Suppliers of machinery in Ukraine

13 Oct 2016

We supply belt fastener (Alligator RS62,125,187 and K27,28 and MATO), wide range of conveyor belts, including steel (ST) cord conveyor belt, nylon canvas (NN) conveyor belt, flame retardant (fire resistant) conveyor belts, cotton canvas (CC) conveyor belt, chemical resistant conveyor belt, oil resistant conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt, patterned conveyor belt, polyester (EP) conveyor belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt, raised edge conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, foodstuff conveyor belt.

Alyans Konveir

Contact Person: Kirill Boev

Pogrebnyaka, 4

08321, Chubinske, Ukraine

Tel: +380506202258, +380676205100


22 Aug 2015

Looking for the suppliers of Circulating Water Pump from Russia/CIS Countries

Green Arrow International

Contact Person: Zakir Hossain

83/1 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka-1215. Bangladesh

Dhaka, Ukraine

Tel: 880-2-8402275, 880-1711168778


17 Apr 2015

KKE Wash Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Andriy Yergiyev

65017 Lustdorfskaya doroga 5, Odessa,Ukraine.

65017, Lustdorfskaya doroga, Ukraine

Tel: 380973140661, 380973140661


25 Mar 2015

PPWE Paton offers a wide range of quality welding equipment. We produce reliable welding machines and accessories, as well as offer affordable supplies for welding works. The mission of our company is to provide a really useful and easy to work welding machines, for this our managers clarify all aspects regarding the features of the problem that confronts the client equipment, duration, conditions of work, etc. Besides them, PPWE Paton develops high-tech equipment for orbital welding of main pipelines, automatic arc welding. For more information, visit our website

Tel: +38(044)-259-40-00


11 Oct 2012

We can supply a wide range of conveyor belts, including steel (ST) cord conveyor belt, nylon canvas (NN) conveyor belt, flame retardant (fire resistant) conveyor belts, cotton canvas (CC) conveyor belt, chemical resistant conveyor belt, oil resistant conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt, patterned conveyor belt, polyester (EP) conveyor belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt, raised edge conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, foodstuff conveyor belt.

Alyans Oil

Contact Person: Kirill

Artema st., 71

83001, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: 050-752-000-4, 067-620-51-00


14 Oct 2011

We sell machinery for wood and metal processing (milling, turning, thicknessing machines, planers, grinders, rouding, cutting, multifunctional machines, dust collectors, guillotines, benders, band saws, presses, drilling and others).


Contact Person: Pavlo

79024, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 6319593, +38 098 4807772


02 Sep 2010

17 Nov 2008 – registered

The company "Magnetic & Hydraulics Technologies" (MHT) produces high quality magnetic and high-tension separators. Our roll magnetic separators "Turkenich" allows for making the highest degree of the purification of quartz sand, upgrading of pegmatite, zircon, kyanite. The barrier magnetic separators "Turkenich" are intended for dry treatment of mineral sands (ilmenite, rutile, staurolite), manganese, pegmatite, garnet and other ores. The MHT produces drum magnetic separators, corona – electrostatic and triboelectrical separators. We also perform investigative work on enrichment of raw material as requested by client.

Magnetic & Hydraulics Technologies (Mht)

Contact Person: Rudytskyi Arthur

Belgorodskaya St. 10, Dnepropetrovsk, 49005, Ukraine

49005, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 3765116, +38 067 9809919

Fax: +38 056 3765116


01 Jun 2010

Established in 1997, "Ukrventsistems Fan Company" industrial fan manufacturer has evolved into one of Ukraine's premier manufacturers of high quality industrial fans.
"Ukrventsistems Fan Company" manufactures: industrial fans, blowers, filters, cyclones, heaters and other elements of ventilation systems.
Modern machine shop (modern equipment) allows to produce fans, cyclones, smoke exhauster, and other ventilation equipment of stainless steels, of aluminum, titanium, any degree of complexity.
Customer relationships are built on the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation.
Through careful study of the needs of each customer our specialists fan plant produces the most suitable equipment. Flexible pricing policy satisfies every customer.

