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26 Apr 2012

Books for learning English for kids and adult beginners. Simple explanations, numerous excercises and creative tasks. Funny pictures that illustrate rules. Packed with audio-disks. End users can buy any number of books directly from us. We offer good discounts to wholesalers.

New Time Publishing

Contact Person: Yulia Ivanova

Rymarska Str., 19, of. 37

61057, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 752-65-63, +38 050 301-19-73


22 Oct 2011

Полный спектр фотоуслуг. Печать фотографий on-line. Свадебная фотосъёмка.

Kodak ProFoto Центр Логрус

Contact Person: Евгений Одольский

пл.Соборная, 11

09100, Белая Церковь, Ukraine

Tel: +380456390984, +380965369415


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