Sports companies in Ukraine

20 Aug 2018

Wuotan - компания-производитель тренажеров и другого спортивного оборудования. В ассортименте домашние и профессиональные тренажеры. Силовые, грузоблочные тренажеры, для кардио (беговые дорожки, степперы, орбитреки, гребные и велотренажеры), гири, диски, ручки для тяг, грифы, оборудование для кроссфита, фитнес-аксессуары, уличные тренажеры (для воркаута, гимнастические), детское игровое оборудование, расходные материалы и комплектующие.


Contact Person: Светлана

ул. Енакиевская, 2а

61046, Харьков, Ukraine

Tel: +38 096 348 87 47, +38 096 348 87 47


11 Jul 2015

RN-Sport – интернет магазин спортивного инвентаря и оборудования для тренажерных залов. \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nНаша цель – реализация на украинском рынке доступной, и в тоже время, качественной \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nспортивной продукции.


Contact Person: Евгений

ул. Калнышевского, 3

40000, Сумы, Ukraine

Tel: +38(098)-513-05-56


01 Mar 2015

BE SMART FITNESS AND TRAINING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS AND EXPORTS.The nature of our business is to supply a premium quality product at the most competitive rates

Be Smart Sports

Contact Person: Zeeshan Ahmed

46000, Тернополь, Ukraine

Tel: +380639266410, +923145580570


01 Feb 2014

Sports online shop InSport offers you the supply and assembly of trainers since 2006. Over the past few years we have achieved significant growth in our professional activities, while the scope of our store is very extensive.
We offer high-quality fitness equipment, which are ideally suited for both home and fitness center. Along with this, we offer delivery and assembly of trainers.
Online shop InSport highly values its reputation that is why we work directly with suppliers of exercise equipment - not through intermediaries ensuring authenticity and high quality of products.


Str. Vincent building 21

04655, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38(044) 223-00-99


28 Feb 2011

01 Mar 2011

Directory of sport and fitness clubs in Zaporizhia.


Contact Person: Andrey

Gvardiyska str, 136/19

69001, Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 8093849

16 Jul 2010

On-line shop of sport and travel garment.

Sportur Ukraine

Contact Person: Oleksiy

Dudaeva, 19/1

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 2975323, +38 032 2611066

Fax: +38 032 2975322


08 Jun 2010

The e-shop of tourist equipment Prival offers wide variety of goods for tourism and rest: tents, sleeping-bags, backpacks, awning, tourist tableware.


Contact Person: Alexei


65000, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 7990728, +38 066 9767247


01 Jun 2010

Manufacture and sale of sport equipment and stock.


Contact Person: Dmitriy

Av. Hero Of Stalingrad 8/1-4

61105, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0572 521269, +38 050 1588393


18 Apr 2010 is one of the most popular internet-shops of Ukraine. We offer various goods for outdoor activities from the leading international and Ukrainian manufacturers. A wide range of tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, headlamps, self-inflating mats, gas equipment, cooking ware, and picnic goods is available in our shop.

We are highly competitive due to free delivery within Ukraine, professional consulting service, and flexible pricing policy.


Contact Person: Olexandr

Krzhyzhanivskogo Str, 3

03142, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2337666, +38 063 2337666


08 Nov 2009

Manufacture of wetsuits, dry suits and accessories for diving and spearfishing under the trade mark SILVERS.
Satisfaction of necessities in the equipment technical-divers and divers.
Supply of diving and subsea equipment for commercial and professional organizations engaged in conducting of professional underwater works.

Silver Shark, Group of Companies

Contact Person: Nataliya Balashova

Pr-T 40 Let Octyabrya

03039, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5997378, +38 067 8821993

Fax: +38 044 5025194


21 Oct 2009

We produce inflatable boats from PVC "Captain" of 6 series:
"Boatik" - small rowing, passengers capacity up to 2 pers.;
"Patrol" and "Hunter" - motor boats, our exclusive models;
"Combat" - heavy duty of big carrying and passengers capacity;
"Alien" and "Kadet" - motor boats in a classical performance.
Water attractions - inflatable bananas, inflatable circles, products from PVC
Our products are under 2 years warranty!