Ukrventsistems Fan Company

Contact Person: Tatyana Cherkashina

Str. Moskovsky 257, Ap. 1201

61044, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7192379, +38 057 3920752

Fax: +38 057 7192369


31 May 2010

Sale and repair of metalworking equipment. Manufacturing stocks (hydro-stock) to hydro and pneumatic cylinders.

Melitopol Promresurs

Contact Person: Alla

Dzerzhinskogo str., 172-1

72312, Melitopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0619 427141

Fax: +38 0619 440001


31 May 2010

Abplanalp supplies the imported metalworking equipment, the CNC machines (tools). The lathes with the numerical policy administration (NPA), milling machines with the NPA, the laser machines with the NPA, the sheet-bending machines, coordinate piercing press, stamp press, the machines for cutting and softing of a sheet, lubricate-cooling liquids (LCL), the machines for the plastic processing, thermoplastic authomatic machines, the cutting tools, the piercing tools, the softing tools, the tools for carving.
The official representative of the machine-tool companies: Haas (the metal cutting lathes with NPA), Finn-Power (the sheet processing machines), Mitsubishi Electric (electrospark engineering tools), Prima Industrie (the utility of a laser cutting), Mate (the piercing tool NPA).

Abplanalp Ukraine

Contact Person: Nikolay Skripnik

Kazachja str., 120/4

03680, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4961166, +38 044 2063043

Fax: +38 044 2063045


27 Apr 2010

LLC "Heat + Technology" offers water and steam boilers in a closed circuit, as well as boilers for steam flow. The sources of fuel are: sawdust, shavings, sunflower hulls, buckwheat, oats and other waste grains and oilseeds.

Heat + Appliances

Contact Person: Aleksey

Geroev 9 Of.177

49100, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 7282579


31 Jan 2010

Production and repairs of equipment spare parts. Production of gears, shafts, gear shafts, conic gears, reducer etc.

Rem-Tiazhmash, LLC

Contact Person: Nikolay

K. Marxa str., 77

84105, Slaviansk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 7334710, +38 050 7082864

Fax: +38 0626 660270


31 Jan 2010

Company "NEMP" offers You foundation block-making machine.
You can increase productivity of foundation blocks by minimum number of attendants (1 person), small expenses on the electric power, optional use of frame crane.
All range of standard sizes of blocks, areas of their application at various fillers.
Machine is intended for manufacturing side and fundament blocks of various sizes by land formation with the subsequent natural drying.
Overall dimensions, mm
Length - 2750
Width - 3450
Height - 2720
Total capacity – 5.5kw/hour
Productivity -15 m3 / hour
Attendants - 1person
Basic features:
Machine is executed in the form of the self-propelled chassis with hydromechanical motor, providing its moving on firm horizontal surfaces according to work cycles.
The hinged equipment quickly and qualitatively makes formation of blocks from the moment of receipt of a concrete mix in the reception bunker.
All operations of a work cycle are carried out through the central control panel by one operator.
"The know-how" of blocks:
An initial material is the concrete mix which structure is defined by appointment of blocks. Delivery of a concrete mix is carried out by dumper. Then concrete mix is formed in blocks.
In modeling process machine independently moves on a working platform linearly, stacking blocks in strips.
Blocks are in such condition before achievement of necessary transport durability depending on weather conditions (from 1 till 5 days) .
Advantages of machine before stationary lines:
- Small capital expenses for creation of a technological site;
- A fast recoupment;
- Simplicity in management and service;
- The minimum number of attendants;
- Good ergonomic conditions for the personnel,
- A wide range of standard sizes of blocks, areas of their application at various fillers.
Our machines successfully work in Russia, Ukraine, and the CIS countries.
If necessary we'll send you the accompanied documentation on the equipment, the recipe of a concrete mix, certificates, a photos and videos of working process.

Nemp Ltd

Contact Person: Yuriy

1 St Slobidska Str., 110

54001, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 5058108, +38 0512 585557

Fax: +38 0512 585557


02 Nov 2009

Lifting, dismantling, rigging, moving, transporting, installing, re-building and maintenance of machinery and production equipment is carried out by specialist engineering teams consisting of Project Managers, Supervisors, Millwrights, Riggers, Mechanical Fitters, Electricians, Pipefitters, Welders and teams using the very latest lifting and removal equipment. Knowledge of many industry sectors and vast engineering experience within the Company make this team of specialist the leading machinery moving company in the many manufacturing sectors.

