Many Western campaigns make full use of this technology in different business areas - B2B and B2C:

The automotive industry , BFSI sector (financial, banking , insurance services) , consulting services , consumer products, education services , FMCG products , information technology , online and offline media , telecom companies , tourism , real estate , construction services, tools, equipments, agriculture products, arts and more.

As for the CIS countries, this technology, as well as general market, is at the stage of its development, but have great growth potential.

Visit our website and find out more details about how you will get the most targeted customers directly!


Pobedy square (Victory square)

01135, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 232 72 51

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13 Feb 2013

Our company,China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,Ltd is located in Jinan City, Shandong province,China.We export soft electromagnetic shielding materials like EMI/EMC shielding fabrics,special protective cloth material, silver fiber health clothes.
Our main products: conductive fabric, conductive sponge,conductive adhesive tape,EMI shielding gaskets,conductive nickel mesh,conductive non-woven fabric,conductive elastomer,silver fabric, EMI/EMC power line filters and so on.

China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,Ltd

Contact Person: Zhu Jing


250100, Jinan, Ukraine

Tel: 86-531-88111984 , 86-531-88111984

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15 Mar 2012



Contact Person: Artem

Kirgizskaja, 94/1

61000, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +380958443144, +380639355577

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08 Dec 2011

Manufacturers of non-vowen fabrics.


Contact Person: Alexander

Lenina str.118

08131, Sofievska Borschagivka, Ukraine

Tel: +380987127043

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07 Dec 2011

«JetSet Fashion» company offers on wholesale in Kyiv French clothes for women, men and children of the following brands: «Carling», «Sarah Wayne», «Best Mountain», «Eden Rose» and «Chantal Temam».

Current collections include a wide assortment of models (more than 1500 models).

The prices are affordable.

JetSet Fashion

Contact Person: JetSet Fashion team

Hmelnytskoho st., 33/34, office 21

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 656 83 05, +38 (044) 234 50 86

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06 Mar 2011

Description: Apparel Vogue UK/RU/UA International offers up to 75% discount on designer and high street store clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery, homeware, media.

Apparel Vogue International Aim is to be Earth's Most Central Point for Genuine Quality and Internet Shopping Experience.

Apparel Vogue

Contact Person: Vladimir & Alla

Voitsehovicha Street

49101, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0933 354 978, +38 0972 660 270

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25 Jan 2011

Internet studio of tailoring shirts for order.


Contact Person: Irina


02206, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2326739

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12 Oct 2010

Today Ukrainian market can offer big variety of bedding from different countries, made of various materials, selections of colors and styles.

Probably someone does not care where and how to sleep and which blanket to use but demanding sleeper hardly can find suitable dressing for his bed even amount all variety of Ukrainian market. We have tried not once...

We are sure you've seen samples of terrible coloring, made of poor fabric which split apart after first wash. Other extreme - price. We have seen quality looking bedding but the price was beyond common sense. We could not dare to test such bedding in our bedroom - too expensive.

The mission of our web shop is to offer compromise which would allow to compose bedding set designed by world's leading designers, pleasant for your eye and offering outstanding comfort still at acceptable price.

We are always glad to answer your questions, help to select products proper especially for your bedroom, provide designer's advise and hold your favorite product after next stock replenishment.

Q+ Designer Bedding Web Shop

Contact Person: Q-Plus



Tel: +38 044 3606932, +38 098 6986697

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14 Sep 2010

Elant sells women fashion clothing as well as shoes, accessories, lingery for women, men and kids.

We are delighted to offer you an opportunity to reach out for the universe of distant American fashion. Our mission is to bring it closer and more accessible.
The last collections of lingerie from Victoria's Secret, footwear and accessories from Mark Jacobs and Michael Kors, dresses from Diane von Furstenberg and BCBG MaxAzria, sports and outdoor wear from Bebe Sport and Juicy Couture. May the beautiful garments and accessories from Elant not only create your image but also become a stylish supplement to your femininity!


Contact Person: Yuri

24B Mihaylovska Street, 80A

01001, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4960257, +38 044 2788363

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27 Aug 2010

We are the professional manufacturer of shirts over 12 years in Ukraine, with the nice quality and the competitive prices. The annual production capacity is over 150,000 pieces.
Material: 100% Cotton, CVC, T/C 65/35%, Y/D, Oxford, Poplin and etc.
Style: men's & women's dress shirt, work shirt, denim shirt, casual shirt, fashion shirt and etc.
Available in various sizes, colors.
Our advantage: Good quality; favourable price; fast delivery.

Shirtmakers Astron

Contact Person: Natali Shevchenko

7, Zaliznychna Str.

79039, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0322 450419, +38 067 3424601

Fax: +38 0322 450418

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