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19 Sep 2016

Товары для строительства и ремонта в Чайках, Киевская область.

Тип-топ маркет

Contact Person: tip-topmarket

с.Чайки, ул. Лобановского 19

08130, Чайки, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 364-37-17, +38 (093) 889-63-36

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29 Jul 2016

Оптовая продажа игрушек для детей

"MANYTOYS” Детские игрушки оптом

Contact Person: Анна

ул.Базовая 17, оф. 32

67200, Одесса, Ukraine

Tel: (066) 376 00 05, (093) 196 98 94

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22 Jun 2016

Компания «Papyrus Group» занимает лидирующие позиции на украинском рынке товаров для офиса. Более 10 лет мы предлагаем малому, крупному и среднему бизнесу комплексное обеспечение канцелярскими товарами. Мы стараемся не просто продавать свою продукцию, мы стремимся стать полезными и необходимыми нашим клиентам.


Contact Person: Papyrus Group

ул. Марины Расковой, 23 офис 830

02260, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: +380443914719

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24 Apr 2016

Декоративные 3D панели из гипса для стен и отделки интерьера.

Euro D.V.S.

Contact Person: Александр

ул. Косовская, 2

65017, Одесса, Ukraine

Tel: +380487988412, +380679221170

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20 Mar 2016 - Ukrainian shopping center on the Internet. Consumer, industrial and wholesale goods. For your business, life and rest!

Ukrainian shopping center on the Internet


Tel: +380677382555

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07 Mar 2016

Furniture store "Villagemebel" offers quality cabinet and furniture myakkuyu that is suitable for any interior. Our Furniture store not only a wide range of quality furniture, but also attractive prices for the most popular models. We can be delivery in Kiev and Kiev region, the manufacturer's warranty, as well as masters of professional assembly.

Furniture store "VillageMebel"

Contact Person: Ura

str. Golovatogo, 20

08300, Borispol, Ukraine

Tel: +380961789700, +380961789700

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06 Dec 2015

Интернет магазин "artflo" предлагает широкий выбор искусственных цветов и букетов из них. Также предметы декора интерьера - моделированные деревья, лианы, фрукты и многое другое.


Contact Person: Маша

Овидиопольская дор., 7-й км, Промрынок 7 км ул. Базовая 20

67200, Одесса, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (063) 736-32-15

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08 Nov 2015

The Energy Safe company comes in the Ukrainian market with high quality and modern equipment for heating. In the range of products on website you will find fireplaces, stoves and furnaces, which will not only make your home more warm and cozy, but also help save money on the use of alternative energy sources. Extensive experience and knowledge gained during training with foreign colleaguesb helps us cope with the tasks of any complexity and to fulfill the wishes of the client. Our specialists provide the whole spectrum of works from design heating system, to equipment selection, installation and commissioning.

Energy Safe

Contact Person: Paul A. Sidorenko

Kiev.Str. Armenian, 29

02121, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38(044) 562-85-86

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30 Oct 2015

Интернет магазин "Bigu7km" осуществляет оптовую продажу женской, мужской и детской бижутерии производства Китай. Очень большой ассортимент товара. Доставка по всей Украине!


Contact Person: Bigu7km

Овидиопольская дор., 7-й км, ул Заводская, оф. 102

67200, Одесса, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 275-17-64

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28 Oct 2015

Online shop of military clothes.


Contact Person: Pileckiy Nikita

str. Yakuba Kolosa, b. 15

03148, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380934177772

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31 Aug 2015

GUSTO – женская одежда оптом и в розницу.\r\nУ нас Вы можете купить оригинальную женскую одежду оптом и в розницу по самым низким ценам!\r\nСреди многочисленного ассортимента, у нас представлена недорогая женская одежда оптом и в розницу известных торговых марок, таких как: Tom Tailor, Olyo, Miss Sixty, Killah, Zona Brera, Kuch, Next, а также много других брендов.


