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11 Apr 2017

Бытовая химия и моющие средства. Оптовая и розничная продажа чистящих, моющих средств отечественного производства. У нас широкий выбор высококонцентрированных моющих и чистящих средств для чистки копоти и нагара, мытья полов технических помещений. Мы реализуем моющие средства для клининга, уборки кухни, для удаления жиро-масляных загрязнений ДЕЗ - 3, ДЕЗ - 4, Мыло жидкое "Теза", хозтовары, средства для уборки после пожара, индустриальной очистки. Бумажные полотенца, туалетная бумага в больших рулонах. Автохимия. Реализуем холодный воск, активная пена для бесконтактной мойки.

АTR Group

Contact Person: Андрей

Бориспольская, 9 С

02099, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: (044) 2227978, (067) 249-33-31


24 Nov 2014

A family owned pet store Shop4Pets is the very place for you and your pets!
We provide a large variety of pet related goods: pet food, accessories, treats, vitamins, apparel, grooming tools and products, veterinary products and many more.
Pleasant and friendly atmosphere, client-minded attitude, high level of service.
We have online and offline stores. Free delivery for Kyiv.
Consultations for foreigners and tourists. All kinds of pet (or other) assistance.

Pet shop Shop4Pets

Contact Person: shop4pets

6A Dragomanova St.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (063) 2362377


02 Jun 2010

The "Pro Mebli" ("About Furniture") – an all-Ukrainian advertising and information magazine.

This periodical was initiated in 2004 with frequency 10 issues a year.

Format: A4, size: 40 full color printed pages, circulation: 2000-6000 copies.

The "Pro Mebli" ("About Furniture")

Contact Person: Kraevski Oleg

Hnizdovsky St, 2,

79052, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 2458852

Fax: +38 032 2441435


01 Jun 2010

SKVO is a free magazine for professionals in industry of translucent constructions, specialists in building and assembly sphere, architects and anyone who wants to make a right choice at the window market.

You can find information about different aspects of window market on the pages of informational and advertising magazine SKVO:
- Window and facade constructions
- Winter gardens (conservatories)
- Technology of produce
- Equipment
- Component parts
- Skim, sealing materials, glues
- Glass, glazed windows, safety glazing
- Assemblage
- Energy-saving

Our readers are heads, managers and technologists of the companies produced window and assembly constructions, providers of component parts, equipment and materials, architects and specialists of project organizations, heads and specialists of building organizations and simply customers of door and window production.

- among the producers of windows and doors as well as to building companies;
- among building supermarkets;
- among expeditions, seminars, conferences.

Format – А4
Volume – 64-80 pages + cover
Colority – fully colored
Publication – 6 times per year


Contact Person: Ludmla Iosipenko

P.O.Box 41

02105, Kiev , Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3326293, +38 067 7706651


31 Jan 2010

The company offers:

1) Full-color glossy magazine targeted for readers with high level profit. It contains information about offers on the primary and elite real estate market of the South Coast of Crimea in the form of a catalogue of photo advertisements, analytical and thematic material. Publication frequency – quarterly, circulation – 7000 copies.

2) Information and advertising publication containing advertisements under the headings “Real Estate”, “Business” and “Recreation” by legal and physical persons; informational material; helpful information. Publication frequency – weekly, circulation – 3000 copies.

Nedvizhimost Yalty (Yalta’s Real Estate)

Contact Person: Alina Danilova

Ruzvelta str., 5

98600, Yalta, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0654 324234, +38 050 2243241

Fax: +38 0654 273266


04 Oct 2009

In Regional newspaper "Provinciyka" one can find news of Ukraine, regional news, crime report, sports roundup, stories about unusual people, advertisement and insertion.

Provinciyka, Rivne Regional Newspaper

Contact Person: Vasyl

52/4 Stepana Bandery St., Rivne

33000, Rivne, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0362 232441

Fax: +38 0362 232441


04 Oct 2009

All-Ukrainian monthly advertizing and informational magazine "Vizitka Avtoservisa" is designed for motorists and motor car business owners! The Magazine will help motorists to solve the problem with service maintenance of motor cars and motor trucks. It gives motor car business owners an opportunity to find new partners, suppliers of equipment and to select service staff. "Vizitka Avtoservisa" is your reliable partner with whom you will find out more about automotive service!

