Mining companies in Ukraine

26 Apr 2018

New and used conveyor belt, belt fasteners like Flexco, Mato MS, K28/K27 and other for belt thickness range of 3-21mm. Belt Strengths up to 1800kN/m. We can make chevron conveyor belt.
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Alyans Oil

Contact Person: Kirill Boev


08321, Chubinske, Ukraine

Tel: 0506202258


13 Feb 2016

Компания ООО "Гранресурсы" на рынке сыпучих стройматериалов с 2009 года. Занимаемся продажей, доставкой и перевалкой гранитного щебня любых фракций и строительного песка непосредственно с карьеров.

Компания ООО "Гранресурсы"

Contact Person: Илья

ул. Железнодорожников 22

67655, пос. Усатово, Ukraine

Tel: +38(048)7777708, +38(067)4836815


03 Jul 2012

The company “Magnetic & Hydraulics Technologies” (MHT) produces high quality magnetic and high-tension separators. Our roll magnetic separators “Turkenich” allows for making the highest degree of the purification of quartz sand, upgrading of pegmatite, zircon, kyanite. The barrier magnetic separators “Turkenich” are intended for dry treatment of mineral sands (ilmenite, rutile, staurolite), manganese, pegmatite, garnet and other ores. The MHT produces drum magnetic separators, corona – electrostatic and triboelectrical separators. We also perform investigative work on enrichment of raw material as requested by client.

“Magnetic & Hydraulics Technologies” (MHT)

Contact Person: Rudytskyi Arthur

Belgorodskaya st. 10, Dnepropetrovsk, 49005, Ukraine

49005, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38(067)980-99-19, +38(056)376-51-16


19 Apr 2012

we are in Tanzania, dealing in mining trade. our company registered to do mining tarde and real estate. also our company own some mines eg Copper ore,Gold, Iron ore,Uranium and Tanzanite. we decide to look for partner joint venture in our mines, we are ready for outright purchase.

Goldberg Co Ltd

Contact Person: Peter Paul

p obox 22159, Mikocheni b, Tanzania, Daressalam

+255, Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Ukraine

Tel: +255 716 731486, +255 784 270517


11 Apr 2010

We are ready to supply Anthracite of the following grades: AKO (25-100), AK (50-100), AO (25-70), AM (13-25), AC (6-13) and Asmalls (0-6).
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Anthracite, Ltd., Torgovy Dom

Contact Person: Ellina Stupenko

Krasnodonskaya Street

91000, Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0642 344026, +38 050 4757100


01 Oct 2009

We do import-export coal.

Artha Company, LLC

Contact Person: Vladimir Kirichuk

Levobereznaya Street Number 35

83058, Donetsk City, Ukraine

Tel: +38 099 6055335


01 Oct 2009

Researches and manufacture of an explosive protected and mining electric equipment.

Categories: Mining, Industrial equipment


Contact Person: Savytskyi Oleksandr

50 Gvardeyskoy Divizii St. 17

83052, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0622 943140, +38 050 6244850


30 Sep 2009

14 Sep 2007 – registered

Electropolus Ltd successfully works in the market of the mining equipment more than ten years. Consumers of our production are the enterprises of Ukraine, the CIS countries, the European Union and Southeast Asia. Priority directions of activity are: release of completing products and spare parts for the mine electric locomotives; development and release of power low-voltage transformers. Our basic production - power controller KS-304U.

Electropolus Ltd

Contact Person: Zinaida Kuznetsova

A/B 6075

61068, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7544907, +38 057 7515262

Fax: +38 057 7544907


10 Jun 2009

Sales of industrial explosive substances for mines, quarries, mining unions.


Contact Person: Alexander Moiseev

Artema str., 197b/40

83004, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0622 945646, +38 050 9533688

Fax: +38 0622 945646


02 Apr 2009

Production, cleaning and processing of coal. Ranks of coal "O" (anthracite), "C" (hard coal). Sale, export.

Sadovaya Shahta

Contact Person: Yuri Kalinichenko

Moskovskaya str, 6

94204, Alchevsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 06442 52552

Fax: +38 06442 55558


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