Contact Person: Сергей

Деснянский район

Киев, Ukraine

Tel: 380932352997

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13 Aug 2015

Ukrainian National, theatrical costumes: clothing, headgear, footwear; stage dressing (classic, French, sketchy); straight, arched windows, bay windows design for halls, offices, restaurants and apartments

e-commerce "Kyiv State factory theatrical requisite"

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 380663588322, 380631224706

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12 Aug 2015

ceramic tile


Contact Person: Djugan Aleksandr

03049, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 229-95-09

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15 Jun 2015

Only the best and most beautiful plumbing ! Multifunction hydromassage cabin or hydroboxing comfortable , durable and sturdy cast-iron bath , or graceful and pleasant acrylic baths , comfortable and useful hot tub or just faucets for the bathroom.


Contact Person: Bogdan

str., miropolskaya, 39


Tel: (050) 548-90-55

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08 Jun 2015

Curtain shop ""INSIGHT"" in Kiev offers custom design blinds and curtains, sewing curtains. We will help you with the installation of curtain rods and blinds. We have a large selection of accessories and textiles for the home, which you can find on our website and showrooms."

" Curtain shop ""INSIGHT"" "

Contact Person: Mazlina Marina D.

Kiev Svyatoshinsky district., P. Peter and Paul Borschagivka, st. Lenin 1-B

08130, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: (044 ) 502 00 15

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09 Dec 2014

Our online store Office and office equipment "Frame" sells a large selection of all kinds of goods for home and office, as well as a paper at wholesale prices, consumables and accessories and supplies.


Contact Person: Mariana

st. Copernicus, 16

79000, Lvov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (032) 261-15-54

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06 Dec 2014

\"Our service for flowers and gifts ordering is a symbiosis of progressive\r\ntechnology, innovations, excellence and\r\nconscientious work of people united with purpose to give you joy!\r\n\r\n\r\nWe offer our customers only the best products such as fresh flowers, bouquets,\r\nfloral arrangements, original and nice gifts. With us you can experience fast\r\ndelivery within Ukraine and around the world, high-quality of service and convenience that helps you to congratulate your relatives and friends any time and any location!\r\n\r\nEspecially for you we offer:\r\n\r\n a wide selection of the freshest and best quality flowers at any time of the year;\r\n\r\n best prices for bouquets and arrangements with free shipping;\r\n\r\n discounts, bonuses and gifts for regular customers;\r\n\r\n convenient, affordable, and a wide range of ways to pay for your orders;\r\n\r\n on-line customer support 24/7/365;\r\n\r\n individual approach to each client, without exception;\r\n\r\n Deals cooperation for corporate clients;\r\n\r\n exceptional originality and individuality bouquets of any complexity;\r\n\r\n quality and timely delivery of goods ordered.\r\n\"\r\n


Contact Person: Rozhenok Denis Leonidovich

Str. Marshal Grechko, 3

04136, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38(044)2095999

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24 Nov 2014

A family owned pet store Shop4Pets is the very place for you and your pets!
We provide a large variety of pet related goods: pet food, accessories, treats, vitamins, apparel, grooming tools and products, veterinary products and many more.
Pleasant and friendly atmosphere, client-minded attitude, high level of service.
We have online and offline stores. Free delivery for Kyiv.
Consultations for foreigners and tourists. All kinds of pet (or other) assistance.

Pet shop Shop4Pets

Contact Person: shop4pets

6A Dragomanova St.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (063) 2362377

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20 Nov 2014

"Our company is a leading operator on Ukrainian market in the area of goods delivery from abroad. This is confirmed by the tens of thousands of delivered orders and thousands of satisfied customers.
With our help you can get the goods from the US, Germany, UK, China and other countries without overpaying. We have created the most comfortable environment for shopping at various online auction sites such as eBay and Amazon. All you have to do is to choose, and goods from America or any other country would be in the shortest possible time will you!
More detailed information can be found on our website

Big-Basket - delivery of goods from the United States

Contact Person: Kuveko Sergey

03191, Kyiv, str. B. Kasiyan 1

03191, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: (097)058-05-58

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12 Oct 2014

Web design and development agency with specialization in e-commerce systems on Magento platform. Hundreds of Magento projects developed according to industry standards and with excellent quality, team of experts with 5+years in Magento


Contact Person: Sergey


Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: 44 20 8144 6420

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