Vizitka Avtoservisa, Magazine

Contact Person: Igor Anatolyevich Suvorov

21/23 Marshala Bazhanova St., office 14

61002, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 095 7859077

Fax: +38 057 7191184


01 Oct 2009

The most popular Ukrainian magazine for gardeners. 52000 copies monthly, color, distribution trough whole Ukraine, subscription.

Neskuchnyi Sad

Contact Person: Svetlana Volkova

Office 512, Wernadskogo Str, 42

03680, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5024103

Fax: +38 044 5024103


15 Jun 2009

The weekly analytical magazine "Terminal" is the most informative in Ukraine product on the market of analytical editions of the fuel-energetic industry. The weekly newspaper "Oil products" is the fullest and most exact monitoring of the Ukrainian oil market, commercial offerings, offering of buying-selling of all kind of oil products and neighboring groups of products, equipment, and oil market real estate.


Contact Person: Elena Dan'ko

Nagornaja str., 25-27, off. 57

04107, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2235003, +38 044 4835969

Fax: +38 044 2346847


05 May 2009

Stroyobzor Ltd.

Contact Person: Alexey

Shatilova Dacha, 4, Of. 604

61145, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0577 510141, +38 050 5801342

Fax: +38 0577 175982


01 Apr 2009

Advertizing magazine. For whole Ukraine. Circulation – 277450 items. We take an active part at exhibitions. All advertisements are doubled at our website.

Category: Printing & Publishing
Category: Periodicals

Business Proposal

Contact Person: Iryna Olexandrivna Rybak

Zelena str., 105

79035, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0322 418466, +38 0322 447470

Fax: +38 0322 418451


29 Dec 2008

It's our pleasure to offer you a new Ukrainian international magazine ?KING&QUEEN?, which is dedicated to the world luxury industry.
This is a full-coloured information magazine with the volume of at least 128 pages.
Its total circulation is 60000 copies a year.
It comes out once a quarter.
The magazine consists of the following sections:
1. Prime Time describing significant events of the world culture and high society life.
2. Out of Time publishing articles about things, brands, stories of success, clans, royal families which and who have been tested by time and are examples to follow for the beginners and objects of respect for those who have achieved success.
3. Fashion and Style putting forward new ideas, styles and trends of male and female fashion.
4. Lifestyle: offering traveling stories and bright visual stuff about tendencies in architecture, design and exclusive kinds of sports.
The magazine objectively and trustworthily tells the readers about expensive goods and services in its reviews and analytical articles which are based on the research of the Ukrainian and world markets.
The sections of the magazine are aimed at depicting all aspects of the world of luxury and lifestyle of successful modern people: such as yachts, collection makes of cars, elite property in Kiev, in Ukraine and abroad; the ways of effective investment and capital augmentation, possibilities of private aviation, jewellery, haute couture trends, cuisines of the countries of the world, first class wines, exclusive tourist routes, etc.
Unlike narrow specialization magazines the structure of this one makes it possible to ensure the biggest number of readers with very high income who have various interests and hobbies and who are fond of clubbing.
Apart from that a cleverly built and dynamically developing network of distribution guarantees that the magazine is destined to reach directly the hands of its interested readers.

Arkhimedia Publishing House

Contact Person: Eduard Rimikhanov

P.O.Box 128

02098, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2280279

Fax: +38 044 5022403


07 Oct 2008

A commercial advertisement newspaper for Ostroh and Netishyn cities. Issued weekly. Advertisements, announcements, business articles. There are such important rubrics as Job, Real Estate, Auto selling etc.

Davaj! - Advertising newspaper

Contact Person: Anatoliy Onoshko

Papanina 11/1

35800, Ostroh, Ukraine

Tel: +38 03654 31956

Fax: +38 03654 31956


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