Supplier (Reseller, Distributor)
Category: Industrial Goods & Service

Beck & Pollitzer Ukraine

Contact Person: Vladimir Galczewski

Kolektorna St.3A

02121, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5639352, +38 044 5633267

Fax: +38 044 5629171


25 Oct 2009

1. The development and manufacturing of precision metrological instruments for the measurement of an impedance parameters (RLC meters).
2. The shipment of control and measuring instruments, the diagnostic equipment to the enterprises of power, electro technical, instruments building industries

Promix Ltd

Contact Person: Oleksandr Labuzov

Shovkovychna Str., 18-V

01024, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2536893, +38 044 2536792

Fax: +38 044 2539059


05 Oct 2009

VO KhimmashNefteGaz Ltd, manufacturer of heat-exchange, capacitive and other kinds of equipment(for more details please visit, has an opportunity to present interests of foreign companies manufacturing similar equipment, on the territory of Ukraine and CIF countries.
VO KhimmashNefteGaz Ltd delivers equipment to the largest enterprises of Ukraine: national JSC "Neftegaz Ukrainy", DK "Ukrgazdobycha", "ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog" Ltd and other enterprises.

VO Khimmashnaftogaz Ltd

Contact Person: Anatoliy Anatoliyevich Kramarenko

15/10 Grushevskogo St.

11500, Korosten, Ukraine

Tel: +38 04142 50414, +38 04142 42320

Fax: +38 04142 50414


05 Oct 2009

Our company supplies generating stations (petrol and oil engine) from 2kW to 2MW and UPS from 600VA to 2 MVA and it performs multiple-purpose projects with this equipment. All equipment is provided with service maintenance. The company renders the services of design, development and installation of switchboard and switchgear equipment from 10kW to 4000A.

Best Power Ukraine, JSC

Contact Person: Mikhail Bryukhanov

73 Konstantinovskaya Str

04080, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5380009

Fax: +38 044 5380009


04 Oct 2009

Design of engineering and technical documentation for equipment of the chemical industry and manufacturing of ordered equipment; design and manufacturing of original equipment. Supervision for installation, start-up, putting into operation, testing and delivery the equipment to operation. Scientific research and development works for determine of basic technical decisions and also technical characteristics of equipment. Transfer the engineering drawings from DIN to GOST.

Bach Engineering Ltd.

Contact Person: Gora Roman Nikolaevich

Schors Str., 110

14011, Chernigov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0462 653219

Fax: +38 0462 653219


04 Oct 2009

Enterprise works at manufacture of vibropresses equipment for production of paving slabs, wall materials and elements of paving by the method of vibrapressing; industrial-type electric water heaters having a capacity of 100 kW.

Aozt Motorika-Yug

Contact Person: +380677188009

1-G Kievskoye Shosse, Balovnoye

56664, Nikolayev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0512 590587, +38 067 7188009


04 Oct 2009

Our company manufactures equipment for automotive service centers.


Contact Person: Pavel Nikolayevich

27 Kommunalny Lane

18000, Cherkassy, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 2922240


04 Oct 2009

1. Nonferrous-metals industry: manufacture of secondary aluminum casting alloys.
2. Manufacturing engineering:
- manufacture of construction equipment, non-self-propelled pump dredges;
- manufacture of optional equipment and spare parts for agricultural and railway sectors.

Category: Metallurgy, Machinery

Mekhanicheskiy Zavod Ltd

Contact Person: Vasiliy Vasiyevich Ablov

Nikolayevskoye Shosse, 5th km

73034, Kherson, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0552 411700, +38 097 5519122

Fax: +38 0552 411700


01 Oct 2009

The plant's main product groups:
1. Equipment for producing lacquers and paints
2. Containers for transportation and storage of radioactive waste products
3. Oil-press and spare units to it
4. Equipment for plants producing vegetable oils
5. Reservoir equipment (Tank)
6. Polished stainless steel goods
7. Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment and goods at customer's technical instructions or sketches.

