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07 Jun 2017

Самба Тур – туристическая фирма: морские круизы, авиабилеты, визы, индивидуальные и групповые туры в любую точку мира!

Развлекательные и деловые поездки, познавательные экскурсии, детские и пляжные туры, морские круизы и горнолыжные курорты. Всегда есть горящие туры!

Туристическое агентство «Самба Тур»

Contact Person: Анна

Кирилловская 69в

04080, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (063) 144-18-18, +38 (067) 461-2000


17 May 2014

Formalized invitation to Ukraine is a sufficient basis for the issuance of a visa to a foreigner in Ukraine. Visa to Ukraine issued pursuant to the objectives of the trip. Accordingly, an invitation to Ukraine differ in objectives of visit, number of days of stay and duration of registration. Services we provide related to help in registration of tourist, private and business invitations for obtaining visas to Ukraine.

Visa Service Center

Contact Person: Ivan

Magnitogorska str, 1

01000, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380442214369


We are the Ukrainian incoming and outgoing tour operator \"Modes\" which has been successfully working since 1992. For the years of effective work our company has been awarded with different medals . We can arrange special tour programs for any number of days and guests and offer a wide range of inspiring tours in Odessa and throughout Ukraine providing the following services: hotel accommodation, airport transfers, coaching, sightseeing, guide services, meals, attractions.


Contact Person: Golovchenko Yurii

Italianski blv. 1 of.1

65012, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +3(8048)728-34-01

Fax: +3(8048)728-34-01


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