Heating and cooling companies in Ukraine

08 Nov 2015 — registered

The Energy Safe company comes into the Ukrainian market with high quality and modern equipment for heating.

> In the range of products on energy-safe.com.ua website you will find fireplaces, stoves and furnaces, which will not only make your home more warm and cozy, but also help save money by the use of alternative energy sources.

Extensive experience and knowledge gained during training with foreign colleagues helps us cope with the tasks of any complexity and to fulfill the wishes of the client.

Our specialists provide the whole spectrum of works from design of heating systems, to equipment selection, installation and commissioning.

Energy Safe

Contact Person: Paul A. Sidorenko

Armenian st, 29

02121, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 562-85-86



12 Mar 2015 — registered

The company "Alliance Energy" offers on the Ukrainian market high-quality heating equipment at affordable prices.

The range of offered products includes solid, pyrolysis boilers, modular block boilers for industrial and administrative facilities.

The main characteristics of the products are reliability and safety.

Our specialists will help you to choose the boiler that will meet your requirements and minimize costs.

In addition, specialists from «Alliance Energy» in all cities of Ukraine provide delivery and installation of the boilers.

In this case, all the work will be completed in accordance with established rules and safety regulations.

Alliance Energy

Contact Person: Andriy Volyansky

Gorky st. 51

14000, Chernihiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38(066)397-18-79



19 Jun 2012 — registered

Облицовка камина мрамором.Порталы каминов из мрамора.

Современный электрический камин – настоящая находка для тех, кто всегда мечтал сделать свой дом уютным и эксклюзивным, но сталкивался с излишними трудностями.
Электрокамины – это выход из положения. Они не требует дымохода и тщательного ухода, ведь в них не скапливается зола и не оседает копоть.
Современные электрические камины безопасны для членов вашей семьи, об него не обожжется ребенок и не опалит шерсть домашний любимец.
Ориентировочная цена 5000-12000 грн.

Облицовка камина мрамором

Contact Person: Алексей

Киев, пр.Науки

03030, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: +38(044)232-57-94, +38(097)215-77-87, +38(063)232-57-94



07 Jun 2012 — registered

Our Ukrainian company produces and delivers dry biofuels for barbecue\r\nseason,solid biofuels (pellets DIN + , briquettes)


Contact Person: Maria

Sychynskogo, 7 a

79000, lVIV, Ukraine

Tel: +380970388031



07 Dec 2010 — registered

Delivery, sales, installation and servicing of gas equipment (Elster household equipment).

Fakel Mukachevo

Contact Person: Nikolai Pauk

132/K, Ivana Franka Str.,

89600, Mukachevo, Ukraine

Tel: +38 095 2608073, +38 050 6731720


07 Dec 2010 — registered

Convectors, air conditioners, "winter kits" for air-conditioners. Sale, installation, maintenance and warranty service, affordable prices.
Sale, assembly, dismantling, repair, servicing, electric convectors.

Kot'ko O.O., private entrepreneur

Contact Person: Oleh

Glushkova str, 14

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3831912, +38 067 7814094

Fax: +38 093 9812046


11 Nov 2010 — registered

ST Holder company is an official partner of / BASETEC / BITZER / WITT / WTK companies. We offer supply of industrial refrigeration equipment directly from the manufacturers:
- refrigeration compressors BITZER, aggregates, stations on the basis BITZER compressor;
- air coolers, condensers, drycoolers, shockfrosters, GUNTNER receivers;
- installations to cool liquids and gases (chillers);
- freon and ammonia pumps, WITT circulation receivers;
- installations to obtain ice water with temperature of 0.5ВєC BUCO;
- installations for quick food freezing;
- plate freezers, tunnel freezers;
- refrigeration automation, receivers of our own production;
- plate heat exchangers, shell and tube WTK.
Reliable, competent and personally!

ST Holder

Contact Person: Vitaliy Nikolaevich

Skliarenka str.,

04073, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5456245, +38 098 4047148

Fax: +38 044 5456245



15 Jun 2010 — registered

The heating coppers for the tough fuel trade (wood, coal, briquette, palettes, oats, straw).

Heiztechnik Ukraine

Contact Person: Styran Mykola

Obizna 12

46027, Ternopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0352 434404, +38 095 5125728

Fax: +38 0352 434405



03 Jun 2010 — registered

Engineering, the equipment, modernization and building of the enterprises of the food-processing industry.


Contact Person: Vadym Korniyenko

16-B, Akhmatovoi Str.

02068, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 496 3702

Fax: +380 44 496 3703



02 Jun 2010 — registered

Convectors (gas convectors), boiler accessories, boilers (gas boilers, electric boilers), burner accessories, burners (gas burners), regulating systems, domestic gas pressure regulator, gas reducer.

Krasylivsky Agregate Plant, State Enterprise

Contact Person: Korolyuk Petr Vladimirovich

Pravdynska Str.1

31000, Krasilov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 03855 41453, +38 03855 43503

Fax: +38 03855 44200



01 Jun 2010 — registered

Established in 1997, "Ukrventsistems Fan Company" industrial fan manufacturer has evolved into one of Ukraine's premier manufacturers of high quality industrial fans.
"Ukrventsistems Fan Company" manufactures: industrial fans, blowers, filters, cyclones, heaters and other elements of ventilation systems.
Modern machine shop (modern equipment) allows to produce fans, cyclones, smoke exhauster, and other ventilation equipment of stainless steels, of aluminum, titanium, any degree of complexity.
Customer relationships are built on the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation.
Through careful study of the needs of each customer our specialists fan plant produces the most suitable equipment. Flexible pricing policy satisfies every customer.