Categories: Water transport industry, Sport

Captain Inflatables

Contact Person: Kolisnichenko Dmytro

Zhuliany, Ocruzhnaja Street, Vatutina, 104

03169, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2293990, +38 066 3000014

Fax: +38 044 5732054


15 Oct 2009

Kiting in Crimea (Kitesurfing, Snowkiting, Landkiting).
Training, hire and the equipment order.

Kiting In Crimea

Contact Person: Andrey Tikhonov


99055, Sevastopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 2047886


07 Oct 2009

Equipment for outdoor activity.

Traverse Outdoor Equipment

Contact Person: Alexey Pilipchuk

Popydrenko Str. 42, 2nd Floor

02009, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2961378, +38 068 3809292

Fax: +38 044 2961378


05 Oct 2009

14 Jun 2009 – registered

Our company manufactures sports facilities and equipment for artistic gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, tennis, football and swimming.


Contact Person: Kopychko Volodymyr

Drushby Narodyv Str, 223/220

61184, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7558790, +38 050 9544706

Fax: +38 057 2665255


04 Oct 2009

The main direction of our activity is sale and installation of:
- sports floorings: artificial grass, self-leveling floor and prefabricated floor
- equipment of sports venues, sport centers, stadiums, and also sales of team equipment.
On all production and works we give a guarantee, provide maintenance and advice on all questions with designing, construction, reconstruction and operation of sports objects.

Sport Postach, PE

Contact Person: Ludmila Kravchenko

Volodimirska Street, 7, Ap. 1

01025, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4534625, +38 050 6567390

Fax: +38 044 4534625


04 Oct 2009

We offer a good range of high-end bicycles and accessories. Brands we represent in Ukraine are Bianchi, DMT, Campagnolo, SH+, Panaracer, Minoura, Wethepeople.

Velocentre Mfk

Contact Person: Igor Mityanin

Geroev Stalingrada Str.156A

49057, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 7885858


01 Oct 2009

Our company is a leading manufacturer of billiard equipment since 1991.


Contact Person: Kaplun Vlad

Prospect Svobody 26v, Billiard Club Kalet

04215, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 068 2018073, +38 068 2018073

Fax: +38 044 4849101


01 Oct 2009

We produce, sell and export all kinds of billiard tables. Import spare parts and accessories. Provide full range of billiard service. Our quality is highest among post soviet countries.

Categories: Sports (Import & Export)

Buffalo Group Ltd

Contact Person: Artem Ponomarenko

30A Borispilskaya Str

02093, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5025373, +38 067 4454177

Fax: +38 067 502 5373


01 Oct 2009

Scope of activity is in the production and sale of sports awards as well as awards souvenir paraphernalia.
We are looking for reliable partners.


Contact Person: Chyukov

Geroev Oboroni 10

03680, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2583477, +38 044 5278335

Fax: +38 044 2583477


30 Sep 2009

Family sports and recreational equipment for outdoor activity & camping.


Contact Person: Kliment

102-Gorkogo Street, Room-26

03150, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5032971


30 Sep 2009

Buy sport goods, sport equipment, envy, 4ever bicycles, sports wear and etc.


Contact Person: Vitaliy

St.40-Let Oktyabrya 130/57

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2276869, +38 097 7963230


15 Jun 2009

The sport complexes net "Planet Sport" offer services at reasonable prices. You can visit: a pool 25 m, a child pool, a gym and a fitness gym, tennis courts, a sauna, a solarium, a cosmetic room.