The Plant Of Technological Equipment, Ltd

Contact Person: Gennadii Litvinenko

2, Volkov Street

25028, Kirovograd, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0522 557090, +38 0522 555789

Fax: +38 0522 555789


01 Oct 2009

The company "MWM Group" now in its fifth year, has been successful in timber market of Ukraine, offering its clients a modern, high-quality equipment at the best prices.
During this period, hundreds of Ukrainian wood-processing companies have been able to appreciate the level of equipment offered by our company.
"MWM Group" offers a full range of equipment for processing wood and wood products manufacturing. The warehouse in the city of Dnepropetrovsk is always available: the equipment for the processing of solid wood, the equipment for the production of timber and board, equipment for grinding equipment for the processing of plates and furniture, equipment for working with veneer, and equipment for the manufacture of flooring, CNC machining centers, aspiration, and many others.
Not stopping there, the company makes all the new targets, examining the dynamics of the market, conducting market research and large-scale advertising campaign.
Purposefulness and opportunities will enable companies in the near future to take a leadership position and to meet the needs of manufacturers.
Mission - saturate the market of Ukraine quality equipment for democratic prices
Our mission and values:
The client and the quality of its services, Quality assurance of our.

Categories: Machinery, Timber

Mwm Group

Contact Person: Igor Garus

St. Leningradskaya 68

49038, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 3747774, +38 056 2327825

Fax: +38 056 2327825


01 Oct 2009

Building technique, Special technique.

Alarit Prom

Contact Person: Natalie

Ukraine Kiev Komarova Str., 42

03065, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5610025, +38 067 6917949

Fax: +38 044 4975211


01 Oct 2009

"NTB" - The New Technologies for Business. Technologies and equipment for the acting, and also organized business.
Construction technologies. Construction equipment. Energy-saving technologies. Super-long storage battery.
Equipment for industries: confectionery, bakery and pasta, meat processing, beverages, canning, equipment for mechanization of works. Packing equipment.
It is more than 300 positions of equipment.


Contact Person: Sergei

Krasnoarmeiskaja, 67

21000, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 068 2102335, +38 094 9037940


01 Oct 2009

Repair, modernization, editing, starting and adjusting, a sale is a purchase of heavy metal-working equipment. Export of metal-working equipment (used machine tools).

Stanko Group

Contact Person: Konstantin

Jmuru, 1-202, 304

83007, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 062 3489138, +38 050 0208066

Fax: +38 062 3489137


01 Oct 2009

Osnastka-Market CJSC manufactures special process equipment and rigging for manufacture of asynchronous commutator motors, electric transformers and electrical coils and repair of electric motors and electric transformers.

Osnastka-Market CJSC

Contact Person: Mikhail Vladimirovich Stetsyak

25 Lutskaya St.

45403, Novovolynsk , Ukraine

Tel: +38 03344 33527

Fax: +38 03344 30660


01 Oct 2009

Manufacture, reconditioning, sale of new and previously used printing equipment. Sale of new knife blades for shredders, blades for compressors and gears manufacture. European manufacturers printing equipment sale from stocks in Kharkov and Europe.

Flp Simonenko

Contact Person: Daniel

St. Georgievskaja 10

61010, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7372225, +38 050 5180867

Fax: +38 057 7372225


30 Sep 2009

Energomash has a comprehensive supply, as well as design, installation supervision, commissioning and maintenance of necessary industrial equipment.
- Screw Air Compressors: Ekomak, Kaeser
- Reciprocating Gas Compressors
- Pumping Equipment
- Diesel generators
- Pneumatic equipment - sim pumps: Brion
- Systems of compressed air - air (receivers), dehumidifiers
We have a comprehensive approach to solving your problems
- Professional equipment selection
- Flexible pricing policy
- Free technical supervision and training of staff
- Timely delivery of equipment
- Full warranty
Along with the supply of generic products, our company has the possibility of upgrading the existing and the development, manufacture of new equipment, spare parts under existing or developed project, the technical task.

Energomash Pk

Contact Person: Gavrilenko A.

Skd Str. 24

40024, Sumy, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0542 791600

Fax: +38 0542 791600


30 Sep 2009

Produce and sale: high equipment, metal-roll, wire, nails, welding electrodes, welding equipment Kemppi.

Categories: Machinery, Metallurgy, Industrial equipment

Vistec Ltd

Contact Person: Victoria Kostetska

Str. Zhylianska 30A, 12th Floor

01033, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5695656

Fax: +38 044 5695657


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