Marketing and advertising companies in Ukraine

21 Jul 2018

AG Marketing - интернет-агентство, цель которого - увеличивать продажи клиентов, разрабатывая авторские решения в сфере маркетинга и внедряя их в проекты. Инструменты, которые мы чаще всего используем, - поисковое продвижение (то есть раскрутка сайта, SEO) и контекстная реклама. Профессионализм и опыт наших маркетологов подтвержден не только в теории - 20 сертификатов от ведущих компаний, но и на практике - мы сделали успешными более 300 проектов и в среднем вернули 200% инвестиций клиентам. Напишите нашим менеджерам, и мы решим все задачи вашего бизнеса в Интернете.\r\n

AG Marketing - агентство интернет-маркетинга Артема Гладуна

Contact Person: Артем

пр. Красной Калины, 35, офис 209

79000, Львов, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (098) 559 40 69, +38 (063) 840 90 30


13 Jun 2016

Рекламно-производственная компания «Знаки УА» известна на рынке услуг по изготовлению разнообразных рекламных конструкций. Мы занимаемся разработками дизайн-проектов и проектно-конструкторской документацией рекламных конструкций. «Знаки УА» гарантирует высокое качество и быстрое производство наружной и интерьерной рекламы, а также ее монтаж.

Производство наружной и интерьерной рекламы, изготовление рекламных конструкций

Contact Person: Reklama UA

Оболонский проспект, 35, 1 эт., офис 1.

04205, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: +38(044) 221-63-34, +38(068) 936-64-64


02 Jan 2016

Предлагаем порталы каминные из мрамора собственного производства.
У наших заказчиков есть возможность вносить изменения в элементы отделки портала, а также изменять размеры по своему желанию.
Наши камины изготавливаются под различные каминные топки, что также обеспечивает нам гибкость в работе с Вами.

Камины из мрамора


03003, Ukraine

Tel: (067)6852505, (095)5707415


07 Jan 2016

IMARC Group is one of the leading market research firm that provides management strategy and market research service worldwide.

Imarc Group

Contact Person: Kanika Sharma

2232 Don Chino Roces Avenue

1231, Makati City, Ukraine

Tel: 6317911145


30 Jul 2015

Only hight quality wool and yarn are provided by "Kharkiv Wool" LLC. Also, we provide quality service of wool processing and realization. Our specialists have a huge experience in high-quality wool selection, processing and production. We work with suppliers from 10 countries and our production are represented in whole Europe. In terms of quality our wool as good as wool from New Zeeland or Australia. We'll be happy to become yours solid partner, qualified adviser or reliable manufacturer.

Kharkiv factory of primary treatment of wool

Contact Person: Kovtun Sergey V.

Kharkiv, ave. Prostysheva 99

61020, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38(057) 717-99-52


28 Feb 2015

Our shop “Mir matrasov” provides goods for the proper and healthy sleeping. Here you will find everything you may need for this: orthopedic mattresses, bedsteads, beds and other furniture, cushions, various accessories for sleep. Prices for all products are wholesale, because of direct cooperation with many Ukrainian vendors. We have been working successfully in the market for more than 10 years, and our consultants are professional and friendly.

Mir Matrasov

Contact Person: Andrey Ermolenko

Dnepropetrovsk, st. Leningrad, 68, 1st Floor

49038, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38(056) 789-75-79


26 Jan 2015


Contact Person: Vigovsky Natalia

Kiev. st. Hrushevskoho 9

01021, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38(098)088-09-58


24 Jul 2014

Typography \"First Supermarket of Printing\" provides variety of qualified printing services in Kiev, such as instant digital and offset printing of promotional products (business cards, flyers, postcards, calendars, notebooks, catalogs, brochures, magazines), manufacturing signs for shops, restaurants, cafes, offices.

Typography \

блв. Дружби народів, 7

01042, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: 044-209-37-74


13 May 2014

Our company has more than ten years, provides for the creation, optimization and promotion of sites in the network. Thanks to skilled and best promotion schemes were successfully sold us more than five hundred projects of varying difficulty.