Category: Sport
Category: Entertainment companies

Planeta Sport

Contact Person: Olga Nikritina

Dragomanova Str. 27a

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5702165

Fax: +38 044 5702165


26 Feb 2009

Category: Sports
Category: Online shops

On-line shop offers golf equipment and accessories: golf clubs, gloves, bags, pills, headdresses of well-known trade marks such as Honma, Komperdell, Taylormade, Рђdidas Golf, Ashworth, Sun Ice, Srixon, Tour Edge, Glenmuir, Marie Valois, Cleveland.


Contact Person: Alena



Tel: +38 044 2092980, +38 066 0371827


24 Feb 2009

Furniture enterprise produces billiard tables, parquet, wooden goods.


Contact Person: Ostrovskiy Volodymyr Mykolajovych

Chuprynky str., 4

80600, Drody, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0326 626977, +38 067 6727794

Fax: +38 0326 626977


13 Jan 2009

Category: Sports
Category: Online shops is an online shop of tourist equipment and travel services.
Since 2005
online shop has been delivering quality equipment all over Ukraine. Tourism, mountaineering, skis, snowboards, spring clothes, winter clothes, footwear, tents, sleeping bags, tourism furniture, dishware, electric torches, mats, accessories, products for cycle racing and aquatics, goggles and masks, burners, radios, GPS. Our assortment has been regularly updated. We offer tourist equipment of world producers. We guarantee quality of our products.

Contact Person: Oleksandr

Gorodotska, 25

Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3322702, +38 067 3533727

Fax: +38 032 2372727


02 Dec 2008

Gilbert Marine company is an official distributor of the following brands all over Ukraine and Russia:
- "Chaparral" motor boats, USA production
- "Hustler" power boats, USA production
- "Viknes" boats, Norway
- "Tristan" boats, Finland
- "Askeladden" boats, Norway
- "Jet Dock" mooring systems and floating docks, USA
We render brokerage services in selection of any used boats and yachts or brand new ones. We organize charters on the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Help you find any brand to any budget.
Your yacht awaits you on the Black sea and the Mediterranean....

Gilbert Marine

Contact Person: Yuriy

1a Nazukin Embankment

99042, Sevastopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0692 455250, +38 050 4966943

Fax: +38 0692 456081


25 Nov 2008

The company Adventure was established in 1989. In 19 years of existence we have reached the leading position on the Ukrainian market of inflatable boats and became a well known manufacturer of high-quality inflatable boats on the world market.
Currently assortment of our company includes over 55 models of inflatable folding and RIB boats which come (are manufactured) in 7 series (Scout, Travel-1, Travel-2, Master-1, Master-2, Arta, Rubikon, Vesta) so that every client would be able to find a boat that satisfies all his requirements.
The main feature of Adventure is development and application of the original modern technology of welded seams. The company uses only high quality materials (PVC fabric manufactured in Germany) and accessories (from Italy, England and Greece) in manufacture.
The visiting card of Adventure is our firm welded seam which is recognized as one of the best in the world.


Contact Person: Sergei Gonchenko

Obolons avenue 26, ap.803

04205, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4127438, +38 050 9074545

Fax: +38 044 4127586


25 Nov 2008

All for sport - from the equipment to the turnkey constructions.

Sportimpex, Ltd

Contact Person: Victorya

Mironova str., 4, ap. 506

49000, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 7440493, +38 056 7445585

Fax: +38 056 7440265


27 Oct 2008

Products for outdoor activities, tourist equipment.


Contact Person: Alexey Sahno

50-letia SSSR, 155/56

83100, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 062 3358212, +38 050 3265304


12 Oct 2008

Illustrated inflatable boats catalogue. Products from Ukrainian manufacturer with prices: inflatable boats, tenders, dinghies, leisure, fishing and sport boats, rafts, inflatable canoes & kayaks, boat accessories. Convenient listing of inflatable boats and boat accessories.

Fiord-Boat Inflatable Boats Manufacturer

Contact Person: Vitaly Pluzhnik

Pshenichnaja str., 2

03148, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4964150, +38 067 5053156

Fax: +38 044 4964150


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