Suppliers of castings and mouldings in Ukraine

13 Feb 2011 — registered

We import into Ukraine stainless steel valves and screed fittings.

Eurospetskran Llc

Contact Person: Pavlo Mikula

Kopernika Str., 18

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 3170296

Fax: +38 032 2318566


15 Nov 2010 — registered

"Yugamet Llc" - Manufacturer of aluminium casting alloys from aluminium scrap, located the Luhansk region.
"Yugamet Llc" - Ukraine-Germany company with foreign investments (specialized metallurgical company (license AB 270681 of 10.11.2005, issued by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine).
"Yugamet Llc" - has the ability to produce aluminum casting alloys, high-quality brands EN AB-45300 AlSi5Cu1Mg, EN AB-45400 ALSi5Cu3, EN AB-46000 AlSi9Cu3 (Fe) (DIN226D), EN AB-46100 AlSi11Cu2 (Fe), EN AB-46200 AlSi8Cu3 (LM24) and other brands to order.
Aluminium casting alloys have a European quality.
In the production of aluminum alloys "Yugamet Llc" according to the technological standards are refining, degassing, filtering, modifying, improving technology and such mechanical properties of aluminum, as fluidity, linear shrinkage, elongation, hardness, etc. and reduces the gas porosity.
Control of chemical composition of aluminum alloys is carried out in our own laboratory spectral analysis of metals, accredited by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine (Certificate of appraisal lab, registration number в„– 06544-2-4-17 CCM), which conducted a spectral analysis of these alloys.
"Yugamet Llc" has Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2009.
"Yugamet Llc" buy scrap aluminum, silicon metal, master alloys, fluxes.

Yugamet Llc

Contact Person: Shvachka Gennady

Volkova, 36/10

91057, Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 064 2357283, +38 095 2944101

Fax: +38 064 2357283


12 Nov 2010 — registered

The company gives you the opportunity to supply castings from Ukrainian foundries, that are ISO-9001 certified. We will provide an enterprise that fully meets your requirements for price and quality casting. With Ukrainian foundries You can get high-quality castings on time and at a lower price than paying now.
Castings can be produced in such kind of castings as:
- High Pressure DieCasting. Aluminium, zinc, copper alloys.
- Low Pressue DieCasting. Aluminium alloys.
- Gravity DieCasting. Aluminium alloys.
- Sand Casting. Steel, iron, ductile iron.
- Investment Casting (lost-wax process) . Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
- Lost-Foam. Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
- Centrifuge Casting. Copper alloys.
- Shell casting. Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
We will check compliance with the quality norms and timing of productions. This would avoid frequent trips to your supplier site and hence the hidden costs in outsourcing considerably. Send drawings you can by e-mail.

Ukrainian Foundry Solutions, Llc

Contact Person: Sergii Gergeliuk

Lomonosova Str., 57

03022, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3620250, +38 093 5025255


30 Oct 2010 — registered

P.P."KremenchukGumotechnika" (Ukraine) manufactures precision rubber products - articles with higher requirements to size and functionality. Almost all of our products are oriented to automotive and machine-building industry.

Production specialization of the company are rubber-metal parts: oil-seals (rotary shaft seals) and valve stem seals.

Also we produce: rubber parts for brake systems, radial shaft seals, silent-blocks, protective rubber boots, different rubber plugs, caps and grommets for cable, water and gear pump seals, rubber glands and gaskets, shock-absorber seals, vibration isolators or mounts, o-rings and other industrial rubber sealing parts.

The company has a complete cycle of production, which includes: tool design & manufacturing, rubber mixing, raw material precession preforming, metal inserts stamping, galvanizing, glue production & applying, oil-seal's garter spring forming & joining, molding, post-curing, seal's edge cutting, assembling, inspection and testing. Most of processes are highly automated. Specializing in production of technically sophisticated, labor- and science- intensive products, the factory, using Ukrainian labor and power resources, offers quality precision rubber-metal products at prices, based on Ukrainian labor costs.

Quality system ISO 9001:2000 certified (no. UA 2.008.02712-07, audit passed 23/12/2007, valid till 23/12/2012).

KremenchukGumotechnika, P.P.

Contact Person: Vyacheslav Karlik

Magystralna 2

39701, Peschnoe Kremenchuk Distr., Poltava Region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0536 700238, +38 050 5583005

Fax: +38 0536 700579


13 Aug 2010 — registered

Design of Dies and Molds. Manufacturing of Dies and Molds.