Contact Person: Anatoly

Prospekt Pobedy, 136

03115, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 331-52-44


06 May 2014

MediaRetail is a full service advertising agency. We have been working in advertising market of Ukraine for more than 6 years. During this time we carried out many advertising campaigns of well known world brands. Among our clients are Kraft Foods, Unilever, KIA, Magnetic, Novus, Raiffeisen Bank Aval etc. \\\\r\\\\nWe own some advertising spaces in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine so we can offer favorable conditions for advertising campaigns.\\\\r\\\\nIf you are interested in cooperation on the territory of Ukraine we are ready to provide you with high-quality full service in advertising of the products. Our own carriers are spaces in public transport, metro, supermarkets and cafes which huge amount of people attend daily.\\\\r\\\\nBesides we have our own production studio. We provide background music for retail, install audi and video equipment, create video clips etc.

Media Retail

Contact Person: Lilia Kuprina

bulvar Lesi Ukrainki 30B

01133, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: 380506814930


27 Jan 2014

Consulting company Alpina Consult offers professional consulting services in the field of business and management: business partner's search, marketing research, business planning, budgeting, law assistance, recruitment and personnel-technologies.

Alpina Consult

Contact Person: Natalia Chygyr

ул. Михайловская, 16-А

01001, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044-599-52-86 , +38 050-411-44-42


14 Jan 2013

At Rosi Film production services in Ukraine we do understand that successful project requires cost effectiveness in modern competitive world and happy to provide your film with high quality services in organising film production in Ukraine.


Contact Person: Gor


Tel: +380935054448


24 Oct 2012

Action Data Group was founded in 1995 to cater to the knowledge needs of clients seeking to enter or expand their presence in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. Market research, feasibility studies, local HR support, liaison services.

Action Data Group LLC

Contact Person: Serghei Dascalu

Simferopolska str. 21, office 301

49005, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +380-56-370-2282, +380-562-38-9009


24 Oct 2012

We are specialized marketing company. Having professional team of regional managers and medical representatives in all primary regions of Ukraine, we provide a full range of services of trademarks management and analytical information in the pharmaceutical market


Contact Person: Terlenko

Kirova str. 29/1, 413

95000, Simferopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 094 900 9 605, 094 900 9 605


23 Oct 2012

conducting quantitative and qualitative market researches, marketing audit, strategy development, marketing plan writing, outsourcing,naming, branding


Contact Person: Angelina

Str. 230 Strelkovoy Devisii 29/21

83092, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: 062-304-86-46, 095-105-93-21


08 Feb 2012

We specialize in advertising in ua net. Do you want to find partners in Ukraine? We can help you.


Contact Person: Olexandr

61015, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 2605751


07 Feb 2012

Marketing Group Success Brand Management - a team of professionals that will create effective marketing solutions for your business and bring them to life.

Core competencies of the company:
- Strategic Marketing
- Market Research
- Brand Management
- PR-technologies

Success Brand Management

Contact Person: Olha

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 243 17 29, +38 067 930 82 77


23 Mar 2011

MBS, Ltd. is an international trade, investment, and business development firm with headquarters in Ukraine. Our focus is developing new businesses in emerging markets. American and European partners and staff offer services in marketing, sales, communications, finance, and human resources.

Mediterranean Black Sea Limited

Contact Person: Anton Olff

22 Zhukovskiy Str



21 Mar 2011

INCH KIEV is the first Ukrainian independent advertising agency reaching an international level.

Our services include:

Marketing Communications
Communication Design
Р РЋommercial Films
Print Ads
Education Programs

Inch Kiev

Contact Person: Mariya Polyakova

17 Pavlovska st., Office 87

01054, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 593 65 26, +38 044 593 65 27

Fax: +38 044 593 60 38


18 Jul 2010

The consulting agency of a full cycle, based in Mykolayiv since 2008. Gives the highly qualified services for the cities business, as well as for the other towns and international companies. The main business directions: consultations, the development of the decisions, the leading of the researches, the development of a complex companies in the sphere of adverts, marketing, PR. The agency uses the principles of the innovation.