Ukrventsistems Fan Company

Contact Person: Tatyana Cherkashina

Str. Moskovsky 257, Ap. 1201

61044, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7192379, +38 057 3920752

Fax: +38 057 7192369



01 Jun 2010 — registered

Sale, install and service of air conditioners.


Contact Person: Dmitriy

Lenina Str., 109 Office 502

69001, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 061 2245404, +38 050 1599473

Fax: +38 061 2242083



01 Jun 2010 — registered

Cable, wire, terminals, electrical equipment. Wind energy. Energy Saving technology in lighting and heating.

Elita, LLC

Contact Person: Nikolay Ivanovich

Ilicha ave., 89 off.404

83003, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 062 3451953, +38 062 3001663

Fax: +38 062 3451953



01 Jun 2010 — registered

Sale of heating technics, conditioners, water heaters, pumps, water purification systems, finishing materials, installation.


Contact Person: Elena

Narimanova, 1A St.

61033, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0577 554778, +38 050 4054498

Fax: +38 0577 280450



01 Jun 2010 — registered

BMU 77 is working in Ukrainian market of heating and plumbing systems successfully. We sell products for private and business building. Our slogan: "Your competent partner in building". We are official distributor of REHAU products for Heating & Cooling. We are partners of Vaillant, Kermi and Wilo and other well-known brands.

Bmu77, Llc

Contact Person: Andriy Boyarskiy

Pr-T Moskovskiy, 16 Office 315

04073, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3791480, +38 050 3363778

Fax: +38 044 3791483



31 May 2010 — registered

Distribution and service of air conditioning systems for domestic and industrial applications, engineering support facilities, construction and maintenance of engineering systems, boilers, heat recovery, cogeneration, geothermal energy, Photovoltaics, ORC-systems.

Industrial Technologies, Llc

Contact Person: Roman Gorban

Krasnotkatskaya, 59 Of 3-5

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 099 1111741


31 May 2010 — registered

Sales and installation of home and semi-industrial conditioners in Donetsk.


Contact Person: Vadim

Kievskiy ave., 14/44

83004, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 066 0767561

Fax: +38 062 3348233



31 May 2010 — registered

The internet shop of the climatic techniques. Air-conditioners, the air cleaners, the air humidifiers, the convector heaters, the air curtains, the thermal curtains, the infrared heaters, the electrical fireplaces, the thermal cannons. We offer You the retail and wholesale trade.


Contact Person: Valeriy

A.Akhmatovoj str., 35

02068, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3325380, +38 067 5387975



31 May 2010 — registered

Company provides engineering, supply and installation of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems, also anti-fire valves for ventilation systems, anti-smoke defense and refrigeration equipment.

Klimatex Company

Contact Person: Viktor Vitaliyovich

Orlova 11A

33023, Rivne, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0362 287671, +38 097 4789334



30 May 2010 — registered

The enterprise is engaged in the selling and installing of the boiler equipment that is functioning at the alternative kinds of fuel; in the making up a line for the producing of the fuel grain and briquette; in the production/manufacturing starting; conduct the advice work according to the investment attraction for such a production/manufacturing organization.


Contact Person: Irina Safonova

M.Raskovoyi str., 13, off.101

02002, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4934513, +38 050 5513352

Fax: +38 044 5175838



27 Apr 2010 — registered

LLC "Heat + Technology" offers water and steam boilers in a closed circuit, as well as boilers for steam flow. The sources of fuel are: sawdust, shavings, sunflower hulls, buckwheat, oats and other waste grains and oilseeds.

Heat + Appliances

Contact Person: Aleksey

Geroev 9 Of.177

49100, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 7282579



10 Feb 2010 — registered

Everything for heating and water supply.
Selection and sale of boiler and pumping equipment. Import and domestic. Domestic and industrial equipment. Geysers, water heaters, tanks, gas equipment, pipes (ecoplastic, reinforced plastic, polyethylene), fittings, reinforcement rods, counters, ventilators, compressors, electric engines, control and protection stations, etc.


Contact Person: Zverev Sergey

Generala Vasilieva str., 32A

95000, Simferopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0652 248249, +38 0652 248250

Fax: +38 0652 248249



31 Jan 2010 — registered

Production of equipment for high-frequency heating, drying, disinfection.


Contact Person: Drugininski Andrei

Derevyanko Str. 3 "B"

61018, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7591411, +38 057 7595832

Fax: +38 057 7591411



31 Jan 2010 — registered

Ventilation, heating, conditioning, energy saving technologies, projecting.

Arte Vita

Contact Person: Olexandr

Zaliznychna str., 10/18, corp. 5

31104, Starokostiantyniv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2014416, +38 03854 43967

Fax: +38 03854 43967



07 Jan 2010 — registered

Heat pumps from 2 kW to 1 000 KW, solar collectors and classical heating systems installation. Heating equipment sale.

Geo Teplo

Contact Person: Anatoly

36a, P.Grigorenko Str.

02140, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2216795



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