Manufacturer only
Category: Industrial Equipment

In.Kol Limited Liability Company

Contact Person: Konstantin Rushchak

Simferopolskiy Lane 6

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7281278

Fax: +38 057 7125385


18 Jul 2010 — registered

The production and the sale of aluminum profile for the compartment cupboard and the rooms-dividing partitions. The sale of the radial, rowing, folding, rectilinear, top-hunging, low supporting sliding systems, ready facades for the compartment cupboards.

Kraft Profil

Contact Person: Ruslan

Vossoedineniy 19, Off. 101

02160, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5010955, +38 067 3232362

Fax: +38 044 5010956


16 Jul 2010 — registered

We represent and sell products of following companies:
Univer, Airex, Fervi, Htc, Edi, Canon, Speedy, Block
Our products are metalware, pipes, fittings, and other metal moldings.


Contact Person: Oleksiy

Zelena str. 303

7900, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 2419824


26 Jun 2010 — registered

Fabrik company grows dynamically. Our main advantage is a collective of skilled engineers-designers and technologists, managers and very skilled workers, with definite ambitions and desire to work in the chosen field.

Good technical base (more than 40 units of the metal-working equipment including machine tools with NCD), modern technologies (powder painting, galvanic manufacture), in a combination with technically competent staff, allow to develop and make production of high level.


Contact Person: Alexey

Vinnitsa, Pushkinska 104 Str.

21000, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 2116499


23 Jun 2010 — registered

We are first and only Ukrainian based company that specializing in production of aluminum powder.

Our products are widely used by chemical, building material and metal production plants throughout Ukraine and other republics.

We are ready to fulfill your orders in the fashion that most suitable to your needs.

We are ready to storage the goods to minimize time for the delivery in the event of urgent request from you.

We are flexible in methods of payments for the product sold.

Ferrotrade Ltd

Contact Person: Kudryavtsev Vladymyr


86108, Makeyevka, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0623 223306

Fax: +38 0623 223254


06 Jun 2010 — registered

We accept orders for:
- Manufacturing of stamps and molds.
- Production of tools and equipment.
- Production of hard punches and matrices.
- Production of welding equipment.
- Heat treatment.
- Cutting and forging billets.

Zazosnastka, Ltd

Contact Person: Alexander Prochan

Lenin Ave., 8

69600, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 061 2860084, +38 061 2860973

Fax: +38 061 2860883


01 Jun 2010 — registered

More than 14 years of experience in solving scientific and tehnological, designing, engineering problems allow Materials Research Centre to produce sophisticated and precision laboratory and industrial equipment. Materials Research Centre also offers the wide spectrum of steel constructions and wares in different styles, ranging from the classic to the Hi-tech, made of modern high-quality materials: polished stainless steel, black metal with polymeric coverage, metal composite materials, aluminium, safe architectural glass, plastic, polycarbonate, composites and others materials for forging or casting. The company applies new production technologies adopting European and world experience and new R&D studies.

Materials Research Centre

Contact Person: Anna

Krgiganovskogo Str.3

03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2371441, +38 044 5024149


31 May 2010 — registered

The manufacturing of the articles made of metal, the spare parts for metro, the filters for the plastic processing.


Contact Person: Yavorskiy

Vavilovych str., 14/13 Рљ8

04060, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4670838

Fax: +38 044 4670838


06 Oct 2009 — registered

Manufacture of standart forget fences and summerhouses for export wholesale.

Olshe Ltd

Contact Person: Oleh Volodymyrovych Shevchuk

54 Centralna St.

45004, Volia-Kovelska village, Kovel District, Volyn Region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 03352 58401, +38 050 3785355

Fax: +38 03352 58123


01 Oct 2009 — registered

"Progress JSC" company specializes in production of high-quality sensitive moldings from gray iron for motor-car construction, electrical industry and machine-building.
The large production list of the ornamental art castings covers street and lighting poles, taps, benches, fountains, fences, etc., as well as iron casting for the sewerage shafts.

Progress Jsc

Contact Person: Igor Voidilo

Tolbuhina 135

65000, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5192673, +38 067 9940931

Fax: +38 044 2226507


01 Oct 2009 — registered

Kremenchuk Steel Works manufacturers heavy and medium-size railway car castings (side frame, bolster, automatic coupler SA-3, coupler yoke, six-wheel bogie model 18-9043, the framework of four-wheel bogie of 18-100, the body of draft gears PMK-110A and RT-120, brake beam, etc.), products for automobile industry (the case of KrAZ heavy-duty lorry), and differend other cast parts per customer drawings.