Consulting Agency F5

Contact Person: Aleksandr Ukhmanovsky

Velyka Morska (Bolshaya Morskaya), 3, Of, 11-12

Mykolayiv (Nikolaev) , Ukraine

Tel: +38 0512 472993, +38 050 3947405


20 Jun 2010

The commercial house ZNAK is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of an awards and souvenirs made of metal – marks, medals, diplomas. We are working on our own equipment. We have a flexible discount system.
For the manager consultation dial: 050 4444 981, 044 578 28 14
We will make/produce:
- corporate marks, the clamps for a tie, the cuff links;
- the medals (from 1), the orders, the brest marks;
- diplomas and certificates – graver ton and etching;
- the trinkets and the suspensions for a mobile phones;
- name tags – familiar and universal;
- the numbers, the counters, the pendents;
- the signboards and plates;
- the cups, prices and statues – the ready ones and ordered;
- the business cards and souvenir coins.

Znak, Trading House

Contact Person: Pateyuk Katerina

Boryspilska str., 9

02002, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5782814, +38 050 4444981


06 Jun 2010

Specialized Exhibitions:

- "Test And Measuring Instruments"
- "Electronics. Informatics. Communications"
- "Power Engineering. Electrical Engineering. Energy-Saving"


Contact Person: Ermakova Nataly

Po Box 7109

61024, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7587030, +38 057 7587230

Fax: +38 057 7587029


02 Jun 2010

Our Company is engaged in the production of wear-resistant products, for marking on anodized aluminum. We produce: price labels, instrument panels, scales, dials, warning signs + Advertising and Information Products: badges, business cards, certificates, diplomas, prints, photos. Guarantee in black and white images more than 40 years.

Alum VCP

Contact Person: Maria Dmitrieva

Shcherbakova str., 4/1

07400, Brovary, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3326651, +38 067 2599579

Fax: +38 044 4894601


31 May 2010

Television and film production.
Production of commercials, presentation films, music videos.

Thunder Films Production House

Contact Person: Vladyslav Inozemtsev

Televizionnaya Str. 3

49010, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: + 380 56 788 99 33

Fax: + 380 562 47 05 23


31 May 2010

Our company deals with placement of outdoor advertising media. On the following promotional materials: firewall, big-board, back-light.


Contact Person: Natalia Avramenko

Ushakova Street

73026, Kherson, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0552 483826, +38 095 3914893

Fax: +38 0552 483826


31 May 2010

Our company is occupied with the advertisements disposal on the innovation product of our own manufacturing under the title "Media Vitryna". We also sell and set up an innovative light, such as the diode ribbons, flesh mirrors, double sided screens (monitors), the logotypes projectors, sensorial screens etc. For more details please consult our website or give us a call.

Grand Prime

Contact Person: Yuriy

Vodoginna 2

79049, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0322 470955, +38 098 8888104

Fax: +38 0322 470955


31 May 2010

Event Management, Brand PR, Corporate PR, Internal Relations, Internet PR.


Contact Person: Julia Lutsenko

M.Raskovoy, 19

02232, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 5711984


21 Mar 2010

Full range of advertising services. Quality illuminated letters, boards, expositions of an exhibition, stands, promotion tables, racks, composite materials. Moderate prices. High quality.

Reklamnyj Saloon

Contact Person: Yulia

Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 32a

Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 063 9618597


08 Feb 2010

Specialized advertising agency. Iinnovation technique of mail and messenger delivery. Advertising and informational services: distribution of any printing material. Affordable prices.
Exclusive services.

1. Development of marketing strategy and selection of target audience.
2. Preparation and manufacture of advertising printing production.
3. We work with clients’ database and create individual databases.
4. Direct and address courier delivery of personalized commercial offers.
5. Conduction of promotion actions.


Contact Person: Grigoriy Korotich

Shorsa Str. 24/10

83050, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 062 3484210, +38 097 3775683

Fax: +38 062 3484210


31 Jan 2010

Advertising agency of complete cycle. We conduct marketing investigations, public opinion polls, development of strategic and marketing plans, market analysis.

Mixart Innovation

Contact Person: Tatiana Tkachenko

Vasylkivska str., 32, off. 201

03022, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4559501, +38 044 2582979

Fax: +38 044 4557292


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