Categories: Casting And Molding, Metallurgy

Kremenchuk Steel Works Stockholding Company

Contact Person: Vladimir Litvinenko

Prikhodko Str., 141

39621, Kremenchug, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0536 760919, +38 0536 760916

Fax: +38 0536 760919


01 Oct 2009 — registered

Sale of hollow bars, plain bars, bronze, brass items, copperware, aluminum items, cast iron and steel items. Cooper slag export.

Promresursy Ltd

Contact Person: Baliasnyi Viacheslav Efimovich

21 Chicherina Str.

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 3747850, +38 050 3422958

Fax: +38 056 3747851


30 Sep 2009 — registered

09 Dec 2008 – registered

We are one of the leading companies delivering sanitaryware to Ukraine, both standard and exclusive products (on a by-order basis).


Contact Person: Korshnevskiy

Orositelnaja str., 15b

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5678126, +38 097 4672737

Fax: +38 044 5678127


15 Jun 2009 — registered

The company deals with producing forged-bended metal articles of arts (grating for windows, railing, gates, interior articles, etc.), and also deals with producing (to order) framework-shield buildings.


Contact Person: Volodymyr Olexandrovych Olshytskiy

Sagaydachnogo str.,

35000, Kostopil, Ukraine

Tel: +38 03657 28390, +38 097 6137383

Fax: +38 03657 20776


09 Mar 2009 — registered

All types of the engraving and milling works:
- press matrix;
- wax models;
- ring models;
- forming models;
- engraving;
- cutting;
- 3d scanning.

Masterskaja Proskurina

Contact Person: Aleksandr Proskurin

Gongadze avenue 20v

04215, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3310913, +38 067 5273501


02 Mar 2009 — registered

Moulding of plastic under pressure. Manufacturing of compression moulds.
Production for various segments of the market.


Contact Person: Vladislav Sakharov

Marii Raskovoj str.19

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5072811, +38 067 4028012


27 Feb 2009 — registered

Throw-away dishware.

Diflon Ltd

Contact Person: Anatoliy


Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0573 721191


20 Jan 2009 — registered

GlobMarble offers molds, formulas and complete factory training to get you started in the cultured marble manufacturing. The many molds and formulas offered by Globmarble are designed to produce a complete line of elegant cultured marble products for the new construction and remodeling industries. Products include wall paneling, bathtub and shower surrounds, window sills, fireplace mantels and facing, custom durable kitchen counters, and bathroom vanities of various styles and sizes, as well as floor and wall tiles. Our molds also produce many additional elegant marble products such as fine quality marble wastebaskets, three sizes of planters, assorted marble, onyx, or granite tables including conference tables, and desks. View some of our spectacular products in the gallery. The manufacturing process the relatively simple, capital investment is low and row material prices represent only a small percentage of the expected retail price


Contact Person: Semol

Samarskaya 2

65085, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 7382752

Fax: +38 048 7341244


05 Jan 2009 — registered

Private smithy manufactures art forged products. We offer establishment of your own branch office, dealer branch, warehouse (on your own business premises - 350 sq.m, land plot – 2500 sq.m) situated in Kivertsi, Volynska oblast. Looking forward to cooperating with enterprises and investors.

Anatoliy Pushkin, CEO

Contact Person: Anatoliy Pushkin

Shevchenka str. 20v

Kiverci city, Volynska region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0332 251656, +38 050 2117982


31 Dec 2008 — registered

- towel rails made of stainless steel;
- rails made of stainless steel and other facade constructions;
- cascades made of stainless steel;
- geyser made of stainless steel;
- safety rails for automobiles;
- individual constructions


Contact Person: Stanislav Kerekesha

str.Lenina 1

20761, Budky vil., Ukraine

Tel: +38 0473 346263, +38 063 3900066

Fax: +38 0473 346263


25 Dec 2008 — registered

Our company produces: lead sealing, wire.
Sheets: ÌÄ-2, ÌÄ-3, ÌÄ-6, ÌÄ-8.
Sheets: ÑÌR-6, ÑÌR-12, ÑÌR-100.
Self-replication paper (any layers and colours)

Kvadricor, LLC

Contact Person: Nikolay Shtuchenko

Zalesskaja-1 str., app.143

61145, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7512035, +38 050 9394496

Fax: +38 057 7568610


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